Hire a designer wedding dress to look like a princess on a smaller budget

Every bride has the desire to look like a glittering star in a dream wedding dress as she walks to a new life down the aisle, however, not every bride has a budget that stretches enough to buy a wedding dress, especially not a designer wedding dress.

This shouldn’t be cause for any bride to wear anything less than the wedding dress of her dreams, especially not with the trend moving towards hiring wedding dresses these days.

One of the main reasons a bride may choose to hire a wedding dress these days, is as a result of what has happened to the world economies due to Coronavirus pandemic. At this point, buying a dress will take a huge slice out of the budget newlyweds plan on spending elsewhere to build a new life.

For some couples, the honeymoon plays a major role in the decision to hire a wedding dress, especially if a dream honeymoon is more attractive to them than taking a huge chunk of change out of the kitty for a dress that’ll only be worn once.

There are quite a few benefits to hiring a wedding dress as opposed to buying. One of these benefits, is that couples who want to splash out on a spectacular wedding ceremony and reception, on a limited budget, can make that dream come true, without a breaking the bank.

The fact that brides can hire dreamy designer wedding dresses levels the playing field somewhat, by giving every bride the opportunity to flaunt gowns that grace catwalks internationally, irrespective of financial constraints. This means that every bride can look like the princess she always imagined herself as.

Adding all of the other essential wedding items together, like hiring a venue, photographer, DJ and finding the right caterer is daunting enough for any couple, without adding to it by buying a dream designer wedding dress.

Aside from paying a hefty price for the dress itself, other incidentals many brides may be unaware of when working out the budget raise the price too, simples things such as alterations and cleaning fees associated once alterations are done.

Hiring a wedding dress also means you don’t have to worry about the how to store it safely as a keepsake, or to keep it for a daughter to wear long after fashions have changed!

While your dress goes back to the bridal store after the wedding, the precious memories of what you looked like on the day will remain forever captured in the wedding album and on video!

If you make the decision to hire your wedding dress in Cape Town, then Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville is the best place for you to start fittings. This passionate team will help you to find the perfect dress to give you the confidence to be a glowing bride on your wedding day, it’s what they love doing and they’ve been at it for over ten years already, so you’ll be in great hands!

Chosen with care by this team for their brides, there’s no doubt that with the beautiful range of stunning designer wedding dresses from international designers like Rebecca Ingram and Maggie Sottero, you’ll find the dress of your dreams on a journey that’ll be great fun!

Your dream designer wedding dress is waiting for you at Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town!

If ever there was a team of bridal consultants who experience sheer joy in taking the journey to a dream wedding dress with every bride they dress, it’s the ladies at Ever After Bridal Wear, who treasure each dream a bride places in their hands.

This is a team with over ten years’ worth of experience in dressing brides, sharing their passion for making dreams come true with a total commitment to giving each bride the individual and undivided attention she deserves.

They understand perfectly well that shopping for a designer wedding dress is daunting, to say the least, and as such, do all they can to make it as stress free an experience as possible.

These are ladies who enjoy every aspect of dressing a bride, on top of which, they’re always ready to offer understanding support through all the ups and downs that can come during such a momentous experience for a bride.

Ever After Bridal has moved with the trend that has seen more and more brides hiring designer wedding dresses today, making it easier for every bride to walk down the aisle in a dream designer dress, irrespective of her budget, which is exactly as it should be!

Carefully and lovingly chosen from international wedding gown designers, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear has made sure that there’s a dress for every bride who will join their family for this once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable experience.

If you fall in love with dress but would like it in a unique colour, or size, Ever After Bridal will make sure it arrives on time, direct from the designer.

You may choose to wear an ivory or champagne dress instead of traditional white that may not do your complexion justice, in which case this team will make sure you wear the colour that’ll make you look like a Princess on your wedding day!

If understated romantic elegance is the mood you’re looking for, you’ll love what you find among these ranges.  This includes stunning wedding dresses that come at a very reasonable price to suit modern brides.

Exquisite and intricate, pixie-like or luxurious, all the dresses at Ever After Bridal are designed to fit like a dream, and to shimmer with stunning embellishments that can be simple, intricate or romantic!

Classic couture, dramatic, feminine and old world romance hang on the racks at Ever After Bridal Wear, making sure that there is every silhouette possible available, made to fit the body shape of every bride, from A-line dresses to Ball Gowns.

Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram pull out all the stops with these exquisite designer wedding dresses that grace the international runways every season, mixing it all up beautifully to cross the bridge between stunning detail and absolute simplicity.

Contact Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town, to get the best start to an awesome journey that’ll get you into your dream wedding dress, irrespective of your taste or budget!

