Express your uniqueness in a wedding dress from Ever After Bridal

Whether you’ve already set your mind on a specific style for your wedding dress, or are keeping an open mind, you won’t find a more passionate or experienced team than Ever After Bridal to take every step with you on the way to finding wedding dress of your dreams.


Ever After Bridal has created a haven of frothy chiffon, lace, diamante and lace for you to sink into, as you take the first step towards finding the wedding dress which will leave you feeling like a princess on your wedding day.


Having a choice of some of the most exquisite wedding dresses designed by world renowned designers Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram may make your choices a little tough, but working with a team who love what they do will make it a labour of love well worth diving into with confidence.


If you’ve started collecting ideas from bridal magazines and the internet, it could make narrowing down your choices a little easier, though having a completely open mind is also a good idea.


Keeping a little space in reserve for ‘in case’ will give you a little room with which to explore over and above any preconceived ideas. You’ll be able to rely on these bridal consultants to get to know you, and from there, to be able to guide you to a few dresses you may not have considered before.


Ever After Bridal is made up of a team of professionals who love what they do, using this cohesion to work hand in hand to offer guidance and support throughout the process of fittings, allowing every bride the freedom to try new ideas and discard them, until that perfect dress looks back at them in the mirror.


In order to shine as brightly as you deserve to on your wedding day, Ever After Bridal will work with you to make sure that besides having the wedding dress of your dreams, you’ll also feel be comfortable enough in it to feel supremely confident as you glide to the altar.


With a winning combination of passion, experience and a commitment to giving every bride the individual attention she deserves, you can be absolutely certain that you’ll have the best hands in the business leading the way to dreamy designer wedding dresses.


For the budget-conscious bride, Ever After Bridal Store in Durbanville, Cape Town has made it possible for brides to hire designer wedding dresses or to buy as-new second hand dresses on sale.


Irrespective of whether you are hiring or buying, you can expect to be treated like royalty on this most important buying experience of your life, after all, this is a choice for a dress you’ll only wear once, for a dream come true wedding day.


Call on Ever After Bridal to be sure that you will find the perfect wedding dress waiting for you in their stunning range to express your unique qualities and bring your vision to life.

Here’s where finding a designer wedding dress in Cape Town becomes fun!

Even though you may already have a suitcase of ideas about the wedding dress you’re going to be looking for, the fact that this is a dress you’ll only wear once makes it more than just a daunting prospect, which is why at Ever After Bridal the bottom line is to make it as much fun as possible for every bride.

Despite that suitcase of dreamy ideas, once you start fitting dresses you could start feeling overwhelmed by it all, but here the team at Ever After Bridal pulls out all the stops to minimise the moments when it might all become a little confusing.

You’re going to experience highs and lows as you try on and discard wedding dresses, some you’ll love, some you’ll hate, but it’s just too important a day to pretend that the decision is going to be an easy one.

The point though is that with a team like Ever After Bridal on your side through this journey, you’ll find that the lows will not be as low, while the highs will be even better!

These ladies have been dressing beautiful brides for 10 years now and know exactly how to give you the encouragement you will need, as well as being an extra shoulder to lean on when you need it most.

They are deeply passionate about what they do and at Ever After Bridal, it’s not only the dress that matters, but the quality of the journey to a dream wedding dress that really counts.

Ever After Bridal understands perfectly just how difficult the decision is, especially when they know full well the overwhelming range of wedding dresses there are to choose from.

This is why, with the experience this team brings, it can be a lot less stressful than you imagined to persevere through each fitting – the end result will be well worthwhile!

Two of the world’s most talented international wedding gown designers, Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram, are behind the stunning range of wedding dresses on offer to buy or rent at Ever After Bridal Store in Durbanville, Cape Town. This team has also added a few wedding dresses on sale, to offer great savings to any bride who dreams of wearing a designer wedding dress that costs less!

If you’re not planning on storing your wedding dress for the daughter you may have or for sentimentality, then hiring a wedding dress will be right up your alley, especially if you have major plans for the new life you’ll be starting with your Prince Charming! If you do decide to hire your dress, remember to add a professional cleaning fee to the dress budget so that you don’t get caught short.

