Should You Buy Or Rent Your Wedding Dress?

The internet has millions of wedding dress ideas whether vintage, short or ball gown and trying to find a style that suits you can be a challenge, to say the least. Another decision you’ll have to make when looking for a wedding dress in Cape Town is whether you should rent or buy your dress. There are pros and cons to each option so let’s have a look at them below.

Buying a wedding dress in Cape Town


  • The sky’s the limit. You can have the dress of your dreams
  • You can use a designer for your wedding dress
  • It will fit like a glove since it’s made especially for your body
  • Your dress will be finished a few weeks in advance
  • You can keep it forever


  • It is expensive – you’ll spend a lot of money on a dress you’ll only wear once
  • Fittings can be time-consuming
  • Storing your wedding dress might take up a lot of space

Renting a wedding dress in Cape Town


  • Renting a wedding dress is much more affordable
  • Fewer fittings equal less stress
  • No need for storage space since the dress will be returned right after the wedding


  • You might not get the dress you dreamed off
  • It can be difficult to find a dress in a plus size making it challenging to get the perfect fit
  • You have to pay for any damages to the dress which might make you over cautious and stressed out on your wedding day

Whether you decide to buy or hire your wedding dress in Cape Town, your dream dress is out there waiting for you! Keep in mind that your dress must be a reflection of your style and be comfortable. Book your fitting at Ever After Bridal today.

No Need For A Fairy Godmother When You Have Ever After Bridal Boutique On Your Side

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event (for most people at least) and should be celebrated that way. Memories will be made that will last forever so you’ll want to make sure you look and feel your best!

It’s every little girl’s dream to feel like a princess on their wedding day, and while there’s no fairy godmother, Ever After Bridal can help you find the perfect dress for your magical day.

Ever After Bridal is one of the most renowned bridal boutiques in Cape Town where you have an option to buy or hire your wedding dress. We have been making wedding dreams come true for more than 5 years already and don’t intend stopping anytime soon.

For us, you aren’t just another bride. We will go out of our way to make you feel special from the moment you enter our store until you stand in front of the altar and say “I do”.

If you’ve ever wanted to wear a designer dress, now’s your chance. Ever After Bridal is stockists of four exceptional designers – Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli, Enzoani and Rebecca Ingram. With two stores in South Africa – one in Cape Town and one in Nelspruit – Brides all over the country can have access to our extraordinary and unique wedding dresses.

If, however, you don’t find a dress in the colour or style you like, we can order a custom design straight from the designer. No need to settle for a dress when you can have exactly what you want! This is your special day after all.

Wedding dresses aren’t just our business, it’s our passion. But don’t just take our word for it, visit our bridal boutique in Cape Town or Nelspruit and see for yourself.

Do’s and Don’ts of Selecting Your Wedding Dress In Cape Town

Choosing a wedding dress is a big event in any woman’s life. It can also be a daunting experience if you have no idea what type of dress you want. So in order to successfully find your wedding dress in Cape Town as well as have a good time, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. DO schedule your fitting early in the day. Chances are that the store will be less crowded and you’ll get the full attention of the store staff. You will also feel refreshed without feeling bloated from the food you ate.
  2. DON’T get too caught up with current trends. You don’t want to look back a few years from now and wonder what on earth you were thinking when you chose your dress. Select a dress that fits your body type and suits your skin tone and personal style.
  3. DO bring your camera with when wedding dress shopping (if the boutique allows it). Don’t just rely on your memory – take photos of all your dress possibilities to make an informed decision. After all, you’ll be looking at pictures of your wedding dress for years to come and what better way to make sure it looks good from all angles than to take a few snaps.
  4. DON’T try on too many dresses. While it’s good to have a clear idea of what works and what doesn’t, you don’t want to risk wedding dress overload. Too many choices can add stress and confusion to an already challenging situation.
  5. DO visit Ever After Bridal. Finding the perfect wedding dress in Cape Town doesn’t have to be stressful when you have access to exquisite designer dresses from four renowned designers at Ever After Bridal.
  6. DON’T wait any longer, book your fitting at Ever After Bridal in Cape Town or Nelspruit today!