What to take with to fittings when you shop for your dream wedding dress

By the time you get to your first fitting to find the wedding dress of your dreams, you’ll probably already be feeling a lot less like a bride and more like an overworked slave, what with all the planning that has to go into the wedding. However, this is the time to keep the faith and keep your chin up, because your first fitting will finally allow you to see yourself as a bride!

If you’ve been on the receiving end of too many scary stories by well-meaning friends about bad experiences they may have had on their search for the dress, your turn may feel more than just a tad daunting, but buck-up, because the real journey to the aisle is about to start…and it can be great fun!

It’ll make your life easier to have a few basic ideas about styles and colours you’d love to wear on your wedding day, as well as researching silhouettes that make the most of your body shape. This is the kind of groundwork that’ll give you a good foundation to set out from.

Be open about your budget with the bridal consultants at your first fitting, so that they don’t steer you to dresses you’ll fall in love with, only to have your heart broken because its way above your budget!

Being realistic from the first fitting to the last about accepting you may fit a few dresses that just don’t do it for you will keep you from feeling let down and losing hope. After all, how many frogs did you kiss before you found your Prince Charming!

As you try on dresses, it will help to keep an open mind towards trying a few dresses you may not have thought would suit you, because you could quite well end up falling in love with a dress style or colour that never crossed your mind, but that looks stunning on you!

Here are a few things you do need to take along to fittings:

The right supporters

Please don’t bring too many people with to your fittings, it could well turn into a nightmare of confusion and anxiety with too many opinions being floated about. Take mom and one or two friends you can rely on to be honest but not mean, after all, having a bunch of people around you saying yes to every dress is pointless too.


Since you don’t want unflattering lines from your underwear spoiling the elegant lines of the dresses you fit, make sure you wear the right underwear to fittings. Make it easy on yourself by bringing along both a strapless bra and one with straps, just in case a dress calls for either, and, leave your granny panties at home!!

The right shoes

If you’re planning to wear heels or flats on your wedding day, though you may not yet have the shoes yet, be sure to bring along shoes that have the same type and height of heels you’ll be wearing on the big day.  This is so that you don’t walk down the aisle in a dress a few centimetres too short or trailing where it shouldn’t when it’s too late to alter it.

Hair accessories

No matter how you’re going to wear your hair on your wedding day, whether up, down or short, bring the right accessories to fittings. For instance, if you’re wearing your hair up, bring something that’ll keep your hair out of the way, to allow you get the full effect of each dress you fit.

Hopefully these basics of what to bring along when shopping for a wedding dress will make life a little easier for you, and, if you want the best team of bridal consultants at your side to help you find the perfect designer wedding dress in Cape Town, then Ever After Bridal Wear is where you belong!

Having dressed brides for over 10 years now, this team would love to meet you and share your journey to the ultimate wedding dress!

Tips to help plan your wedding day & juggle the details gracefully

Let’s start this by saying that the team at Ever After Bridal Wear would love to welcome you into their world, to make the journey to your wedding day and the perfect wedding dress a joyful, memorable one.

These ladies know full well that shopping for a wedding dress very daunting, especially because the choice you make will be a dress you wear only once in your lifetime, on the most important day of your life.

You can have absolute assurance that these are bridal consultants that’ll do everything they can to guide you to your dream dress. Not only do they have stunning designer wedding dresses for sale in Cape Town, they’ve also made sure that you can hire these wedding dresses too, keeping up with a growing trend for brides today.

You may not want to pack away a dress you’ll never wear again just for keepsake. You may want to save money to splash out on the wedding, or, add it to the kitty for the honeymoon and new life you’ll be starting with your hubby-to-be, in any event, Ever After Bridal will support you all the way to hiring a stunning designer wedding dress!

One of the tips this team puts forward is to find and book the wedding venue before you start fittings, as this will be of great help in defining your style, what you’d like to look like and the mood you want to set on the big day in that particular setting.

The flurry of planning your wedding begins in earnest once the date having been set, and, it can either be an utter nightmare of choices and shortage of time, or, it can a journey taken at a less daunting pace when you set off from the right place.

A few basic, essential tips to keep you organised on the way to the altar:

The Checklist

If you sort your list into bite-sized chunks, keeping in mind which details need to be made ahead of others on the list, you’ll find that planning your wedding and developing an organised checklist will be far less stressful than it could be.

Of course, having a wedding planner is going to take all that stress off your shoulders, but that would take a lot of fun and excitement out of your journey.

Do yourself a favour and call in the troops in the form of friends and family who would love to help make personal touches to décor and other goodies along the way. This adds a lot more fun to getting a hundred-and-one things together in time.

When to start your planning is important, with one of the first things being getting the venue locked down, especially so since Cape Town is considered the most sought after place in South Africa to say ‘I do’, which means many venues are booked up well in advance.

