Know your body shape before shopping for a wedding dress

You really do need to know your body shape before shopping for a wedding dress or the experience will be demoralising.  As much as you may love the A-line silhouette, if your body type doesn’t lend itself to this style, it’ll be difficult to shift your focus to one that does.

Getting the silhouette right from the start will make shopping for a wedding dress a far more enjoyable experience for you, having started on the right foot.

Your wedding dress is only going to be worn once, which makes doing your homework well worthwhile.

The skirt of your wedding dress is what determines the mood for the wedding dress, choose the wrong dress for your body shape and you’ll be looking at it with regret in your wedding album for the rest of your life!

The silhouettes range from sheath dresses, A-line, traditional ball gowns, mermaid silhouette, fishtail, empire and fishtail wedding dresses, and within these styles there is a wedding dress fit for any princess, provided the right one is chosen.

Let’s look at wedding dress styles to suit different body types:

Traditional Ball Gown wedding dresses

If your dream as a little girl was to look like Cinderella on your wedding day, then this is the dress style for you.  The style of the skirt can either be one that’s pretty structured or incredibly soft. This would depend on the fabric that is chosen for the gown.  This is the ultimate in a romantic wedding dress.

A-Line wedding dresses

The A-line dress is one that is narrow at the top and wider in the skirt, moving from the shoulders down to a flared skirt, which can be varied in a number of ways according to your taste, if this is what suits your body shape.

Fishtail wedding dresses

Although similar to the mermaid wedding dress, there are no pleats in the flare at the back, and it’s the perfect style for adding a contrasting colour in order to achieve the look of a fishtail, and to create a truly feminine silhouette.

Mermaid wedding dresses

This figure-hugging style of wedding dress moves down from a fitted top and cinches into the waist before flaring at the bottom of the dress.  You’d need curves in all the right places and perfect proportions to wear this style; there’s no place to hide anything you don’t like about your body shape in this style!

Empire wedding dresses

This is a beautiful style of wedding dress that starts flaring from below the bust to the bottom of the dress.  The Empire wedding dress is a wedding dress that’s perfectly suited to the fuller figure as well.

Sheath wedding dresses

This is a simple style that goes from the shoulders straight down to the waist, remaining straight along the body, without any flaring out.

If you aren’t sure about the style of wedding dress that’ll suit your body shape, book a consultation or fitting with Ever After Bridal. This team will assist you in finding the perfect silhouette that’ll make the most of your body shape, which will create a wedding dress shopping experience far less stressful than it already is.

Ever After Bridal offers stunning ranges of designer wedding dresses for sale in Durbanville, Cape Town, and, if you’re on a tight budget you can still look like a princess by hiring your wedding dress.

Choosing a wedding dress that suits your personality

Your unique personality is what has to make its mark on everything you choose to wear on your wedding day, from the dress to the accessories and theme.

It’s your very special day, and it’s who you are that needs to shine through, which is what is going to create a beautiful thread that runs through the mood and theme you’ve chosen to set the tone on your wedding day.

Whether or not you choose to incorporate more than just one style into your wedding dress, there are a few basic styles that can be categorised as follows:

The Dramatic factor

This is all about being adventurous enough to wear the latest style in order to make a wow statement as you glide down the aisle. You can be as dramatic as you like, taking ideas from the latest fashion being shown on international runways. Choosing a floating creation in red or blue for instance, is definitely going to make for a dramatic entrance.

The Contemporary factor

The contemporary bride is adventurous enough to mix the dramatic with the classic look, adding all the finishing touches that will celebrate the combination of the latest fashion with a completely modern look.

The Classic factor

The classic wedding dress is an expression of the feminine look, sheer, sophisticated and timeless, which is perfect for the more formal wedding setting.  Understated elegance speaks volumes for any bride choosing this style.

The Creative factor

Put together something old and something new, using different combinations of textures, accessories and colour, in fact, this is for the bride that loves the bohemian look to compliment her unique personality.

Anything really goes, the only limitations to wearing a truly creative look is the imagination!

The Natural factor

This is a style that expresses simplicity for brides getting married in less formal settings. The dress will be a picture of simple lines with the focus placed more on things like the neckline, accessories and hairstyles.

If the beach or mountain top is the setting for the wedding, then the natural bride will go for stylish minimalism.

The Romance factor

The romantic style is perfect for the woman who’s been dreaming about looking like a princess on her wedding day since she was a little girl! The dress will reflect everything that is soft and dreamy, covered in beautiful embellishments added to the luxurious fabrics that’ll make up the dress.  Romance is also best expressed with the addition of beautiful sparkly details – watch out Swarovski here she comes!

The Vintage factor

What a beautiful way to celebrate fashion that goes back to the Victorian era. Beads, pearls, crystals and lace are the finishing touches to a Victorian style wedding dress.  The dress has to have retro accessories that perfectly match the style of dress, and since this is a style that is now being played out on fashion runways, ideas are easy to source to complete the vintage look.

