Enjoy finding your dream wedding dress with the fabulous team at Ever After Bridal.

Even if you have a few pretty good ideas about what you may be looking for in your wedding dress, the fact that this fairytale dress will only be worn for one day, the most important day of your life, makes it a daunting prospect when it comes to the actual process of trying wedding dresses on, at which point stress can begin to take its toll on what should be a happy adventure.

You are going to experience highs and lows as you try on and discard wedding dresses, it’s just too important a day to pretend that the decision is going to be an easy one, but when you have a team like Ever After Bridal on your side to make the journey with you, you will find that the lows will not be as low and the highs will be even higher!

These ladies have been dressing beautiful brides for over six years now and know exactly how to give you the encouragement you will need and a shoulder to lean on when you need it, they are passionate about what they do and at Ever After Bridal, although the end result will be the perfect wedding dress, it is the journey that counts.

Ever After Bridal understands perfectly just how difficult the decision is when faced with an overwhelming range of wedding dresses, but, with the experience this team brings it can be a lot less stressful than you imagined to persevere through each fitting until the day you find your dream wedding dress.

Three of the world’s foremost and talented wedding gown designers, Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli and Enzoani are behind the stunning range of wedding dresses on offer for hire or purchase at Ever After Bridal in Durbanville and Nelspruit.

Why not contact Ever After Bridal to make sure that not only will you look like a princess in your dream wedding dress, but that getting there will be a lot more fun and a lot less stress with a caring team who absolutely love what they do!

Your search for the most beautiful designer wedding dress ends at Ever After Bridal.

Just like every other bride before you, your dream is to float down the aisle on your wedding day as a vision of breathtaking beauty, after all, it is the result of the biggest decision of your life and it lasts just one day, which is why Ever After Bridal has loved dressing brides and taking the journey with them to that beautiful wedding dress for five years now, going on six!

What the ladies at Ever After Bridal do in their two stores, one in Durbanville Cape Town and the other in Nelspruit/Mbombela, is turn what is a very daunting journey into a stress free experience, with a team who have a clear understanding of just how great a decision your choice of wedding dress really is to you.

From the moment you step into the door of either Ever After Bridal store and sit down with your glass of champagne in your hand, you deserve to be treated like a queen after all, you will feel as if you have arrived home, into the welcoming atmosphere and warmth of a team of ladies who absolutely love what they do.  This will be your world of lace and satin, beads, sequins and sheer chiffon’s throughout your journey to your dream wedding dress, and through it all you will have the support of the ladies from Ever After Bridal who truly understand how very important this decision will be.

The one thing you need have no doubt about is that no matter how unique your style and personality is, and each bride definitely does have her very own, you will find your dream wedding dress among the designer collections of Sophia Tolli, Maggie Sottero and Enzoani, three of the world’s foremost wedding dress designers.

If you want your experience of finding your perfect wedding dress to be one in which you are fully supported and encouraged by a team of ladies passionate about what they do, then Ever After Bridal is where your search will bring you!

The Ever After Bridal team will give you their all to help you find the wedding dress of your dreams!

There is only one very special request the ladies at Ever After Bridal may make of you, and that is that if you have the time after your honeymoon, you will drop in with your wedding album to share your joy with them one day, this is simply an expression of the passion they have for what they have been doing for six years now, which is becoming part of the journey of a bride as she goes about finding her dream wedding dress with them.

Budget is not at the top of the list for Ever After Bridal, whether you hire or purchase one of their stunning designer wedding dresses, you will receive the same personal attention, depth of compassion and height of excitement you deserve on the way to your once-in-a-lifetime day.

The designer wedding dresses in the Ever After Bridal stores, in Durbanville and in Nelspruit, or on their website are a breathtaking vision of what you will be looking forward to during your experience with this passionate, experienced team, and they will make sure that by the time you have chosen your wedding dress, you will be absolutely certain that it is the one that expresses everything about who you are and the princess you deserve to be on your wedding day!

As much as when we have our first baby everyone is going to have an opinion about a hundred different things your should or should not do as a mother, you are going to be facing about as many very different opinions about your wedding dress, but, as in with raising your baby, your choice of wedding dress is the only opinion that counts, it’s your one very special day and no one else’s.

Whatever support you bring along to your fittings at Ever After Bridal, try to limit who is allowed on this very special journey with you, everyone else can wait for your arrival in the doorway at the start of your unforgettable walk down the aisle!

Give the Ever After Bridal team of ladies your dream and they will stand by you as you make it come true on the day you stand in front of the mirror and know, this is it, this is the wedding dress that will carry you beautifully into a new life.