Designer Wedding Dresses In Cape Town Are Within Your Reach At Ever After Bridal

Buying a wedding dress is the one occasion where money shouldn’t be a factor. In order to look your best on your special day, you need to find a dress that will suit and accentuate your body type. In most cases, renting a wedding dress is not the answer because you’ll have to settle for what’s available. That’s why designer wedding dresses are the answer.

Designer dresses used to be hard to come by. But not anymore. Ever After Bridal has made it possible for every bride in South Africa to have access to designer wedding gowns. And not just any designers either. You can expect big names like Enzoani, Rebecca Ingram, Sophia Tolli and Maggie Sottero.

Nothing will make your wedding day more memorable than looking and feeling like a princess! In fact, at Ever After Bridal, we intend to make you feel special from the moment you enter our store. Wedding memories start from the moment you fit your first dress.

To say we are passionate about wedding dresses at Ever After Bridal is an understatement. We live and breathe to see a bride’s face light up at the first glance of herself in her wedding dress. We take great pride in helping brides select the perfect wedding dress.

Ever After Bridal has been making wedding dress dreams come true for more than five years. Designer dresses aren’t limited to purchase, you can rent a designer dress from Ever After Bridal as well. Found THE dress but have a different colour in mind? No problem. Your dress can be ordered in the colour you want straight from the designer.

Get your hands on that designer wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of and book your fitting with Ever After Bridal today!

Make Your Wedding Magical And Let Ever After Bridal in Cape Town Help You Pick The Perfect Wedding Dress

Growing up, every little girl dreams of her wedding day. A fairytale day that’s filled with magic. But for the magic to happen, there are a few things every bride-to-be need to do.

Pick the right dress

Choosing a wedding dress is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make with regards to your wedding. If you don’t feel comfortable and beautiful in your dress, it could spoil your whole day. That’s why you need to get help from Ever After Bridal in Cape Town when picking out your dress. They stock three extraordinary designers, Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli and Enzoani. With their experience in the bridal industry, combined with their passion to see every bride shine on their wedding day, you can be sure you are in good hands.

Sleep well the night before

While this might be obvious, many brides are so anxious and or excited they struggle to fall asleep. Some might be up late working on some finishing touches for the big day. Instead, make sure you take a long, relaxing bath, drink enough water and make your way to bed early. You will wake up refreshed and glowing – ready to celebrate.

Schedule enough time for your photos

These photos will become the memories you carry with you for the rest of your life! Even though you don’t want to miss a single moment of your party, make sure you spend enough time with your photographer to get the perfect photos. You won’t regret it!

Dance all night

When all the formalities are over and done with, it’s time to dance it out. It’s your wedding, after all, so you better have some serious fun. Don’t waste time talking too long lost family members you had to invite, dance the night away with your partner and best friends!


Don’t Ruin Your Beautiful Cape Town Wedding With The Wrong Wedding Gown

Planning the perfect wedding can be extremely challenging and just the smallest mishap can send the bride into a flat spin. From finding the perfect venue to selecting the perfect wedding gown, DJ, photographer etc. – wedding success is a daunting task, to say the least. There are so many things that can go wrong.

It is vital that you feel like a princess on your wedding day. Nothing can ruin the big day like the wrong wedding gown. Do not make the mistake of entertaining other’s opinions of how your dress should look, get expert advice from the team at Ever After Bridal. They are more than capable to help you find your dream wedding gown in Cape Town.

More reasons to let Ever After Bridal help you find the perfect wedding gown

Four extraordinary designers

That’s right. You too can wear a designer dress on your wedding day! At Ever After Bridal you can expect to hear names like Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli, Rebecca Ingram and Enzoani. Just take a look at their catalogue and you’ll be in love with these designer dresses.

You can buy or rent your wedding gown

Your wedding gown will most probably be the most expensive dress you’ll ever wear. Ever After Bridal gives you the option to either buy or hire your dress, thus, enabling anyone to feel like a princess on their special day.

They’ve been dressing brides for nearly 7 years

When you’re in search of “the dress”, you’ll want to make sure you get expert advice from people who know what they are doing. Not only do they have the experience, they have a passion for helping brides look and feel their best.

With stores in Cape Town as well as Nelspruit, the team at Ever After Bridal look forward to taking this journey with you from start to finish.