Once your venue is sorted, you may want to get an idea of how many guests you’ll be inviting, and whether or not you need to organise transport to the venue, or to book accommodation for your guests.

Say ‘yes’ to flexibility!

Since there are two of you to tackle the important decisions to be made leading up to the wedding day, there’ll probably be a few points on which you may both have to compromise, but, keep your eye on the goal and it’ll be worth doing a bit of bargaining with each other to make it a precious day not to be forgotten!

Once you both decide on what’s most important to you on your wedding day, being flexible about the checklist will be a cinch, which is a great place to start.

Be realistic about your budget

This is a hard but very important beginning to successful wedding planning. Things will fall into place a lot easier when you do your homework to find out more or less what can spend on the ceremony and reception, from flowers to catering, photographer to DJ.

Setting your budget, as much as is possible, will set the tone for virtually everything else on your wedding day.

It’ll take research on your part, but where it comes to choosing vendors to send you quotes for their services should start with checking their references and getting recommendations for each.

You will need to add a little extra onto the budget for costs you may have missed that pop up at inconvenient times!

You’ll breathe a little easier if you allocate your time well, to stay on point as much as is possible with your wedding checklist, and remember to rope in your loved ones to help!

Ultimately, the most important thing about all of this is that you’ll be marrying the man of your dreams, if you miss a little here or there in all the planning, well, what the heck! You’ll be heading into the realm where romantic dreams come true and that’s really all that matters!

Do you really have to wear a white wedding dress?

As far as wearing a white wedding dress is concerned, trends are definitely changing, with a wide variety of colours available today for brides who choose not to wear the traditional white.

Though white wedding dresses will always dominate on international catwalks, these same catwalks are sharing the stage with a rainbow of colour, which means that modern brides are now given the freedom to do something completely different, and to experiment with the perfect colour for their particular skin tone.

There’s no doubt about the fact that your wedding dress is an expression of your personality and style, which is what should shine through on the day you look like the princess you are.

Captured in full colour to be shared with future generations, a different colour wedding dress means that if you do things differently on your special day, it’ll be a spectacular memory recorded in your wedding album.

While Queen Victoria may have set the standard for doing things the old fashioned way, and it certainly doesn’t mean that brides shouldn’t wear white, but white is making way for brides who want to do it on another scale.

There’s a rainbow of colours waiting for every bride of every colouring and every skin tone in today’s designer wedding dresses. This is especially great for you if your skin looks pallid in white you, giving you the opportunity to bring it to life in the perfect colour to suit your skin tone.

Blush pink, lavender, dusty rose, silver, dove grey or lilac bring to life a fantasy world every bride may enter today when she starts shopping for her wedding dress.

You’ll need to be firm with family and friends who think differently about the fact that you choose not to wear a white wedding dress, but that’s when you need to remind them that it’s your day and your vision!

Embellishments are a simple way to add splashes of colour to a white, cream or pale shade of gold, if these are shades you shimmer in. You may even add accessories and jewellery to offset these pure colours to enhance your natural colouring.

If you have the skin tone that allows you to wear white gracefully, and it’s always been your dream to look dazzling in billowing layers of lace and chiffon, you will find that even the choice between pristine white, ivory, cream, light gold or alabaster is just as daunting as settling on a purple or yellow wedding dress!

You’ll find a passionate team at Ever After Bridal in Durbanville ready to give you undivided attention on your journey through all different shades of white and all the colours of the rainbow, on your way to the dream wedding dress.

With beautiful designer wedding dresses lined up in this bridal wear store in Cape Town, get ready to have your breath taken away! You will definitely not be in short supply of fantastic guidance and support from a team that loves what they do!

Tips to help you find the perfect designer wedding dress

If you haven’t seen the portfolio of wedding dress collections from Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram at Ever After Bridal Wear, head for their website now and you’ll be off to a great start to finding a beautiful designer wedding dress in Cape Town.

This is a team that knows all there is to know about dressing brides and absolutely loves what they do. They have shared in the pleasure of seeing many brides down the aisle in a dream wedding dress, and, they’re passionate about making the experience as pleasant as it could possibly be for every bride.

You can rest assured that if anyone can give you the top tips to finding the perfect wedding dress, it’ll be the team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Here are their tips for finding the perfect wedding dress:

Start early

If you don’t have much time before your wedding day, it’ll be much easier on you to hire one of the stunning designer wedding dresses gracing the racks at Ever After Bridal.  With a nip and tuck here and there, you’ll be wearing a wedding dress that looks like as if it’s taken months to create.

When you do have the luxury of time, try to get started at least six to nine months ahead of shopping for the dress.  This will be time enough for all the alterations to be done, time enough to give you space to breathe once you’ve found the dress of your dreams. There’s more than enough for you to do in organising the wedding, without adding the stress of not having your wedding dress ready on time to top it all off.


