Ever After Bridal is 100% committed to leading the way to dream designer wedding dresses in Cape Town

If you’re starting out on the journey to finding your dream wedding dress, and would like to be sure that, no matter what, you’ll bridal consultants who will do all they can to make your journey as stress free as possible, then Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town, is the place to start.


In an atmosphere that is welcoming, and where personal attention is the norm, turning to the team at Ever After Bridal will make you feel as if you are coming home, despite the uncharted waters you’ll be entering!


Not only do the ladies from Ever After Bridal have an absolute passion for what they do, they’ve also had the experience of dressing hundreds of brides for over ten years under their belt. This means they’re fully equipped to offer the level of advice, assistance and support you’ll come to cherish on this momentous journey.


This is a team that’ll care about you and your experience as if you’re the only bride they’ve ever dressed, and that’s the very least you deserve.


There may well be moments when you need a shoulder to lean on, with a little comfort thrown in during bumpy moments on the way to your dream wedding dress, and this is exactly what you can expect from the ladies at Ever After Bridal.


It’s about leading you in a way that will help you to gain more and more confidence in yourself as you go through the selection of stunning designer wedding dresses culled from the studios of two of the best international designers in the world, namely Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram.


Every bride wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, and Ever After Bridal was established to change the way brides experience their journey to the vision they have of how they’d like to look on that special day.


They do this by making sure that the genuinely caring personal service you receive throughout your fittings will make the experience a lot more exciting and fun than many brides may have experienced elsewhere.


Every moment that brings you to the day you know you’ve finally found your dream wedding dress should be made up of moments of joy and excitement, mixed with a sense of anticipation; and if any team can share every one of the emotions involved in finding the perfect wedding dress, then it’s the ladies at Ever After Bridal.


Contact the team to book your fitting and know that you can rely on them to be there for you 100%, start to finish!

No matter the season, there’s a stunning designer wedding dress waiting for you at Ever After Bridal

Summer bride, winter bride, spring bride or autumn bride, it makes absolutely no difference to the passionate team of ladies at Ever After Bridal which season’s bride you’ll be. All that matters to this team passionate about what they do, is that you will look like a vision of beauty on your wedding day!


There is a dress for every bride and for every season in the stunning collection Ever After Bridal has put together. Over ten years ago, this team put heads together and worked really hard to select two of the world’s foremost designers to represent everything beautiful that Ever After Bridal is all about.


The result of their painstaking search is what is now on view on the Ever After Bridal user friendly website, representing the dream creations from designers Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram.


Each dress designed by these individuals tells its own unique story, yet the one thing they all have in common is that the quality, the beautiful fit and dreamy finishes are of the highest standard in the world of wedding dresses.  Ever After Bridal  is a bride’s own little taste of heaven, where the welcome is warm and the attention as authentic and real as it could be. This is evident in the joy and excitement each bride experiences as she is fully supported by this caring team on a journey to the wedding dress of her dreams.


They’ll be a shoulder to cry on if frustration creeps up, encouragement to get back on the horse again and laughter to share in the lighter, fun moments.  For this team it’s all part of the journey unique to each bride, and when the moment arrives and she finds that one dress she knows instinctively is ‘the one’, they get to share in a very special kind of joy!


The ladies at Ever After Bridal work as a cohesive team through fittings, adjustments and everything else that goes with searching for that perfect wedding dress for the one magical day to come.


If you find a designer wedding dress at Ever After Bridal that you would like to try in a unique colour or size, the ladies will order it direct from the designer. These are the little things they do to make sure you look like the princess you dreamed you would be on your wedding day!


Visit the Ever After Bridal website to view the beautiful ranges of designer wedding dresses waiting for you, or contact the team to plan on how to bring your dream wedding dress to life, summer, winter or spring!


The team at Ever After Bridal Wear will make your dreams come true

Your unique beauty, along with the exquisite wedding dress you choose, will echo through generations as wedding photos and videos are shared with friends, family and your grandchildren’s children. The team at Ever After Bridal fully understands this concept, and if anyone can understand its importance, it is the experienced, talented and caring team of passionate ladies at Ever After Bridal Wear.