5 Tips From The Experts For Finding The Right Bridal Gown In Cape Town

Nothing can cause hysteria in a bride like not being able to find her dream bridal gown. With thousands of bridal gowns in Cape Town to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that fits you just right, especially if you have no idea of what it is you’re looking for. Trying on hundreds of gowns will only end in frustration.

That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help you find your dream bridal gown in Cape Town.

Look for ideas on Pinterest

While there are thousands of wedding gowns on Pinterest, you can easily find some inspiration by taking some time to browse. By doing this type of research, you’ll get a better idea of what is available, in fashion and what you like when it comes to fabric, shape and texture.

Choose a dress according to the mood of your wedding

By establishing the mood for your big day – daytime/nighttime wedding, winter/summer etc. – it will make it easier to narrow down your dress choices.

Consider your body shape

You might have an idea of what you want but it’s better to try on a few different shapes at your first appointment. You might be surprised to find another style that fits you better than the one you originally planned. In the end, you want your dress to emphasise your best features while minimising your not-so-good features.

Choose your colour wisely

The colour of your dress is another element that can make you feel beautiful and confident. The shade of the fabric can enhance your skin tone just like the silhouette can enhance your shape. Before you make your final decision, make sure you try on a few different shades of white, or even colour to see what looks good on you.

Just be yourself

Keep in mind that your dress represents who you are. While it can be tempting to lean toward making a fashion statement, it’s best to stay true to yourself.

For the best bridal gowns in Cape Town, visit Ever After Bridal and let them help you find the perfect dress for your big day.


3 Signs You Haven’t Found The Right Wedding Dress In Cape Town Yet

Finding the perfect dress is tougher than one might imagine. The dress you have in mind might not suit your body type or the colour you like might not complement your skin tone. Nevertheless, when you start your hunt for the perfect wedding dress in Cape Town, beware of these signs that the one you select isn’t really the one you should wear.

Everyone loves it but you

Just because your best friend and mom thinks it’s the right dress, doesn’t mean it’s the one you have to pick. Make sure you feel comfortable in it or else put it back on the rack. If you like it but aren’t 100% sure, take some time to think about it before making your final decision. Wedding dresses are an investment and a decision to not take lightly.

It’s not the right size

Buying a dress that’s too small because you intend to lose the weight or buying one that’s too big because it’s on sale is never a good idea. If you have to do major altercations, it will change the shape and design of the dress. If you would like to lose some weight before the wedding, maybe consider a dress with a corset back that can be easily adjusted.

It’s on sale

Yes, you love a good bargain but when it comes to your wedding dress you might want to be an extra bit cautious about trying to save a few bucks. Make sure you really love the dress and it fits you well before you buy it. Other things to look out for are stains and flaws – wedding dresses don’t go on sale for no reason.

Don’t walk down the aisle wearing the wrong dress. Let the team at Ever After Bridal help you feel like a princess on your wedding day. Book your appointment today!


Things to think about before you say yes to your wedding dress!

Your wedding dress is probably going to be the most expensive dress you ever wear, adding extra pressure to an already daunting experience, but, there are a few factors that, if neatly put together, can make the whole experience a lot less challenging….. and you’ll still end up with the wedding dress of your dreams.

One of the first things you need to start doing is to rip through magazines, scrounge through online wedding catalogues and maybe even have a look at the styles some of our celebrities are wearing, anything really to put enough ideas together to find a common theme among the dresses that have caught your eye.

Look at all the dresses that have caught your eye to see if you can find a common denominator in terms of style and any of the frills that are a recurring theme among these dresses.  Be prepared though, you may go in to the bridal salon with one idea and find that you fall in love with a dress that is completely different to what you imagined! Always a good idea to keep an open mind if possible!

The next major step is to find a bridal salon that not only carries a beautiful range of wedding dress, but one in which you will be treated like the princess you are, which is where Ever After Bridal comes in!

The reputation for service excellence this passionate team has earned in the six years they have been dressing brides is one that is well deserved, they give each bride the personal attention that is needed to find a wedding dress they will always love, and the support we all need on a journey this important!

