Why hiring a designer wedding dress makes sense in 2019

Everyone is feeling the pinch that comes with having to tighten belts in the face of a chaotic economy that keeps spiralling downwards, and this also has an impact on the budget for many brides who dream of wearing a designer wedding dress on their big day.

Wedding dresses are expensive, no doubt about it, but when you consider the cost of special fabrics that go into a wedding dress, the trade-off is fair. Add then the work that a designer puts into adding the finishes, lace, organza, beads or crystals and you have the foundation for what makes a wedding dress expensive.

Many brides don’t have the budget to cover the cost of buying a designer wedding dress, yet they still hanker after it, which is where hiring a wedding dress comes to the rescue.

There are also those who prefer to spend more on the wedding and on a honeymoon that’s a dream for both bride and groom.

This makes a lot of sense when you consider that a wedding dress you buy is going to have to be packed away and stored, never to be worn again, where the memories of the wedding day and the honeymoon will last a lifetime.

It should be possible for every bride to walk down the aisle in a designer wedding dress dreamed up by a top wedding gown designer, and the only way to level the playing field is to make it possible, as Ever After Bridal has done, to hire a stunning wedding dress.

Having gotten budgetary constraints out of the way, here are 3 reasons why hiring a wedding dress is gaining a huge fan base:

  1. You’ll have the option of choosing the style you love in a colour that suits your skin tone.
  2. Ever After Bridal will also assist you to find the right size dress if it’s not hanging on the racks in the store, by going direct to the designer.
  3. Basic alterations can also be done to make sure that the dress fits you perfectly, as it should.

What extra costs will be involved in hiring a wedding dress from Ever After Bridal?

That’s easy enough! Since the dress is on hire it will need to be cleaned once you’ve returned it, so that another lucky bride will have her own dream of wearing a designer wedding dress come true!

That’s it!  Now all you have to do is contact Ever After Bridal to book your fitting, and to meet the most caring team of bridal consultants in Cape Town!


Signs you’re dealing with the wrong bridal store

Shopping for a wedding dress is daunting enough without having bridal consultants muddy the waters with their own agenda’s. This is a one-time decision, made for the day you say your vows, and once the decision is made, there’s no turning back.

This is not a dress rehearsal, well it is while you’re trying on the dresses, but, once you collect the dress that’s it, which is why you need a bridal store that knows your budget and also understands what your dreams are made of.

Being particular about choosing the bridal team to see you through this experience is your prerogative, and if you’re not happy with what’s happening in one store then it’s time to move on.

You deserve the best experience without having bridal consultants trying to shove their own ideas down your throat. It’s your wedding day and your budget, so don’t let anyone play with either!

Ask these basic questions before the relationship goes too deep and you’ll be armed and ready to deal with anyone pushing and shoving at you.

Is the bridal store…

Open and honest about costs?

Aside from the fact that you need to feel comfortable in your wedding dress because it ups your confidence level, you also need to be comfortable about being upfront about your budget for a wedding dress.

If the bridal store or bridal consultant you’re dealing with brushes it off and keeps pointing you in the direction of dresses way over your budget, move along quickly.

If anyone knows that a bride trying on wedding dresses is vulnerable to persuasion, it’s a bridal consultant. This is a mean way of getting you to spend more than you can, and you definitely deserve better!

Answer all your questions?

This is one experience in which you’ll have a lot of questions, and more than anything else you need to feel that you can trust your bridal consultant to answer them all.

If your questions are brushed off or fluffed out of the way, you’re better off finding a bridal store that will answer them all, honestly.

Honest about alterations

Some alterations are more expensive than others, so make sure you understand the necessity of any alteration that needs to be done, and, make sure the bridal consultant is more than willing to explain what the costs of each alteration will be.

If not, once again, find a bridal team that’ll be more than happy to pinpoint these costs.

Willing to point out the fine print?

As with any contract, the one for your wedding dress has to have fine print, but, what bridal consultants know for sure is that you’ll find it difficult to focus on something like the small print, yet it’s important to know exactly what the fine print is all about.

