10 Mistakes to avoid when shopping for your wedding dress

Aside from all else that goes with planning a wedding, shopping for your wedding dress is a very daunting prospect, to put it mildly.  The panic that can ensue when you realise that this is a once-off kind of dress is perfectly normal, every brides hits the same spot at least once on the this extraordinary journey.

Armed with some facts about what not to do before you head out shopping, it will be well worth your time to prepare you to avoid some of the pitfalls other brides may have fallen fowl to.

Here’s where we look into some of the mistakes to avoid or to be aware of on the way to your dream wedding dress!

Ignoring the guidance of experienced bridal consultants

For a start, let’s look at the passionate professionals at Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town. From the point of view that this is a dream team that’s dresses brides-to-be for over years, already, which is an awesome amount of experienced to have at your side when looking for the dress in a million!.

Because honesty and integrity rules with these ladies, you can be absolutely sure that they’re not just going to say yes to a dress just to please you – they want nothing less than the best for you and they’ll be honest about it too!

A love for what they do shows in how much they focus on getting to know you, your shape and your personality, giving you their the full attention you so rightly deserve on a journey of such importance.

Fitting more dresses than you have to

If you set yourself up to fit every second dress on the rack you’re going to exhaust and confuse yourself. Try to limit fittings to suit the homework you’ve already done into the styles you like and the mood you want to set.

Don’t head out shopping too early

If your wedding is going to be held in a formal setting, the dresses you opt to fit will it in with the setting and the mood. Shopping for your dress once you’ve secured the venue and the theme for the wedding will make choices so much easier, and, should you decide on a beach or forest wedding, you’ll be looking for something completely different to fit the occasion like a glove.

Don’t shop too late either!

This is cutting it fine for any bride, unless she has no choice! While you may not have months and months to spare, try to start the hunt somewhere between 6 to 9 months before the wedding.

Just because the dress is expensive doesn’t mean it’s best for you!

You’re a very lucky bride when you find and fall in love with your dream dress that doesn’t carry a hefty price tag, if it makes you look like a million dollars, that’s what counts!

Beware shopping for your dress online

If you’re going to be buying your wedding dress online, you still need to try on different styles to see what suits you before settling on buying your wedding dress online, or you’ll be out of pocket by more than a few pennies!

Buy the dress that fits you now, forget about losing weight by your wedding day

While you may want to lose a couple of kilo’s by the time the big day comes around, don’t do it to yourself!  Love yourself as you are and realise you’ll just be adding extra stress to an already out of the ballpark stress creating event!

Being brutal about your budget

Don’t even fit a dress for fun if it’s way out of your budget, you’ll be setting yourself up for heartache when you have to set it aside again! Stick to your budget and keep in mind the dreamy honeymoon you’re saving up for instead!

Don’t buy a dress that says nothing about your unique personality

If you’ve a bent for the classic, quirky and funky, don’t try to be something or someone you’re not on your wedding day. It’s your day to express who you are as passionately or quietly as you’d like to!

Don’t turn your nose up at buying a second hand designer wedding dress or even hiring a designer wedding dress!

If the Coronavirus has decimated your bank account and life as it has for millions of other, you may need to consider buying a pristine second hand dress or even joining the growing trend of hiring a stunning designer wedding dress.

It’ll make things come out a lot more even for you and your groom when you take into consideration the other costs of having a wedding of your dreams.

The team at Ever After Bridal Wear has on hand an exquisite range of second hand designer wedding dresses on sale, along with equally stunning designer wedding dresses to hire in Cape Town, so; wear that designer wedding dress no matter what your budget looks like.

Don’t buy a wedding dress you don’t love!

If you aren’t in love with the dress you settle on by the time you’ve tried it a few times, keep trying. Not every bride falls in love with her dress instantly, sometimes it takes time for a specific dress to grow on her, and it may just be that’s the dress she ends up wearing down the aisle, looking like a dream!

Your dream wedding dress is just a call away! The team at Ever After Bridal would love to meet you, and to join you on this exciting journey, so that the wedding dress of your dreams will be waiting for you at journey’s end.