Why not contact Ever After Bridal to make sure that you will you look like a princess in your designer wedding dress as you head down the aisle, but that getting there will be a lot more fun with a caring team who absolutely love what they do!


Your search for the most beautiful designer wedding dress begins at Ever After Bridal

Like many brides throughout the centuries, no doubt your dream is to be a vision of breath-taking beauty as you float down the aisle on your wedding day, which makes finding your wedding dress one of the most important decisions of your life. This is a decision fraught with the pressure and anxiety that accompanies it, not only because of a beautiful ceremony lying ahead, but because of the fact that this is one dress you’ll wear only once!


For this very reason, the love and dedication to excellence that Ever After Bridal has extended to each bride they’ve dressed in the past 10 years plays a big role in their commitment to make your journey to the dress of your dreams a lot more fun, and a lot less stressful than it might otherwise be!


What the ladies at Ever After Bridal do in their bridal store in Durbanville, Cape Town, is to turn what is generally a very daunting decision into something a lot more manageable for their brides, based on their  in-depth understanding of just how challenging this one decision will be for you.


From the moment you step across the threshold at the Ever After Bridal Store and sit down with a special glass of champagne befitting the occasion,  you will be treated like the princess you deserve to be treated like, and you’ll will feel as if you’ve come home.


The welcoming atmosphere and warmth that emanates from this team who love what they do will draw you in, giving you the confidence to share your dreams with them.  This will be your home away from home throughout your journey, one set among lace and satin, beads, sequins and sheer chiffon’s, and through it all, you will have the support of the ladies from Ever After Bridal above and beyond your expectations.


Here you will have all the guidance you could possibly need, based on 10 years’ experience, including assistance to find the perfect silhouette and style of dress to bring out the best of your natural beauty, whether you are tall, short, buxom or petite!  If you decide you’d like to try any of these designer wedding dresses in a unique colour or style, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear will go directly to the designer to make sure you find what’s perfect for you.


The one thing you need have no doubt about is that no matter how unique your style and personality may be, you will find your dream wedding dress among the designer collections of Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram at Ever After Bridal Store,  chosen because of their reputations as two of the world’s foremost wedding dress designers.


If you want the experience of finding your perfect wedding dress to be one in which you are fully supported and encouraged by a team of ladies passionate about what they do, then Ever After Bridal is where your search will begin!

Experience the pleasure of finding a designer wedding dress with a great team on your side

Undivided attention is par for the course when you enter into the world of Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, where you can expect nothing but the most exquisite designer dresses waiting to welcome you on a special journey to the perfect wedding dress.

Ever After Bridal stocks a range of wedding dresses that have been selected with loving care from world renowned wedding dress designers, living up to the reputation earned by this team for stocking only the most stunning designer dresses in their store.

An extra special touch added to the fantastic service Ever After Bridal gives to each bride is that these designer dresses are available to rent or to buy, so that no matter what your budget is, you will walk down the aisle in a dress fit for a princess.

We are looking at worldwide economies that are making it a lot more difficult for brides to buy their dresses, especially if they’re hankering after a truly special, memorable honeymoon, which has led to the growing trend of hiring wedding dresses. This trend has made it possible for every bride to wear a designer wedding dress, despite budget constraints and other big plans for a new life!.

The Ever After Bridal team have been dressing brides for almost 10 years now out of their beautiful bridal store in Durbanville, Cape Town, doing what they do best and love most, reaping the rewards each time a bride dressed by Ever After Bridal returns after her special day to share precious wedding photographs with the team.

Because of the years that Ever After Bridal has dedicated to dressing brides, they understand fully that this can be a highly stressful experience, which is why their commitment is to make it as stress-free and fun as it could possibly be, making sure that no bride who comes through the Ever After Bridal doors will regret entering their very special world of romance, lace and satin..

From the moment you cross the threshold into an Ever After Bridal store right up until the day you collect your dream wedding dress, you can be absolutely certain that you’ll have the undivided attention of a team who work as one body to make sure that your wedding dress is the stuff of your little girl dreams and more, and that the journey will be one that becomes a treasured memory of very special shared moments, the ups and the downs!

After visiting the Ever After Bridal website to scroll through the portfolio of stunning wedding dresses from acclaimed international designers Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram, you’ll no doubt look forward to chatting to Este and her team about planning your first fitting!