Any bridal store that glosses over the fine print and distracts you from it isn’t worth your time.

Hopefully you get the general idea of the traps that brides can fall into on the way to a dream wedding dress, but, if you’re in doubt about the shop you end up in, you’ll be giving yourself a great gift by contacting the team at Ever After Bridal.

This is a team passionate about what they do, a team that won’t allow any of the above to affect the awesome reputation they’ve earned over the 9 years they’ve been dressing brides beautifully.

They love what they do, love being part of something so very special and would love to welcome you into their world and the very special care they have to offer each bride on the way to their dream designer wedding dress!


Let Ever After Bridal introduce you to stunning designer dresses for sale in Cape Town

Right in the heart of Durbanville, Cape Town, is where you’ll find the most stunning designer wedding dresses for sale, or to hire, and right here is where you’ll find Ever After Bridal.

With designers such as Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram and Enzoani, represented by two of his ranges, there’s a dress ready to make every dream come true for every bride!

This is a world of Swarovski crystals, lace, statin, pearls, organza and every other magical stitch and bead that makes up designer wedding dresses, and it’s one that ever bride-to-be will love!

When the team at Ever After Bridal started out over 9 years ago they committed themselves to making everything about finding the perfect wedding dress as stress free as possible for every bride, and then they carefully committed themselves to the best in designers to bring wedding dresses into their salon that would be breath-taking.

This balance is perfect, and neither of these commitments has never wavered, making this a bridal team that wants the best and gives the best to every bride they journey with to a wedding dress to match dreams.

Ever After Bridal has also made it as simple as possible for every bride to wear these designer wedding dresses. Thinking about hiring a wedding dress? You’ve got it! Looking to buy a wedding dress that’s on sale, worn once and still looking brand new? Got that too!

There is a wedding dress for every shape, size and colouring waiting for you to try on, and, working with the ideas that you have for what you’re looking for, this is a team that will help you to keep focussed as you try on and discard dresses, until that yes moment!

After having dressed brides for so long now, the team at Ever After Bridal have a huge store of knowledge and experience to share with you, to make finding your wedding dress less fraught with fear.

Personal attention is something every bride deserves and you’ll have dollops of it with this passionate team, no doubt about it, and they’ll support you through all the highs and lows that can come from making a decision as momentous as this.

If you need something a little different in the colour of your wedding dress, or the same dress in a different size, they’ll get right on to the designer to source it for you.

This is a team that puts everything into making life easier for brides on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress, and they absolutely love doing it!

Ever After Bridal consultants are all about making you feel completely at home with them. After all you’re going to be a lot of walking around in your undies in front of them (and your entourage by the way!) as you try on dresses!

Let this team of bridal consultants introduce you to designer dresses that’ll make you look like a dream on your wedding day, after all, that’s why they love dressing brides!


Don’t be afraid to say yes to a wedding dress that doesn’t set you on fire immediately!

…And don’t worry about the fact that it may not resemble any of the dresses you’ve pinned and clipped on your search for the one you’ve dreamed of!

Keeping an open mind is absolutely necessary, if you can. If you’ve got Ever After Bridal on your side, they’ll be sure to steer you to a designer wedding dress that suits your budget and lines up with what you want.

However, since this team has been dressing brides for over 9 years, they can look at it from a more objective perspective and may surprise you with the odd wedding dress they nudge you to try on.

It may be one that looks completely different to what you’d seen yourself in, but that makes you come alive as a bride when you try it on.

The mermaid style you fell in love with may fall away when you stand in front of the mirror in a dramatic ball gown, or vice versa, so an open mind is a healthy attitude to take with to fittings.

You can be absolutely certain that this team will not steer you towards a dress that’s no good on you and that takes your budget way over its limit.

By the way, this doesn’t in any way mean that you must head out shopping for a wedding dress without having any idea at all about what you’re looking for!

And the ‘aha’ moment?

