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If you are looking for a limitless range of stunning designer wedding dresses in Cape Town then you definitely deserve to spend your time in preparation for the big day with the passionate team at Ever After Bridal!

Ever After Bridal specialises in designer wedding dresses chosen from ranges designed by Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli and Enzoani, each designer bringing a different twist on everything from the classic bridal look to a total expression of romance and elegance, making sure that every bride is able to find a dress that will express her individuality perfectly.

If you can, starting to look at designs, shapes and styles that pique your interest as much as six or nine months ahead of the big day, is going to give you the breathing space to, at the very least, isolate what you absolutely love from the rest, and there is a lot of the rest, in every wedding magazine and every online portfolio!

Ever After Bridal has also made sure to cater to brides who may be a little short on time, whether or not you know what you are looking for in a wedding dress, the Ever After Bridal team will help you every step of the way as you search for a dress that you can simply hire, and they do it with absolute finesse and no fuss!

Every bride that has relied on the team at Ever After Bridal over the years will happily testify to the personal attention that made the journey to the dress of their dreams a stress-free pleasure, and every bride deserves to have a steady, experienced hand to soften the challenge of what may seem like endless fittings!

Most little girls have their fantasies of looking like something out of a fairy tale as they walk down the aisle in a dress that is the epitome of beauty, one that fits like a dream and is also comfortable enough to move around in, to add extra confidence to a day that normally comes with a little of the nervous shakes, and that is exactly what Ever After Bridal is committed to giving every bride they dress.

You may only wear your wedding dress for one day, but the vision of it will be captured forever in your wedding album and on video, leaving you with precious visual memories of a journey only brides get to take in finding the dress they finally said yes to!

The team at Ever After Bridal work hand in hand to make each fitting easy, to assist you in finding the perfect style of dress to suit your body shape, colouring and personality; for this team it is a labour of love to share this journey from start to finish with every bride they have the pleasure of dressing, which makes the experience one that will be unforgettable, in the best possible way.

Your wedding day will be one filled with joy and excitement, and as far as Ever After Bridal is concerned, the journey to the wedding dress you always dreamed of should be just as joyful and fun-filled!

Browse through the portfolio of wedding dresses online at Ever After Bridal, or give the team a call to set up your first fitting – there will be a glass of champagne waiting to welcome you to the start of a great adventure!

Be the bride you always dreamed you would be in designer wedding dresses from Ever After Bridal!

Ever After Bridal is made up of a very special team of people who are committed to making every bride they have the privilege of dressing enjoy extra special, personal attention they really need on what is the start of an epic adventure, one that we all know is life-changing, which is also why they understand, after many years of dressing brides, just how challenging it can be to find the perfect wedding dress.

Even finding the right shoes (which is important to do before you go for your fittings!) is enough to have you tearing out your hair, we all know the feeling! Just choosing an ordinary pair of shoes out of the many you may love for everyday life is tough enough, but for your wedding day?  Say no more!

At the very least, you deserve to have the way to your dream wedding dress made smoother by a team who absolutely love what they do and share their knowledge freely with every bride they dress, a quality that has made Ever After Bridal one of the top designer wedding dress suppliers in Cape Town!

If you are not yet sure of the silhouette style that will suit your body type, which is one of the fundamental steps to finding the perfect dress, Ever After Bridal has a world of experience to share with you in eliminating all the silhouettes, shades of whites, creams or pale pinks that won’t bring out the magic of your individuality, to refine the selection of dresses down to those that would accentuate everything that is beautiful about you instead!

All the designer wedding dresses at Ever After Bridal are available for sale or to rent, making it really easy if you are perfectly happy having the memory of being a beautiful bride in a stunning dress that won’t be packed away after the big day, but recorded in your wedding photos to share with friends, family and future generations – although not every bride will be planning a family; things have changed a lot in the 21st century!

What hasn’t changed though, is that every bride simply wants to look magnificent on her wedding day, and every bride deserves that after finding that special person she will spend the rest of her life with, and Ever After Bridal is totally invested, in every way, in making sure that every bride they dress feels and looks the way she dreamed of looking the day she gets married!

Fittings and alterations are turned into fun moments at Ever After Bridal, and with each step that brings you closer to your dream dress, they will be right at your side, giving you the undivided attention you deserve on this very important journey; they dress brides because it’s their dream and their passion!

So, pop on those shoes, wear the underwear you will be wearing to the wedding, do your hair and face the way you plan to have it on that special day and join Ever After Bridal for a truly special journey to the wedding dress to suit your dreams, and maybe even out do it!