Designer wedding dresses for sale in Cape Town for a Cape Winelands destination wedding

Whatever the season, with weather that is anywhere from hot to mild seven months a year, planning a destination wedding in the Cape Winelands is a hot choice today.

This isn’t only true for international couples, but for locals too. For international couples planning a wedding at any of the beautiful wine estates or venues near them, the exchange rate makes for awesome extravagance, if that’s what’s wanted!

Whether it’s an intimate wedding shared with only the closest of friends and family, or a spectacularly large celebration, there is a design for every type of wedding waiting for couples choosing to say ‘I do’ in the Cape Winelands.

Superb views abound, and when added to world renowned South African wines paired with unforgettable culinary experiences, it’s easy to see why anyone would want to celebrate their wedding day in any of these venues.

And the venues are spectacular! Any Cape Winelands wedding often means making a weekend of it, with many of the guests wanting to stay a bit longer to take in all that one of the most beautiful regions in South Africa has to offer.

Once you’ve put together the concept of your wedding, and preferably handed it over to a wedding planner…to minimise the stress and increase the excitement leading up to the wedding, it’ll be time to enjoy finding your vision of the right venue for a perfect wedding.

Add the right music to the décor and concept of your wedding, and you’ll almost be there…but, first things first.

For the bride who’s decided that a wedding dress bought or hired in Cape Town would be the right way to start, there is a real treat in store for her!

Ever After Bridal, a unique bridal store in Durbanville, Cape Town, has the most stunning designer wedding dresses for sale, ready to match the mood of the planned wedding in Cape Town.

The bridal consultants at Ever After Bridal have two main priorities when taking the journey with every bride to her dream wedding dress:

  1. They focus their full attention on every bride that steps through their doorway, making sure that they go more than just the extra mile to give every bride a journey that’ll be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible!
  2. After 9 years of taking immense pleasure in dressing brides in South Africa, Ever After Bridal believes that excellent, caring service is an essential ingredient that makes finding the dress you’ll say ‘yes’ to an exciting, fun filled experience.

Of course, by the time you’ve planned on a wedding in South Africa, you’ll no doubt have done tons of research into what you’d love your wedding dress to look like, which will make it so much easier to find the one that makes you feel like a princess, or a queen, depending on your individual style.

If you’re leading towards the funky, modern, and quirky or gypsy styles to head down the aisle in, you’ll find all you need at Ever After Bridal!

With beautiful ranges from renowned international wedding gown designers, there’s a wedding dress for every bride looking for her happily ever after in the Cape Winelands at Ever After Bridal!

Contact Ever After Bridal to book your first fitting the moment you land!  If you have the privilege of living in this beautiful country, the team at Ever After Bridal would love to meet you too, every bride is unique, no matter where you come from!

All the reasons to choose Ever After Bridal when your heart is set on a designer wedding dress!

Shopping for your wedding dress is a very personal, daunting experience, but it’s one that’ll be made easier on you if you choose the right bridal store, preferably one with an awesome team to see you through it all.

A bridal store is a bridal store is a bridal store, by the mere fact that they all have beautiful dresses adorning the racks, but what makes one stand out from another is the relationship forged between bride and bridal consultant.

Let’s look at just a few reasons Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town, is one of the best choices you can make on this important journey:

9 years of dressing brides

Experience is essential in the team you’ll be working with, and this is something those at Ever After Bridal have in abundance. Nine years spent dressing beautiful brides has given this team a reputation for excellence, a reputation that has been unwavering throughout the years.


We’ve all come across people with a bad attitude, those who clearly dislike what they’re doing, and saying ‘dislike’ is putting it mildly!

This would be the worst way to find your dream wedding dress, and this is not the way that Ever After Bridal does it! This is a team that absolutely loves what they do, with a passion that has remained undiminished, no matter how many brides have crossed the threshold of their store.


Personal attention means that you can safely place all your hopes and dreams about your wedding and the dress you’d love to find into the hands and hearts of the team at Ever After Bridal, and they’ll be treated with the utmost care.

After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time dressing and undressing in front of them, which means that comfort and care is essential to the experience.

Stunning creations

When the team got together to select the cream of renowned international wedding gown designers, they put a lot into making sure that they’d be able to offer nothing less than the best of these designers.

Designers that were chosen carefully by Ever After Bridal to grace their stores include:

Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram and two ranges from Enzoani, all of which combined, offers a dress for every bride, in every style.


Finding your dream wedding dress is a journey with all the ups and downs that any journey brings, except that this is such an important one, for such a special reason, that it’s the emotions that do the ups and downs.

The team at Ever After Bridal know that it’s one that will include a few tears of frustration and perhaps a little disappointment along the way, in which case you’ll have a team you can lean on for support who really care.

On the days when laughter and fun is prevalent, they’ll be laughing and having fun right alongside you, making the ups and downs part of the process that bonds you to the team and makes you family by the time you collect your dress!

These are but a few of the reasons your heart will know it’s in the right place to find your dream designer wedding dress in Cape Town, but there is more that you’ll find out when you start your fittings with this team at your side!

One last word; Ever After Bridal also has an exciting range of designer wedding dresses on sale, and although these dresses have been worn, they are still as stunning as ever, at great prices!

Follow your heart and bring all your hopes of finding your dream wedding dress to Ever After Bridal, and they’ll go beyond the extra mile to make it all happen.

A few tips for planning your wedding day & juggling the details gracefully

In the first place, the team at Ever After Bridal would love to meet you, so that your journey to your wedding day, and the dream you’ve always had of the perfect wedding dress, will be a joyful, memorable one.