You may have that ‘aha’ moment by the time you try the third dress on, but don’t bank on it happening! Sometimes it’s the dress you need to allow to simmer in your imagination that gives rise to that absolute moment when you say yes to the dress.

Falling in love with a wedding dress that starts with a slow burn can easily, given a bit of time, become a full-blown, passionate love affair that fires up all your synapses.

Be patient with yourself and be willing to take your time about this incredibly important dress, after all, you’re only going to be wearing it once, so it’s worth it.

Try not to fit too many dresses either. This could lead to the type of confusion that completely overwhelms you, and that’s not what shopping for a wedding dress should be.  It’s a daunting enough challenge to take on, without complicating it even further!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about the dresses you try on:

  • The question of the budget! Nasty little word, but if you are realistic and bring your budget to the team at Ever After Bridal, they’ll make sure that you won’t be trying on dresses that are completely out of reach, according to the budget. Putting a dress back on the rack after you’ve fallen in love with it is heart rending to say the least, so don’t go there!
  • What about comfort? Real confidence as you walk down the aisle or sit at the reception comes with being utterly comfortable in your wedding dress. Check your comfort level in every dress you really like.  Do a few twirls around the floor in the bridal store so that you know you can move in it comfortably, take a seat and even head for the ladies to make sure you that when nature calls, as it often does when we’re really nervous, you’ll be able to answer it!
  • If you have to lose weight to wear the dress, you’re going to be placing yourself under immense strain leading up to the day, and since planning the wedding is big enough, be kind to yourself by fitting dresses that fit you properly from the outset.

Tuck all of this under the belt as you head out to fittings at Ever After Bridal, so that this team, passionate about dressing brides, can take the journey to your dream wedding dress right at your side!



Simple tips that’ll make shopping for a wedding dress a cinch

The heady days of your engagement are now getting even headier as you start planning for the wedding, and with the million and one things you’ll be juggling ahead of the big day, your wedding dress is the one thing you deserve to get excited about, way over and above menus, music, décor or invites!

Yes it’s daunting, and anyone who says it isn’t is stretching the truth beyond belief, but, you can make the experience easier on yourself than it might be if you don’t put a good strategy in place to prepare for the first fittings.

Shopping for your dress is going to be an experience never to be repeated, and you can make it the real cherry on top of all the planning if you:

Do your research well in advance

Pin, paste and clip the dresses you think will make you feel like a real princess on your wedding day.  There are scores of sources online and in bridal magazines you can tap into.

Visit bridal fairs if there are any that will still give you the six to nine months you’ll need to give yourself breathing space between fittings, alterations and the day you finally collect your dress.

Take the time to do research into your own body shape, which silhouette and style of wedding dress will enhance your natural beauty and leave you feeling like the princess you really are as you glide down the aisle.

The team of bridal consultants at Ever After Bridal will go through all your research with you and, based on that, point you in the right direction to make the journey a lot more fun than frightening!

Ever After Bridal has a beautiful range of designer dresses available from top international designers such as Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram and Enzoani who is represented by two ranges, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Blue’, so make sure you add these to your list of ideas to bring along with you to the first fitting.

Keep an open mind

Very important point this! You may just fall in love with a wedding dress you’d never even looked at, and you’ll know it the moment you see yourself transformed in the mirror! Don’t miss out on something really special because it doesn’t conform to your research.

Bring your budget along

Nasty word that, budget, but it is what it is and it’s far better for you to go to your fitting with it, to know your limits and not get led down the road to heartache by trying on dresses way above your budget.

Falling in love with a wedding dress you can’t afford is definitely going to put a spoke in the wheels of everything along this journey. Ever After Bridal understands what it means to work with and around a budget and still bring on the magic for every bride wanting to get married in a designer wedding dress in Cape Town!

Hire or buy?

Sticking along the lines of your budget, you have more than just one option when it comes to making sure you get married in a designer wedding dress from Ever After Bridal.

This team has made it possible for brides to hire a designer wedding dress, choose it from the fabulous designer wedding dresses on sale or buy it outright.

