Will your wedding dress be an expression of who you are?

The venue, the décor and the theme of your wedding will be an expression of the unity and style of the relationship you share with the lucky man you’ll be exchanging vows with, but, your wedding dress is the one place where everything you are, and all that’s unique about you will be in the spotlight.

Your wedding dress will be the final thread that brings everything together on your wedding day, setting the tone for the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

This is going to be the first and last time your groom will watch in awe as you move up the aisle to him as a vivid image of beauty he has come to love, an image he will never forget.

Every woman is beautiful, whether tall, short, petit or curvaceous, and let no one tell you any differently. You may not be able to wear a form-fitting fishtail wedding dress, but, your beauty will shine through in a breath-taking ball gown style, for instance.

It’s not the dress that matters half as much as what it says about you on the day, so let no one stand in your way of being a stunning version of who you already are. After all, that’s who your Prince Charming fell in love with!

Having a point of reference in terms of the style of wedding dress you’re planning on wearing is absolutely necessary, so here are a few of the basics that you can look at to create the effect you’re hoping for on your wedding day.

An Expression of Romance

If looking like a true Cinderella on your wedding day is front and centre of your hopes, then heading for luxurious, frothy fabrics in layer after layer of dreaminess will do you well.  A ball gown with beautiful embellishments and crystals would be a good point of reference if romance is what you’ve been dreaming of on your wedding day.

An Expression of Creativity

This is where you really do get to do things your way, combining textures and touches of colour to create a mix of the old and the new in a way that only you can do it.  If the Gypsy, Bohemian or leather and lace look makes your heart beat faster, this is where you get to express it without limitations.

An Expression of Drama

If you look at what wedding dress designers are doing on the catwalks for true dramatic effect, you’ll be encouraged to create a wedding dress that expresses your penchant for the dramatic on your wedding day.

New colours for wedding dresses are emerging all the time, which means that if you want to sashay down the aisle in a purple and lilac creation just do it! It’s your prerogative!

A Modern, Contemporary Expression

This is truly a wide open field that says brides can take a fashion-forward route in terms of wedding dresses, so if wearing a shorter hemline, panels that are sheer, applique and the more casual fabrics grabs your attention, then you’re definitely going to fit into the modern, contemporary style of wedding dress.

A Classic Expression

There is nothing like a classic wedding dress to speak volumes for timeless sophistication.  The femininity of an understated, elegant wedding gown is just right for a bride that wants to avoid anything fussy in a wedding dress. This is where brides generally go if a formal wedding is in the works.

Bear in mind

The venue, season and theme of your wedding should also have an impact on how you choose the style of your dress.  A beach wedding calls for something completely different from that of a very formal wedding for instance, so bring it all together to make your dress the perfect expression of who you are and what your dreams are made of.

Call on Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town

If you really need extra guidance on your journey to the perfect wedding dress, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town, has all the experience and knowledge you could possibly need as back up through many a fitting.

They’d love to stand by you as you put body shape, silhouette and colouring together to make your dream of being a vision of beauty on your wedding day a reality, so book a fitting and take the plunge!

Whatever you do, don’t do this in the week leading up to your wedding!

There are a whole lot of dos and don’ts involved in planning a wedding, however, that week leading up to the day is one that calls for a few very definite don’ts!

Why are they don’ts? Because we’re nervous wrecks and don’t necessarily make the best decisions in our desperation to avoid melting down in this crucial week!

If you’re not sure you can keep yourself from some of these all on your lonesome, hand your friends a list of the things you know you shouldn’t do at this stage, so that they can help keep you on track.

So, to what not to do:

Don’t add new exercises to your workout routine

You already know your workout routine, but if you decide at this late stage that you’d like more defined pecs and add a new exercise into the mix, you could be looking at having a hard time throwing the bouquet, because of muscles that have been worked too hard!

Don’t suddenly work your legs or butt too hard either, you may find that gliding down the aisle gracefully goes right out the window as you wince down it instead!

Don’t mess with your hair style

As tempting as it may be to do a complete makeover for your wedding may be, don’t! The hairstyle you kinda stuck to during your fittings should ultimately be the one you wear on the day.

