Dreams come true for Cape Town brides with stunning designer wedding dresses in Durbanville!

Make finding your dream wedding dress stress-free and fun by taking the journey with the passionate and caring team at Ever After Bridal, their open and honest approach to helping you make your dreams come true is, after all, the reason that they have been dressing brides for over six years now!

Ever After Bridal wants you to feel comfortable about finding the perfect dress with the perfect fit, no matter how many dresses you need to try on before finding the one that embodies the vision of yourself as a princess that you may have had since you were a little girl, dreaming about marrying your Prince Charming!

The Ever After Bridal ships in Durbanville and Nelspruit are lined with wedding dresses that have been designed by the best of the best internationally, with designs from Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli and Enzoani, just waiting for you to fall in love with!

The team at Ever After Bridal each have a role to play in helping you to find a wedding dress that may even exceed your own expectations, so that should you need any alterations between fittings, it is all done by a team that work hand in glove to be a happy part of your journey to the altar.

When you find the dress you love, the one with the perfect fit and silhouette but would like to buy it in a colour or size to suit your own unique colouring or style, Ever After Bridal will order your wedding dress direct from the designer – after all, every bride is an individual, with their own unique sense of style!

What’s more is that the wedding dresses at Ever After Bridal are also available to rent, which is really helpful if you are running out of time or trying to stretch the budget in order to take that really luxurious honeymoon to an exotic destination.

If you live in Cape Town, which is a sought after location for stunning wedding venues, having breath-taking wedding dresses for sale in Durbanville makes planning your fittings really easy, the central location of the Ever After Bridal Durbanville store means that brides throughout the Cape have easy access to designer wedding dresses in this welcoming, comfortable bridal shop!

Ever After Bridal also has an equally welcoming bridal shop that stocks the same ranges of designer wedding dresses in Nelspruit, yet another very cleverly planned, centralised location for brides in a region that also boasts some of the most beautiful wedding venues in South Africa!

The team at Ever After Bridal really love what they do, and it’s not just about using their talents, experience and creativity to help brides to find their dream wedding dresses, it is also about sharing the joy and excitement along the way, and waiting for the day ‘their’ bride returns from honeymoon to share the wedding album with the team!

Start what may feel like a daunting journey to find your dream wedding dress with the experienced guidance and passionate commitment of Ever After Bridal, they will make every step of the way to the fulfilment of your dreams a lot easier!

Trust Ever After Bridal to give you the best experience in finding your dream wedding dress!

Of all the things involved in wedding planning, nothing is quite as panic-inducing for a bride as not being able to find her dream wedding dress without falling apart in advance of her special day!

With limitless options to choose from, especially where it comes to the stunning range of designer dresses to be found at Ever After Bridal, one of the most overwhelming experiences in choosing that special dress is narrowing down the style that suits you!

If you have no idea about what you are looking for, the journey to saying yes can be one of endless frustration, creating a bridal nightmare that involves trying on hundreds of gowns, which will just lead to further confusion!

With the passionate team from Ever After Bridal at your side you can rely on individual attention, support and professional guidance that will be invaluable through this journey. Having an idea of what you are looking for before you start the search makes the process a lot less overwhelming and will help you to feel more confident where it comes to your decision making.

If you have a short timeline, Ever After Bridal has the solution in their designer wedding dress ranges that are available to rent, allowing you to breathe a little easier.  If you have the time to plan well in advance these same stunning ranges of wedding dresses are also for sale.

Shopping for your dream wedding dress should also factor in things like the mood and feeling of your wedding, whether it is a daytime or night time wedding and what the season will be. This narrows down your dress choice even further, making it easy for you to decide on which style perfectly suits everything about your fairytale day.

Finding a wedding dress that is a reflection of your personal style and vibe is going to make you feel that much more comfortable on your wedding day, bringing to life all the dreams you have of looking like a princess bride!

Steps to finding the wedding dress of your dreams from Ever After Bridal.

If possible, and if you are not on a tight schedule, try to start your search about nine months before your wedding day.  This will give you enough time to plan any alterations with the Ever After Bridal team. Bear in mind that if you are planning on adding beading or lace, or even changing up the neckline or train, it will take a little longer.  If you are pressured for time, speak to Ever After Bridal, there is always a solution to make sure every bride looks like a princess on her wedding day!

All the designer wedding dresses at the Ever After Bridal stores in Durbanville and Nelspruit are available to rent or buy, making it a little easier for you if push comes to shove in terms of time.

Make sure you come up with a realistic budget that will take into account any alterations you may want, fees that can always be discussed with the team at Ever After Bridal so that they can assist you to say yes and celebrate the day you find your dream wedding dress, knowing you have planned well in terms of your budget.

Before you actually go shopping for the perfect wedding dress at Ever After Bridal, take a look at the outline of the dresses you are interested in.  These wedding dress silhouettes fall into a few broad categories such as the ball gown, A-line, fit-and-flare, sheath and mermaid, among others.

It may be a good idea to try one of each the first time you go shopping for your wedding gown; it will make it a lot easier to start from a shape you know works best for you, making it less stressful to narrow down your choices from the beautiful designer dresses at Ever After Bridal.

Other important considerations on your way to the perfect wedding dress is to limit how many people you bring along, how you would like your wedding dress to make you feel, from sexy to understated or Victorian and anything in-between.

Make sure you take comfort into account, to look like a princess on your wedding day means you need to have the confidence to feel it in a dress easy to move around in, and whatever you do, make sure that in the end you choose a dress that is right for you and for no one else!