If you’d rather have a honeymoon that fires up every feel-good fibre in you than spend the whole shebang on a wedding dress, then hiring is perfect for you.

Ignore the horror stories

Okay, well not ignore, but disseminate enough information to make sure you miss any of the bad experiences these brides may tell you about to put you into a state of abject terror ahead of time!

Take the good and the bad experiences to get the balance just right to make yours an unforgettably great experience!

Book your first fitting

When you’re ready for the first fitting, book your appointment with the awesome team at Ever After Bridal Wear and enjoy the ride to the most stunning designer wedding dress you’ll ever find!

Let Ever After Bridal guide you to the perfect designer wedding dress in Cape Town

You deserve the best of everything as the countdown begins to the magical day of your wedding, and heading the list of all that makes it such an exciting countdown is when you head out looking for the wedding dress you always dreamed of.

Ever After Bridal is all about making dreams come true for every bride they share the journey with on the way to a perfect designer wedding dress, which means that you’ll enjoy the full attention of a team that’s passionate about dressing brides.

After 9 years of helping brides to find that one wedding dress she falls in love with, Ever After Bridal Wear know just how precious this journey is for every individual.

On the basis of this, they take that knowledge to the level where superb support and excellence is designed to make you feel completely at home as you step over the threshold of their bridal store in Durbanville, Cape Town.

From the glass of champagne and warm welcome at your first fitting, right through until the day you collect the dress you’ll be wearing on your wedding day, you’ll know that you’re in the company of a team that really cares about making you feel like a princess on the most important day of your life.

Ever After Bridal takes it one step further…

As the times have changed over the last century, not every bride wants to or can afford to buy a wedding dress to pack it away for life, and this team has made it easy to buy or hire a designer wedding dress.

This is a boon to brides who’d rather spend more on the wedding and/or the honeymoon than on a dress, and it means that every bride can afford to walk down the aisle in a designer wedding dress.

There is one place that will carry the images of how beautiful you look on your wedding day for the rest of your life and in to future generations, and that’s in your wedding album.

This is how you get to keep the memory of your choice of dress other than packing it away somewhere it’ll be safe (and hidden!) for the rest of your life.

Designer wedding dress sizes and colours

Among the beautiful dresses that grace the Ever After Bridal shop you’ll find creations such as Beautiful and Blue from Enzoani, along with Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram ranges, and whether you hire of buy, you can be certain that there’s a designer wedding dress here with your name on it, ready to make you look like the princess you always dreamed you’d be on your wedding day.

If ever there was a team willing to go the extra mile and more for every bride that enters their beautiful world of frothy whites, satin and lace, you’ll find that it’s this one.

If you decide you’d like to buy one of these dresses in a unique colour, or have it in the perfect size, the team at Ever After Bridal will go straight to the designer to order it exactly as you wanted it!

Start the journey to a stunning designer wedding dress by contacting Ever After Bridal to book your fitting, bring along your dreams, hopes and ideas and let this team turn what seems like a daunting experience into an adventure you’ll never forget!

Ever After Bridal = stunning designer wedding dresses in Cape Town!

How can you resist 3 top designers & 4 stunning ranges of designer wedding dresses on your hunt for the very best on your way to the altar?

If you can, then you’re made of sterner stuff than most of us are, but, if this is an irresistible lure that could make fantasy real, you will definitely be in the right place at Ever After Bridal as you start the odyssey to a dream wedding dress.

Just thinking about wearing a designer wedding dress is enough to give most of us that tingly feeling that you’re almost on the way to the kind of wedding dress you dreamed of as a little girl.

And making dreams come true is what the team of bridal consultants at Ever After Bridal absolutely love to be in on!

Every bride is distinctly individual, has her own unique qualities that make up the sum of her natural beauty, and it’s these unique qualities that the team at Ever After Bridal call on to make sure that every bride walking down the aisle in a designer wedding dress they’ve helped her find will do so in confident, magnificent style.