Failing that, you could be looking at a style you can do nothing about if it’s an abject failure. Stick to what you know for your hair, which includes sticking to hair products you’re familiar with. 3 months ago would have been a better time to experiment with your hair, not the week before the big day!

Don’t tempt fate with new skin care products!

Don’t use any skin care product that could produce a rash or extra pimples on your wedding day. Again, stick to what your skin loves so that you glow as you say your vows!

Avoid the temptation to have a chemical peel or microdermabrasion at this time as well. If you wanted to do any non-surgical beauty treatment before the wedding, do it a lot earlier. Your beauty therapist will tell you when it would be best to do any of these treatments ahead of the wedding date.

Don’t mainline on caffeine

Oh the temptation! If the butterflies you’ll be experiencing aren’t flying in formation in this final week, you can be absolutely certain that caffeine will send them into overdrive. Don’t do it, no matter how desperate you are to keep it together with caffeine!

Or, mainline on wine!

Adding extra glasses of wine to your usual menu won’t do you any favours either, it’ll only bring very temporary stress relief! In fact, your skin won’t be glowing on your wedding day due to the fact that alcohol dehydrates the skin, which isn’t the effect you’d like on the most important day of your life! Moderation in all things is a good measure for this time.

Don’t meddle with self-tanning or sun exposure

Another absolute no, no! Anything could go wrong when you expose tan lines to an extra dose of rays, that’s a plan that will fit better with the honeymoon!  Instant spray tans and other self-tanning options? Nope!

There are gentler ways to get an even tan before your wedding day than these, which makes it well worth your time to speak to a tanning specialist about test tanning a lot sooner than this last week.

Don’t lose sleep…if you can help it!

Yes, it’s hard to sleep when the excitement builds by the hour, but, you owe it to the vision of yourself as a bride to make sure you get the requisite seven to eight hours a night!

If you’re not quite there yet and are still on the hunt for your dream designer wedding dress, the passionate team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town have more than just a few tips that’ll make finding your dress an unforgettable journey.

In the nine years since they opened their doors, Ever After Bridal Wear has dressed hundreds of brides and have expert knowledge of all the pitfalls any bride may experience, and they share this knowledge with the greatest of pleasure as they give every bride the undivided attention they deserve.

Tips for finding a stunning designer wedding dress in Cape Town

As the top choice for destination weddings, Cape Town is everything it should be in terms of guiding brides to their dream designer dresses, but what the team at Ever After Bridal Wear has done, is to make the journey as adventurous and fun as it could be.

It’s an experience fraught with anxiety, no doubt about it. You’re shopping for a dress you’ll only wear once, which, along with balancing the budget, is pretty daunting, to say the least.

You really do need the right bridal consultants at your side if this is to be an experience that carries a lot less stress than others would have you believe, based on their own not-so-good experiences.

You’ll also have to practice taking all the stories other friends tell you about shopping for a wedding dress with a pinch of salt, so that they don’t spoil what will be your own unique journey to the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of.

Nine years and counting, that’s how long the team at Ever After Bridal Wear Store has been dressing brides. The passion of this team has never waned, and the love they have for all the joy that a designer wedding dress gives to any bride is as evident today as it was when they first opened their store.

Let’s look at a few tips that’ll make shopping for a designer wedding dress a little easier on you:

The elephant in the room you’d rather ignore; your budget!

Yep, this is when it’s down to nitty gritty details you’d rather not have to deal with on a journey this special, but, if you deal with it immediately you’ll be saving yourself from a really tough road ahead.

One of the worst things that can happen to a bride who isn’t too keen on sitting down with the bridal consultant to get the budget out of the way early, is that you could fall in love with a dress that’s way above your budget, and then have to say goodbye to it!

It makes it harder to get back up on the horse and keep going until you find the dress made for you. Bite the bullet, get realistic about your budget and you’ll definitely have a smoother ride.

With budget in hand, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear will be able to be your partner in making sure they don’t point you in the direction of any dress that will place pressure on your budget.

Get a handle on your body shape

This is very important. Pear, hourglass, athletic or voluptuous, it makes no difference to the fact that every woman and her body is beautiful, but, it will make a difference to how you choose the perfect wedding dress to flatter your figure. Keep in mind that if you stick to the silhouette that matches your body shape perfectly you’ll be a comfortable, confident and glowing bride.