Let Ever After Bridal be your helping hand

The bridal consultants at Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town, have over six years’ worth of experience to share with you as you put your wedding look together, and they’d love to be part of this exciting journey with you.

Contact the team today to book your fitting and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere as you discuss your ideas of what it’ll take to make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Choose your dream dress from the beautiful range of designer dresses for sale in Durbanville

Ever After Bridal got together to pick over the best international wedding gown designers to represent in their beautiful bridal shop in Durbanville, Cape Town.

There is no doubt about the fact that with the designers chosen, there is a wedding dress to suit the style, size and personality of every bride, which is exactly why they chose these designers with great care.

The wedding dresses at Ever After Bridal are available to purchase or to hire.  If you are buying a designer wedding dress and you need it in a completely unique colour or specific size to fit, the dress will be ordered directly from the designer, a policy that extends to brides who are hiring their dress.

To make the journey to your wedding dress a little easier, try to start trying on the right dresses to suit your body type at least six months before your wedding day.

This will give you time to breathe, as well as give you peace of mind that your wedding dress will be ready for collection before the big day.

Here is a list of designers chosen by Ever After Bridal to make the dreams of any bride come true:

Sophia Tolli

The Sophia Tolli range of wedding gowns runs the gamut from romantic ball gowns to sleek A-line silhouettes falling beautifully into a frothy hemline.  This is classic couture at its best, evoking every mood from the dramatic to the soft feminine look to create the image of a princess at the ball.

Enzoani – Beautiful

The Beautiful range from Enzoani is the perfect range for modern-day brides looking for romantic, understated elegance.  It is also a range well suited to youthful brides who need to be budget conscious and still look like a princess.

The affordable price tag of this range in no way detracts from the details and understated elegance of this beautiful range.

Enzoani – Blue

Enzoani has gone the route of Chantilly lace, scintillating beading and intricate detail to produce this range of wedding dresses designed to reflect old world romance for the modern bride. The luxury of the fit and finishes are exquisite reminders of times gone by, with a modern twist of pure luxury.

Rebecca Ingram

As one of three collections that find a home at Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram designs are a nod to the fact that a collection of wedding gowns at reasonable prices is absolutely necessary for the modern bride.

Available in colours that transcend pure white, Rebecca Ingram wedding dresses are designed using understated fabrics that are brought to life with lace and understated trims, to produce wedding dresses that offer the perfect fit.

Maggie Sottero

Whether brides have a fuller figure or are more on the petite side of the size scale, Maggie Sottero wedding dresses are designed to make every bride look and feel like a dream on her wedding day.

If simplicity is the order of the day, this range is where you’ll find it, and if it’s the dramatic flair you’re looking for, the Maggie Sottero range will take you from one to the other in absolute style!

There’s a dress for every bride at Ever After Bridal!

Because so much care has gone into the choice of designers on show at Ever After Bridal, they’ve made sure that no bride will ever be disappointed in their quest for the dream wedding dress.

Let these passionate experts introduce you to the right way to shop for the perfect wedding dress in Cape Town!

What’s the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type?

If you are anxious about your wedding dress appointment because you always have a hard time finding clothes you love that fit well, it’s time to relax. Wedding dresses come in all styles, sizes and colours these days and it can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

Also, various types of dresses can transform your look completely. So to help you find a wedding dress that will compliment your figure and your style we’ve compiled a list of common dress styles to try on.

Hourglass Figure

For women with an hourglass figure, a mermaid gown follows the natural contour of your bust, waist and hips before flaring out. Consider it a celebration of your curves. Don’t think that because you are curvy you need to settle for something more loose fitting. At Ever After Bridal we always suggest to our brides-to-be to fit mermaid dress, even if your curves aren’t defined. This dress can give you the illusion of an hourglass figure by accentuating your waist.

Pear Shape

A pear-shaped body usually suggests wider hips and thighs with smaller chest and shoulders. Drawing attention to your shoulders will balance out this type of figure. A high neckline will do the trick. A halter top can be trendy while an illusion neckline with soft fabric looks elegant. Another option you can’t go wrong with is an off-the-shoulder dress.

Petite Bride

For shorter brides, an A-line dress tends to be extremely flattering since it compliments their small frames by adding definition to the bust and waist. Curvy or not, you can opt for a V-neck to add height by creating the illusion of a longer upper body.

Tall Bride

As a tall bride, why not embrace the fairytale of a ballgown? Ballgowns may not be right for shorter brides but they are perfect for tall brides. Paired with a pair of heels or flats, you can look like the princess you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember, the best wedding dress for you is the one you love. But you can follow these tips if you’re having trouble deciding.

Ever After Bridal has an extensive range of dresses for every body type created by well-known designers like Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli, Rebecca Ingram and Enzoani. Give us a call today to book your appointment.