They know that shopping for your wedding dress is a rather daunting experience, after all, you’ll only be wearing the dress once, on the most important day of your life.

This is a team that’ll do all they can to help you find your dream dress, whether you’re buying it or hiring it.  Hiring wedding dresses is a trend that just keeps growing.

Whether it’s because you don’t want to pack away a dress that’ll never be worn again or you’d rather use the money to splash out on the wedding…or the honeymoon, Ever After Bridal will happily find you a stunning designer wedding dress to hire in Cape Town.

A great tip from Ever After Bridal is to find and book your wedding venue before you start fitting wedding dresses, it’ll help you to define your style and what you’d like to look like on the big day in that setting.

With the dream dress in the making, the next of many steps begins, long before you walk down the aisle.

With the date having been set, the flurry of planning your wedding begins. It can either be an utter nightmare of disorganisation and shortage of time, or a journey taken at a more comfortable pace, starting from the right place.

Essential first step; the wedding checklist

If you break your plans into smaller chunks, taking into account those details that need to be made ahead of others on the list, it’s going to make planning your wedding and sorting out the checklist far less stressful than it need be.

Of course, having a wedding planner is going to take all that stress off your shoulders, but that would take a lot of fun and excitement out of your journey.

This is especially true if you’re planning to call on friends and family to help with some of the really personal touches.

Knowing when to start planning what is important. The first thing you do need to do is to get the wedding venue locked down. Remember, Cape Town is considered the most beautiful place in South Africa to say ‘I do’, which means many venues are pretty booked up, to say the least.

Before you even start the list though, it’s a good thing to have an idea of how many guests you’ll be inviting, whether you need to organise transport to the venue or plan accommodation for your guests.

Having a theme will also make getting your checklist organised a whole lot easier!

Stay flexible

There are two of you involved in the important decisions that’ll be made leading up to the wedding day, which means that there will be a few points on which you both may have to come to a compromise…it’s worth it anyway!

Once you both decide on what’s most important to you on your wedding day, being flexible about the checklist will be a cinch, and it’s a great place to start.

The big B…for budget!

Determining your budget is a pretty tough but essential step in planning your wedding. If you know more or less what you’d be up for spending on every item, from the wedding venue to flowers and catering, it’ll start taking shape a lot easier.

Setting your budget, as much as is possible, will set the tone for virtually everything else on your wedding day.

Of course, unless you’ve been a wedding planner, you won’t know much about the costs involved for things like hiring a company to create beautiful décor at the venue, catering or even flowers perfect for the day.

To get as close to finalising the budget as you can, make sure you get quotes from a selection of vendors you’ll need to pull everything together.

Check into the references and recommendations for each as well. This is important especially if you’re trying to save on costs where you can; you may end up with cheap but definitely not good!

Oh, and tag on a little extra to the budget for costs that may pop up that you might have missed.

Allocate your time well, learn to delegate, and stay on point as much as possible with your wedding checklist, and you’ll be breathing a lot easier through on the way to the altar!

Besides which, all of this helps you look truly graceful and unflustered, even during the moments you feel like you may come apart!

Ultimately, the most important thing about all of this is that you’ll be marrying the man of your dreams, if you miss a little here or there in all the planning, well, what the heck!

You’ll find your dream wedding dress waiting for you at Ever After Bridal in Cape Town

The greatest joy for all at Ever After Bridal is to take the journey to the dream wedding dress for every bride that places her dreams in their hands.

This is an experienced team that’s been dressing brides for over six years, pouring their passion for making dreams come true with a complete commitment to giving each bride the individual and undivided attention she deserves.

They understand perfectly that shopping for a wedding dress is daunting, and they do as much as possible to make it as stress free an experience as possible.

This is a team that thoroughly enjoys every aspect of dressing a bride, always ready to offer a shoulder and support through all the ups and downs that come from such a momentous experience.

Over and above the wedding dresses for sale, Ever After Bridal has moved with the trend that has seen more and more brides hiring wedding dresses, by introducing brides to exquisite designer dresses for hire in Cape Town.

This has made it easier for every bride, irrespective of her budget, to get married in a dream designer dress which is exactly as it should be!

The designer wedding dresses at Ever After Bridal were carefully and lovingly chosen from the ranges of four international designers, so that there would be a dress for every bride that joins their family for this once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience.

If you fall in love with a style but want it in a unique colour or size the team at Ever After Bridal will make sure it arrives, direct from the designer.

You may want to wear a champagne or ivory wedding dress instead of the white that doesn’t do your complexion justice, whatever the reason, this team will make sure you wear the colour that’ll make you shine on your wedding day.

If its romantic elegance that’s understated that you’re looking for, you’ll love the ‘Beautiful’ range of wedding dresses from Enzoani.  This is also a beautiful range that comes with a very reasonable price tag that would suit modern brides down to the ground.

As for the exquisite and intricate ‘Blue’ range, well, luxurious is the best description that can be applied to this range of wedding dresses that fit like a dream with stunning embellishments. Intricacy and romance come to mind when you see this range.

Classic couture, dramatic, feminine and old world romance flavour the Sophia Tolli range of wedding dresses. This is another range that covers every silhouette possible to fit the body shape of every bride, from A-line to Ball Gowns.

Maggie Sottero pulls out all the stops with her exquisite range of wedding dresses that grace the international stage, mixing it all up beautifully to cross the bridge between stunning detail and absolute simplicity.

Rebecca Ingram has joined the phenomenal designers at the Maggie Sottero studio to design a range of dresses that give every bride the dress of her dreams at flatteringly affordable prices.

Let Ever After Bridal start you on an awesome journey that’ll get you to your dream wedding dress, irrespective of your taste or budget!