Join Ever After Bridal in their world of lace, satin and silk to find the perfect wedding dress.

When you have the undivided personal attention of a team like Ever After Bridal to help you on your journey to the perfect wedding dress, the whole process gets a little easier, knowing that you can rely on the experience of a team who have been dressing brides for many happy years already.

The exquisite range of designer wedding dresses stocked by Ever After Bridal come from the talents of internationally recognised designers Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tollie and Enzoani, all of which have been selected to make sure that every bride that takes the journey with Ever After Bridal walks down the aisle looking like a princess on her wedding day.

Wedding dresses in the Ever After Bridal shops in Durbanville, Cape Town and Benoni, Gauteng, are available to rent or to hire, and even if you find a style of wedding dress you love but would like to try in a unique colour or size, the Ever After Bridal team will order it directly from the designer with pleasure, all that matters to this team is that your wedding dress will match your dreams.

Ever After Bridal has the experience to know just how stressful finding the perfect wedding dress can be and they are committed to making it as much of an adventure as possible, so that your experience will be as stress-free as possible in their world of lace, satin and silk!

The team at Ever After Bridal are professionals who really love the magical world they inhabit, and they work hand in hand to offer all the support and guidance you could need throughout your fittings, encouraging you to find your own unique expression of individuality so that they can be right at your side the day you find the perfect wedding dress looking back at you in the mirror!

Find your one-in-a-million wedding dress at Ever After Bridal!

The team of ladies at Ever After Bridal have been dressing brides for over six years now, and in the process they have been able to express their passion for what they do by sharing in the joy, laughter and even the tears that come with a journey as important as finding your dream wedding dress.

This is a team that really wants to be the kind of support every bride deserves on the journey to making her dreams come true, no matter how many fittings are done, so that the decision is made as easy as it could possibly be considering just how much every woman wants to look like a princess on your wedding day.  Ever After Bridal offers the kind of personal attention and moral support that every bride needs on this journey that will culminate in that magical moment when you look in the mirror and know you have found the perfect wedding dress!

Ever After Bridal knows just how important this journey is for you, they know that your wedding dress will echo through the years as wedding albums and videos are shared, and they care deeply that the memory of your search will play a happy role in the memories that culminate on your wedding day.

Although it may seem impossible to make your decision from the beautiful designer wedding dresses available at Ever After Bridal, with the honest and experienced advice of a team who love what they do and understand how challenging the decisions are, you will, without a doubt find that dress in a million which expresses your individuality to perfection and completes your dream of looking like a princess!

When you undertake to find your wedding dress with the team at Ever After Bridal you will not only be looking for the dress of your dreams, you will also find that you have become part of a family who care very much about helping you make your dreams come true!

Find the priceless treasure of your dream wedding dress at Ever After Bridal.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere at Ever After Bridal is one in which every bride searching for her dream wedding dress can feel at home and comfortable as she goes through the stunning range of designer wedding dresses on offer at the Ever After Bridal shops in Durbanville and Benoni, safe in the hands of a talented and creative team of professionals who love what they do.

Every member of the Ever After Bridal team has a special role to play in helping you find the wedding dress that will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day, and together they are committed to making the whole experience one that is much easier than anyone may have led you to believe. It really does not have to be anything other than an exciting adventure that ends in finding the priceless treasure of your dream wedding dress!

Stunning wedding dresses from top designers Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tollie and Enzoani show the care with which the Ever After Bridal chose the ranges that they would want to share with brides, and there is no doubt that somewhere in these three beautiful ranges is the wedding dress that you have been dreaming about!

Some brides like to do as much research as possible by getting ideas from bridal magazines and the internet in order to prepare them a bit in advance of coming to Ever After Bridal, while others prefer to have a basic idea and keep an open mind about what they are looking for, all that matters to the team at Ever After Bridal is that at the end of your journey they will have been there to help you find the perfect dress.

The guidance and experience of the passionate team at Ever After Bridal goes a long way to making the journey a little easier for every bride who brings her dreams to them, and sharing the experience that leads up to a beautiful wedding day is one this team treasures.

Please visit the Ever After Bridal website to pore over their stunning portfolio of wedding dresses to learn a little bit more about this very special team!