Over ten years’ worth of experience has made Ever After Bridal a team who value the honour of sharing your journey to your dream wedding dress, the one that will be immortalised in photographs. They are fully aware of the stress and pressure that can accompany a decision this important, and are committed to being a team who will be of infinite support in making this journey one that is more joyous than stressful.


For Ever After Bridal, the culmination of your search for your dream wedding dress on the day you collect it, will be the manifestation of their own desire to see your dreams come true, which is exactly why this team have chosen what they do.


No matter how many fittings you have to go through, Ever After Bridal will give you their undivided attention, helping you to negotiate these uncharted waters. They think nothing of going above and beyond all your expectations to go the extra mile for you with absolute dedication and commitment to service excellence, offering you the benefit of their extensive experience without in any way detracting from what your dream looks like.


All the Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram designer dresses in the Ever After Bridal store in Durbanville, Cape Town, are available to rent or to buy, which means that no matter what your budget is, you will walk down the aisle looking and feeling like a princess!  If there is a style you are interested in buying in a unique color or size, Ever After Bridal will make sure you get it, ordered directly from the designer.


Bring your dreams to Ever After Bridal and let this passionate team help to make them come true!

Let the team at Ever After Bridal Wear share your joy at finding a dream wedding dress

Going above and beyond comes naturally to the passionate, talented, imaginative and experienced team at Ever After Bridal, especially after having dressed hundreds of brides in over ten years already!  To this team, playing such a vital role in making the journey to the wedding dress of your dreams an experience of pleasure rather than one of extreme stress, is considered an honor every step of the way.


Finding your dream wedding dress should be an exciting adventure with people who really love what they do, and to whom helping you to become the princess you always dreamed of is the greatest gift and reward for the care this team puts into what they do.


Nothing is too much for the combination of unique talents each member of the Ever After Bridal team brings to their role. From fittings and adjustments, to finding the perfect shade of dress in the style you would like to try on, you’ll have support from an awesome team to whom you always come first.


You will have the undivided attention of the Ever After Bridal team throughout your experience, and you’ll find that going the extra mile takes on a whole new meaning for this passionate team!


Ever After Bridal has a dress for every budget. This means that whether you buy your designer wedding dress or hire it, you’ll still be wearing the dress of your dreams on your special day, feeling and looking just like the princess you deserve to be.


The caring and joyful attitude at Ever After Bridal has brought many past clients back to their door to share beautiful wedding albums with the team, making every step of the journey an absolute honor for these ladies. There is nothing that brings them more pleasure than welcoming a new bride-to-be into their world of beauty.


Let your journey to your dream wedding dress begin and end with the passionate team at Ever After Bridal, you will only look back on it with pleasure!

Ever After Bridal Wear is passionate about turning brides into princesses

When it comes to the experience of trying on what may well feel like an endless procession of beautiful wedding dresses, and the emotional ups and downs that’ll inevitably accompany the journey to a perfect dress, you’ll need a team who stand by you through the thick and thin of it.


If ever there was a team who can do this, then the ladies at Ever After Bridal fit the description perfectly, with the love they have for what they do!


You’ll have nothing less than undivided attention through every step, every laugh and every tear of frustration that may be shed. With over ten years’ experience, and with hundreds of beautiful brides dressed by the Ever After Bridal team, you can have absolute peace of mind about the kind of support and guidance only a team like this can bring to what they are totally passionate about.


It is your final decision that counts the most and it is only your joy that matters in the end for the Ever After Bridal team. It’s your wedding after all, not that of friends or family, who, while they mean well could also confuse the issue completely.


The team advise that though it’ll be important to have the support of someone close to you along for the exciting ride, it’s best to try and keep the entourage to a minimum, just to give yourself room to breathe and explore your own ideas.


No doubt, like every other bride starting out on the path to her perfect wedding dress, you may already have made bookmarks in bridal magazines and scoured online portfolios or catalogues by the hundreds, but, when you’re confronted by an exquisite range of designer wedding dresses at Ever After Bridal, you may find yourself going in a completely different direction in style.


There have been many brides that have come into the store with fixed ideas about style and colour, only to find that they fall in love with a dress they’d never considered! Keeping an open mind will stand you in good stead as you head out to fittings.


Let the team at Ever After Bridal take you on a journey that is much more about joy and excitement than stress. Let them guide you as you prepare for the day you walk down the aisle, looking like a princess you are!