What will your wedding dress say about you?

Your wedding dress is more than just the most important dress you’ll ever wear, it’ll also be an extension of who you are, your personality and your style, which should all come together on your wedding day as perfectly as you’ve ever dreamed.

If you decide that you’re going to go for a fairy sprite look, or one that’s a bit funky in any colour other than white, because that’s who you are intrinsically, don’t let anyone stand in your way.

If the romanticism and drama of a stunning ball gown is what holds your heart, pull out all the stops to be the princess to beat all princesses on your wedding day.

Let no one stand in the way of this special day and the statement you’ll make in the wedding dress of your dreams, it’s your day and the culmination of all your little-girl dreams!

Having said this, it’s important to remember that no matter what, you need to feel beautiful and be comfortable at the same time in your wedding dress, since this is the combination that adds a touch of sheer magic to your walk down the aisle, so make sure it’s not only about the look of the dress.

The bridal team at Ever After Bridal Store in Durbanville, Cape Town, is one that’ll take you step by step, through every fitting, until you find the dress that calls your name, and they’ll do it honestly!

What they will do is to offer support on every level, which is what any bride facing the ultimate challenge of finding a dream designer dress has to face, and doing it all in such a way that every bride has their undivided attention during this journey.

The most important thing for this team who love what they do, is to be on hand the day you finally fall in love with the dress that’ll carry you down the aisle, the one that’s a perfect extension of who you are, as an individual and as a bride.

This team also understands fully that this’ll probably be the most expensive dress you’ll ever wear, and wear only once, which is why their care, experience and professionalism will go a long way towards making sure that the dress you collect will be the one that makes your dream come true!

No matter what your dress says about your individuality and style, make sure you’re comfortable in it, because when you’re comfortable you’re confident, and when you’re confident, you’re beautiful, which is exactly what you deserve to be on your wedding day!

Whether you decide to wear a shocking pink, champagne, pure white or pale blue wedding dress, make sure the colour makes the most of your skin tone before going out on a limb.

Let the team at Ever After Bridal introduce you to the stunning designer wedding dresses that fill the racks at their bridal store in Cape Town, they’ll be happy to guide you to the perfect dress that expresses who you are, in absolute style!

Book your fitting today to meet this awesome team that’s been dressing brides for 9 years…and counting!

Listen to what your body shape tells you before shopping for a wedding dress

If you start out on the path to shopping for a wedding dress determined to wear a mermaid style dress, but don’t have the body shape for it, you’re bound for many disappointments as you fit on all the wrong dresses.

Once you’ve realised you’re on the wrong path, it’s going to be nigh on impossible to shift your focus to styles and silhouettes that would celebrate your shape perfectly.

No matter what body shape you have, it’s uniquely yours and deserves to be shown in all its glory, by highlighting the natural beauty that every woman has, no matter what their body shape is.

You know that this is a dress that’ll only be worn once, which makes it even more important that you do your homework before you start fittings, so that the journey to your dream wedding dress will be a lot more fun than it might be without this knowledge.

There are about as many silhouettes to choose from as there are styles, but if you learn the language of these different silhouettes you’ll have a greater chance of making an informed decision.

There are traditional ball gowns, mermaid and fishtail styles, empire and A-line, so you can see what you’re up against if you don’t beef up on taking your shape into account before you head out shopping.

Here are a few of the basic silhouettes you’ll be looking at:


This is a simple style that goes from the shoulders straight down to the waist, remaining straight along the body, without any flaring out. There are different waistlines you can opt for, but this will be something you can share with your bridal consultant.


Narrow at the top, with a fitted bodice that flares down to the ground, the A-line wedding dress is made for those of us who are pear-shape. This is a style that perfectly balances out shoulder and hip, creating a dress that looks great on someone with an athletic shape who wants to present a curvier profile on her wedding day.

Ball gown

If you’d like to make more of a boyish figure, the ball gown will add curves in all the right places. It’s also flattering for pear-shaped bodies and bustier shapes. Don’t wear it if you’re a petite bride to be, you’ll disappear into the volume of this dress!


This silhouette, slim and tailored with a skirt that hugs your curves will make the most of an hourglass figure, just remember that if you’re not looking for something that’s going to constrict your movements, this won’t be the shape for you.


With a fitted bodice and waistline that fits above the natural waistline, the loosely fitted skirt is going to do great justice to you if you’re petite, but it’s not going to be the right style for you if you’ve got lots of curves in all the right places.

If you’re not sure of your body shape and which silhouette will suit you best, there’s an awesome bridal team at Ever After Bridal Store in Cape Town just waiting to take the journey with you to the designer wedding dress of your dreams.

Book your fitting today and find out more about what will accentuate your body shape and natural beauty!

Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a wedding dress

Aside from saying yes to the man on his knees in front of you, the one you want to spend eternity with, shopping for a wedding dress is going to be one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make.

It’s a decision made for that one, magical day, when all your dreams as a little girl come true and you glide down the aisle to exchange vows with your Prince Charming.

This means that the decision you make is going to last a lifetime, not only in your memory and that of your husband-to-be, but in video’s and in the images in your wedding album.

Talk about stressful and tense! Besides the stress and tension, shopping for a wedding dress should also be a time of excitement, of seeing yourself becoming a princess when you look at the image of beauty reflected back at you in the mirror as you fit the dress of your dreams.

Here are a few tips that may make shopping for your wedding dress a little less fraught with abject terror!


Start as early as you can, your homework is going to be well worth it once you get to the first fitting. Ideally, if you are able to start shopping 6 to 9 months ahead of the big day, you’ll be sitting pretty with the worst of the journey to your dress behind you before the final arrangements for the wedding are tied up neatly.

Think theme

The theme of your wedding should be a major deciding factor on your journey to the dress. The dress you would wear to a traditional wedding would look and feel completely out of place at an outdoor, less formal wedding, so use this knowledge to your advantage and to make it all a little easier.

Think venue

Add to the theme the venue and you’ll really be in the pound seats! If you’ve already settled on a venue, shopping for your wedding dress will already have a good starting point.

In any event, tying up the venue well in advance is essential, especially if you’re planning to get married in Cape Town, since venues are booked out far in advance of the many weddings this beautiful region hosts every year.

Think season

If you’re getting married in winter, make sure you think about a stole, a wrap or bolero perfectly matched with your wedding dress. The last thing you want is to shiver through the nuptials and the reception!

Think silhouette

Lay the foundation well for the adventure of shopping for a wedding dress by understanding your body shape, and then finding the perfect silhouette to make the most of your natural assets.

The right silhouette for your shape will also add a dimension of comfort you deserve on such a special day, especially since so much of your time will be spent in the dress!

Dramatic ball gown, glittering mermaid, A-line or mermaid, V-neck, halter or square neckline? These are good questions to ask yourself as you pin and paste your ideas ahead of your first fitting.

Remember – it’s your wedding dress!

No matter who you take along as your entourage, remember that the final decision is yours! Don’t allow anyone to usurp that right.

Let Ever After Bridal Store join you on the journey to a dream designer wedding dress in Cape Town and you’ll have the benefit of a passionate, supportive and caring team, who lay many years’ worth of experience at your feet to make sure your dreams come true!

This is a team that’s been dressing brides for 9 years now, and, with their stunning ranges of designer wedding dresses from top designers Maggie Sottero, Enzoani and Rebecca Ingram, there’s no doubt that your wedding dress is just waiting for you at their beautiful bridal store in Durbanville, Cape Town.