Give yourself enough of a start

If you have the luxury of time, make the most of it.  Being able to start shopping for a wedding dress at least six months ahead of the wedding is going to give you plenty time to breathe on the way to the alter looking like a princess.  This is the one thing you really, really do need time for, it’ll take a weight off your shoulders in comparison to the other hundred and one details you need to see to before the big day.

Remember that hiring a designer wedding dress is de rigueur in 2020, which means that if you’re short on time you can still glide down the aisle in a designer wedding dress, looking every bit the fairy-tale princess of your dreams!

Don’t be afraid to try something different

You will, no doubt, arrive at your fittings with all your ideas of a dream wedding dress that you’ve clipped and pinned for months, but, don’t be afraid to try something that’s different to what you’d imagined or planned.

You may think you’d only look good in a ball gown but discover that an empire silhouette makes even more of a statement about your body shape than you could have imagined!

Many a bride has walked down in the aisle in a wedding dress that bears little resemblance to what she had in mind before she went a-hunting!

A comfortable bride is a dazzling bride that radiates confidence!

You’ll be spending many nervous hours in your wedding dress on the day, and to make sure that you are the epitome of confidence, the team at Ever After Bridal will introduce you to the fun of dancing a little, sitting a little and walking a little in each dress you try, to make sure you’ll dazzle all on your wedding day!

There are other little tips this team will share with you that’ll make shopping for a designer wedding dress less daunting than it may seem at first, and to inject a bit of fun and adventure into the experience that’ll last a lifetime in your memory.

Looking for a designer wedding dress to buy or hire in Cape Town?

If you are, then the designer wedding dresses at Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town, will take your breath away!  This team has made it their mission to have a wedding dress for every bride who takes the journey to the dress of her dreams, and they’ve been doing it in style for nine years, watching bride after bride find the dress of her dreams.

A few of the added perks of working with these bridal consultants par excellence is that you’ll have a choice of:

Wedding dresses for sale

Wedding dresses to hire, and

Second hand wedding dresses on sale

How much more could you possibly want? After all, not every bride has the budget that allows her to buy a designer wedding dress brand new, and why should she, if there are designer wedding dresses on sale here? And they are definitely as good as new!

As far as trends go, many brides are hiring a wedding dress so that the savings can be spent on the honeymoon, or on setting up home together.

You really don’t have to spend the whole caboodle on a wedding dress!

Which international designers are represented beautifully at Ever After Bridal Store?

Well, this team took their own sweet time about selecting designer wedding dresses of superb quality and sheer beauty for their brides, looking at the best from top international designers who dominate the catwalks around the world to add to their shop rails.

Maggie Sottero

Tall, short, buxom and curvy, athletic or petite, there is, without a doubt, a wedding dress that’ll make bridal dreams come true for all at Ever After Bridal from this stunning range!

Whether you’re looking for sheer simplicity or dramatic flair, you’ll find that Maggie Sottero has met all the needs for all brides, in style.

Rebecca Ingram

Rebecca Ingram wedding dresses have been dreamed up and designed for the budget conscious bride in mind, but don’t let this great price tag make you think that it’s cheap! It’s not! It’s a stunning range that marries lace with understated fabrics and embellishments to create wedding dresses that make every bride look and feel like a dream floating down the aisle.

Rebecca Ingram is a range that is born out of the Maggie Sottero studio, underwriting the superb quality and beauty of the dresses designed under this name.

Beautiful by Enzoani

This range is dreamed up and designed with the tastes of modern brides looking for an affordable, exquisitely youthful range that personifies elegance and style in mind, which is exactly what Enzoani has achieved here.

Blue by Enzoani

By and large this range personifies wedding dresses from days of old, when romance was counted as a way of life, with layers of Chantilly lace that often form the background for intricate detail, to give the modern bride a luxurious fit.

Whether you intend to buy a pristine second hand designer wedding dress, hire or invest in a new one, Ever After Bridal is the place to be.

With this experienced team on hand and the personal attention each of their brides receive, you’ll be in great company as you begin the countdown to your wedding!