Ever After Bridal has the most beautiful ranges of designer wedding dresses for sale in Durbanville and Nelspruit, and have been wise enough to add the hiring of wedding dresses into the mix to make life a lot easier for many brides who choose to hire instead of buy.

Looking at the portfolio of wedding dresses online at Ever After Bridal will give you a ton of inspiration across ranges designed by Enzoani, Sophia Tolli, Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram, a new addition to the Maggie Sottero stable of designers – somewhere in one of these exquisite ranges of wedding dresses is the dress fit for your wedding!

It’s also important to know that Ever After Bridal has a whole team on hand to deal with fittings and alterations, and, working hand in glove with you, can only result in a dress that you will love, not just for your wedding day, but for all the years your dress will be on view in your wedding album!

A few other important things to think about is the mood, time of day and venue for your wedding, it’s not like you are going to have a beach wedding wearing a ball gown, and the season is also going to feature very strongly in how you make the cut to get to the dress you can say yes to unequivocally!

It’s never easy or comfortable, but, putting your budget in place is going to be a very important consideration before you start shopping for your dress, and it’s not just going to be the dress you need to budget for, the added frills, veils and other heavenly additions to your dress are also going to need to fit into that budget neatly.

Allowing the team from Ever After Bridal to take the journey with you to your dream wedding dress is going to be one of the easier decisions you’ll need to make, they will stand by and guide you every step of the way until the day you collect the dress that will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.  Ever After Bridal is committed to giving you the individual attention you deserve to make your dreams come true, it is what they love doing and they do it well!

Grab those pictures and ideas, bring your budget and dreams to Ever After Bridal and trust that the end result will exceed even your own imagination!

Pitfalls & mistakes to look out for on your search for a dream wedding dress!

Finding your dream wedding dress is a time of excitement, magic and wonder, but can also be pretty nerve wrecking if you make some of the mistakes many a first-time bride has made, and these mistakes can spoil what should be a fairy princess dream come true!

If it’s possible, get yourself ready and organised pretty well in advance.  Plan on starting the search between five to nine months before your wedding, just to make sure that any and all alterations are ready on time, but, don’t shop too early and then find a dress you completely fall in love with closer to your wedding day!

With the speed at which style changes, another iffy part about shopping for your wedding dress too early is that it may well be out of style by the time your big day comes around – last thing any of us wants!

The theme of your wedding is also going to be a major deciding factor in how you go about moving in the right direction to find your dream wedding dress – if you have dreamt of a frothy, floating ball gown or perhaps a stunningly glittering mermaid style wedding dress, make sure it suits the theme, season and time of day.  This is far too important a day to end up unhappy and uncomfortable in your wedding dress!

Do a bit of research into the language of bridal gowns, such as understanding the different dress styles – such as A-line, mermaid, column, fish-tale and more, as well as getting an idea of the very many necklines available, which would include terms like square, V and halter – knowing a little about this terminology and which suits you better is going to make your journey to that dream dress a little easier.

Don’t choose the dress for your mother, mother-in-law, best friend or anyone else for that matter, it’s your wedding dress so choose the one you want, the one that makes you feel like the fairy tale princess you always dreamed of!

Don’t even think about choosing your accessories before you find the dress!  You will more than likely find that nothing matches by the time you have tried on and discarded a heap of dresses to finally settle on ‘the’ one!

It is your inalienable right to make the final decision about what constitutes your dream wedding dress, but, letting the team at Ever After Bridal share their experience with you by offering solid advice based on their knowledge of the beautiful range of designer dresses available for sale in Durbanville and Nelspruit is going to make the journey a lot less stressful than it need be.

Remaining open to experienced advice from a passionate team makes narrowing down your choices of style, colour and accessories so much easier than trying to do it on your own – it’s about having professional guidance rather than someone else’s opinion shoved down your throat on this important journey.

Ever After Bridal will incorporate your personal likes and dislikes into their ability to guide you to wedding dresses that finally lead to the dress that makes you feel absolutely beautiful; no matter what, do not settle until you have fallen in love with the dress!

The team at Ever After Bridal would love to meet you and assist you to find the wedding dress perfectly suited to your figure, personality and style so that they can share in your excitement and pleasure when you stand facing yourself in the mirror wearing the wedding dress of your dreams!