It takes a passionate commitment to excellence and a love for what they do that makes this team strive to give the individual attention each bride deserves on such an important journey.

After nine years in the world of designer wedding dresses, Ever After Bridal Wear want nothing but the best to help every bride enjoy the journey, rather than to be overwhelmed by the hugeness of the experience.

To make the dream of wearing a designer wedding dress come true for brides, Ever After Bridal has selected beautiful ranges from 3 top international wedding dress designers, and its here that every bride can find the dress of her dreams.

Here’s an introduction to the designers and the ranges that have come from their talented minds to make every bride look absolutely stunning on her wedding day.

Sophia Tolli

Dramatic, regal, romantic and effervescent are apt descriptions for the wedding dresses designed by this top international designer. Sophia has made sure that there’s a dress for every bride in her collection by scattering every style, shape and silhouette throughout the range, turning every wedding dress into a dress that looks as if it’s been designed exclusively for every bride ready to stun everyone with her sheer beauty on the day!

Rebecca Ingram:

Rebecca Ingram is the brainchild of the Maggie Sottero, maintaining her well-established reputation for nothing less than the best in quality and style. This designer set loose a team of designers that would be able to create the same sense of luxury and timelessness that’s attached to the Maggie Sottero name, but at reasonable prices, and it’s been achieved in this range.

There’s no shortage of colours in this beautiful range of wedding dresses that celebrate the most popular silhouettes, the use of luxurious fabrics in a variety of colours, finished off in lace and trims that turn every bride into the image of a princess.

It was time to bring out a range that every bride could afford and yet look like a dream on her wedding day, and the Rebecca Ingram collection lives up to this combination.

Enzoani – ‘Beautiful’

Yes, the name is very apt! It’s beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, made to bring the hopes and dreams of every bride to life in the perfect silhouette with exquisite detailing.

As with all his ranges, Enzoani wedding dresses are custom designed, custom made and hand beaded but still affordable for today’s bride.

Enzoani – ‘Blue’

Want to look like a modern day fairy princess on your wedding day? The ‘Blue’ range of designer wedding dresses will be perfect for you, especially if glittering in beads and crystals dripping from Chantilly lace and tulle are part of the dream you have of what you’ll look like on your wedding day!

Ever After Bridal is home to all of these stunning ranges of designer dresses, and they’d love to meet you so that they may have the privilege of sharing the journey to make your dreams come true in their bridal store in Cape Town!

Don’t allow anyone to bully you into buying the wrong wedding dress!

Starting out on shopping for a wedding dress is daunting enough on its own, but being bullied into buying or hiring a wedding dress that isn’t right in any way, whether budget-wise or silhouette and style wise, is just not what you need.

The wedding dress you wear is for your wedding day, and yours alone. No one else is going to be wearing that dress, which means no one has the right to bully you along the way, not even your mom!

You’ll be wearing this dress once, and considering the overwhelming amount of styles, colours and silhouettes you’ll be bombarded with online or in bridal magazines on your search, when it comes to fittings, put on your boxing gloves and march confidently to your own drum.

There will definitely be a huge drumroll the moment you find the dress you say an unequivocal ‘yes’ to, so don’t be swayed by pressure from others, you’ll know and that’s what matters.

Here are a few tips that will bully-proof you:

Plan to have a small but well-balanced entourage

Who you take with to fittings is going to be a very important decision because they can truly make the experience worse than you deserve it to be, in fact, it’s a make or break decision believe it or not.

Honesty coated with love is more important than you may believe, with the emphasis placed on honesty. This is the person that’ll soothe you when nerves get frazzled and who’s not going to be pushing buttons that really don’t need to be pushed on this challenging journey.

Keep your invites to fittings to just a few special people you’d consider great together at a dinner table, so that you know that each will bring a different gift to you as you try on and discard dresses. Make sure that they’re the kind that bring out the best in you.

Leave the drama queen and mean friend out of this, because focussing on your happiness and your time in the spotlight should be first and foremost for anyone being invited on this very special quest.

Since you can’t take everyone and you don’t want to make those you didn’t invite feel bad, take full advantage of mobile technology to send and share photos or to set up a mini fashion show to parade the best of what you’re trying on, just to keep them in the loop.

The sign on your list of invites needs to read ‘no bullies allowed’!

Here’s a tip: keep the one you’re actually going to be wearing a secret so that as they watch you glide down the aisle they’ll be just as stunned at your beauty as the rest of the guests!

Here’s a last thought any of us would have on our minds when going to fittings for the wedding dress – take a man along! If you can drag a good friend of Prince Charming to the fitting you’ll be in the pound seats when all around you are saying yes to every dress you fit!

Try your dad or brother as well if you can’t get the friend to come along – only make sure you swear them to secrecy with threats of bodily harm!

Let no one bully you about costs

If your budget didn’t matter you wouldn’t bother bringing it along to your first meeting with the bridal consultants you have chosen, would you?

The team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town suggest that if you’ve had the misfortune of finding a bridal consultant who will ignore your budget and send you in the direction of dresses way above it, cut the ties quickly!

You need a team that’ll respect your budget and advise you about anything you may not have included in it, so that if you’ve forgotten   about a veil (which happens in the excitement!) they’ll help you to work around it.

Don’t let the fine print catch you!

You’ll be signing a contract that should by all rights contain everything to do with alterations, colour of dress and sizing, so make sure you understand everything included in the fine print.

If you value integrity and honesty highly you’ll be in the right hands with the team at Ever After Bridal. They’ve been dressing brides for nine years and have yet to cause any pain to any bride in the fine print of any contract signed for a beautiful designer wedding dress.

Don’t let anyone trip you up with alterations that aren’t necessary!

If you’ve never done alterations how will you know what’s really necessary, unless you have a team supporting you who will give you absolute clarity about alterations.

Even something as simple as raising a hemline can be overcharged if you’re not careful about your choice of bridal store, and if that’s the case, imagine what they’ll charge for more intricate alterations!

Let Ever After Bridal Store in Durbanville, Cape Town, take care of you on this special journey. This is one passionate team that’ll make sure that you not only find your dream designer wedding dress, but that you won’t be bullied at any stage of the experience!

There’s a lot more to a wedding dress than sticking to pure white

Beautifully frothy, flowing and billowing white lace, organza or chiffon is what many a bride chooses for her special day, but there are those who could consider the effect that white has on different skin undertones.

A white wedding dress isn’t a rule, by any measure these days, and it’s important that you don’t give way to being the glowing bride you deserve to be by wearing white when it does your skin tone no justice.

Aside from all the differences in terms of fabrics, finishing’s and detailing, as well as necklines and silhouettes, leaving behind any thought of considering the shade of a fabric other than white may not do you justice, even if that’s what you’d initially wanted.

An open mind helps a lot on this journey, that’s what the fittings are all about, so you may as well go for the whole enchilada, hitting the sweet spot for a combination of style, fabric and colour to complete your overall look to suit the mood you’d like to create for your wedding day.

A few ideas about the best colours for different skin undertones

For the pure English Rose

A traditional white wedding dress is going to nothing for this kind of fair skin. In fact, it will more than likely give you a kind of washed out look when what you really want to do is sparkle! But there’s hope, and its easily remedied by looking at what ivory dresses with a yellow tone will do to make you glow.

For the less pale skin

Just for kicks, try on a dress that has the rich and creamy ivory effect to uplift your skin undertone and bring your colour to life in your wedding album, you’ll easily be able to tell the difference by trying on both colours to see the full impact of what the right colour wedding dress can create!

For the easily tanned skin

If this is a good description of your skin tone, you’ll look a dream in any wedding dress that has layers of creamy undertones to contrast beautifully with your skin tone to make you shine beautifully and in full colour on your wedding day.

For rich and dreamy dark skin

A rich dark and dreamy skin tone offers you a wider choice of colours than any other skin tone, so make the most of this asset during fittings, you may surprise yourself.

You can wear virtually any colour wedding dress you could think of (within reason of course!), crossing the spectrum from bright whites, pinks or rich and creamy ivory to shades of blue and pale grey’s. You can of course make for those that are simply stunning, unusual enough to express exactly who you are in terms of your individuality.

For beautifully soft yellow skin undertones

This is the skin tone that cries out for pure white wedding dresses. Shades of bubbly champagne glitter beautifully as well as it compliments your skin tone perfectly.

How to make it easier to make the whole journey to the right colour easier at fittings;

Make up

Try to arrive with the makeup colours you’re planning on wearing on the day, it’ll make it a lot easier to visualise how any colour will bring the best out in you.  It doesn’t have to be a professional job, just as close as is great!


If you’re wearing it up or down, or any other which way, wear a similar style along to fittings to get a better look at the overall effect of the dresses you’ll be trying on.


If you’re going to be wearing heels and can bring along shoes that match the height you plan to wear, it’ll be another feather in your cap for making the experience of finding the perfect wedding dress easier on yourself.

If you’ve decided its flats for you, wear them for the same reasons

Let Ever After Bridal lead the way to your dream designer dress

Ever After Bridal can’t wait to meet you, and guide you through these as yet untested waters, and to make finding the perfect colour for your skin tone easy in a designer wedding dress, meant to light you up on the day you become a star in a dress that celebrates all that you are.

Nothing makes a bride sparkle & dazzle on her wedding day than being supremely comfortable in her dress!

If you’re going to be spending most of your wedding day in the designer gown you’ve chosen, one of the greatest favours you can do yourself is to pay close attention to your level of comfort while you narrow down your choice of wedding dress.

Having to pull anything up, down or straight all day will have your confidence taking a dive, and you don’t deserve to deal with such discomfort on your special day anyway.

Here are a few practicalities few will tell you about to keep a look out for while looking for the wedding dress that’ll turn you into a glowing bride, filled with confidence:

Can you move comfortably?

That first dance, and those to follow, are the moments you’ll want to look like a fairy-tale princess come to life as you celebrate your ‘I do’ with music, great food and even better company. This is why it’s important to make sure you can move with ease in the dress.

Can you sit comfortably?

There’ll be speeches, congratulations and a feast you’ll have to sit through before you get to take to the dance floor, so make sure about how comfortably you’ll be able to sit for that long without wanting to rip your dress off!

Can you breathe in the dress?

The nerves that will be playing a symphony in you on your wedding day, which will only be made even worse if you can’t breathe properly in your wedding dress, because you’re so going to need those breaths to beat the nerves down!

Can you answer the call of nature without stripping?

Wedding day or not, you’re still human, and after a couple of glasses of bubbly nature will call, making it well worth making sure you don’t have to spend hours getting into and out of the loo!

Will you be confident in front of the camera?

You will be the centre of attention on your wedding day, no doubt about it! This is the one time in nature that the female outshines the male, so make absolutely sure you’re going to be the freshly blooming rose in every image and video of the day.

If you’re confident as you go through the photographs it’s going to show for generations to come when the wedding album is pulled out again and again during the course of a lifetime. Make the very most of your unforgettable moments by combining exquisite style with absolute confidence!

Have you thought about the perfect silhouette for your body shape?

This is as essential to comfort as anything is where it comes to your wedding dress! You may want to wear a dramatic ball gown when in actual fact you look a dream in a beautifully designed mermaid style wedding dress. Again the emphasis on trying to keep an open mind when starting to shop for a designer wedding dress is important, if you can.

Let passionate professionals lead the way to confidence through comfort

If you’re having a bit of a tough time with silhouettes and styles, the team at Ever After Bridal will add enough of their touch of magic to guide you to the right one, designed to dazzle all on your wedding day!

Ever After Bridal stocks only the best in designer wedding dresses from the ranges of top international designers in Cape Town, and have been doing so for over nine years now, which should say a lot about the way they are qualified to make this daunting decision as stress free as possible for you on this momentous journey.