We’d all love a budget for a wedding dress that has no limit, however, you need to set a realistic budget when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, or you’ll head for the pitfall of falling in love with a dress that is far outside of your budget and then have to face the let-down.

The team at Ever After Bridal will encourage you to be completely open and honest with them about your budget, because this helps them to help you remain grounded and focussed on dresses that will easily suit the price range you have shared with them.

Venue & location

What you wear to a formal church wedding will naturally be completely different to what you’d wear if you’re getting married on the beach. It’s more important than you may thing to realise that your dress needs to suit the venue, location and the mood you want to set on the day.

Open mindedness

You may find it hard to believe, but many brides have gone shopping for a dress in a specific style, only to fall in love with something completely different to her original idea, so try to keep an open mind along the way.

The team at Ever After Bridal guide you through all the silhouettes that suit your body shape, and, they’ll introduce you to a wide range of fabrics that might just have you walking out with a completely different idea of what you’d like to look like on your wedding day.

Body shape

This is fundamental to successful wedding dress shopping! If you know your body shape you’ll definitely be heading in the right direction to find a dress that’ll make the most of your natural assets and hiding anything you want hidden!

On a final note; feeling confident in your wedding dress starts with how comfortable you’ll be in it for as many hours as you’ll be wearing it. This means it’s always a good idea to sit and walk around in each dress you fit. It’s the best way to be sure that you’ll be able to get through the many hours you’ll be in it, gracefully.

Bring your dreams of the perfect wedding dress to the passionate team at Ever After Bridal and watch those dreams come true! The personal, undivided attention you’ll have from these consultants will make the journey an adventure in fun, yet another good memory to add to the rest you make on your wedding day!


Make sure you choose a wedding dress that exudes your personality

You are unique, a one of a kind, and it’s the uniqueness of who you are, and your personality, that will leave an indelible mark on everything you choose to wear on your wedding day, from the dress to the accessories and even to the theme of the wedding.

It’s a very special day, created and planned just for you, and it’s everything awesome about you that needs to shine through on the day. This is what is what will add to creating a beautiful thread that runs through the mood and theme you’ve chosen to set the tone on your wedding day.

While there are a few basic styles of wedding dresses, you are also always free to incorporate more than just one style into the dress, to make it a total expression of your individuality.

Here are a few different styles to choose from, in which you may find the one that speaks volumes about who you are:

A creative flair

Use different combinations of colour, textures and accessories to create  a sense of the old and the new. This is definitely a great idea for the bride that will look gorgeous in the bohemian look, perfect to compliment her unique personality!

The only thing that limits how far you can go creatively with your wedding dress is the imagination!

A dramatic flair

If you’re adventurous enough to wear the latest style being touted on the international catwalks, this is where you have the opportunity to make a wow statement as you glide down the aisle.

Choosing a floating creation in deep red, royal blue or bright pink will definitely going make for a dramatic entrance, provided of course that you can carry it off.

A classic flair

This is all about femininity, wearing a classic wedding dress is the ultimate expression of the feminine look, combining sheer sophistication and timelessness to create perfection for a more formal wedding setting.  Understated elegance speaks volumes for any bride choosing this style.

A contemporary flair

Here’s where the contemporary bride can have fun in mixing the dramatic style with a classic look, adding all the finishing touches that will highlight what happens when you combine the latest fashion with a completely modern look.

A natural flair

This is a style that in its simplicity is perfect for brides getting married in less formal settings, such as on the beach or on a mountain top. The dress will be a picture of simple lines placing the focus more on the neckline, accessories and hairstyle.

A romantic flair

Your wedding day is the ultimate in romance, and, the romantic style is perfect for the woman who wants to look like a princess on her wedding day!

Essentially, the dress will reflect everything that is soft and dreamy, enriched with stunning embellishments on luxurious fabrics that’ll make up the dress.  Romance is also best expressed with the addition of beautiful sparkly details – watch out Swarovski here she comes!

A vintage flair

Here we go right back to the bygone days of a Victorian wedding dress. Lavish beads, crystals, lace and pearls will be the perfect finishing touches to a Victorian style wedding dress.

Of course, if you’re going this way, you’d need to add retro accessories that match the style of dress, and since this is a style that is now being played out on fashion runways, ideas are easy to source to complete the vintage look.

Let Ever After Bridal lead you to the perfect designer wedding dress!

The bridal consultants at Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town, have 10 years’ worth of experience to share with you as you put your wedding look together, experience that will stand you in good stead as you begin the journey to your dream wedding dress in the perfect style to suit your personality.

Contact the team today to book your fitting and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, as you discuss your ideas about what it’ll take to make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.


Get to know your body shape before you go shopping for a wedding dress

If you have a good grasp on what your body shape is before you go shopping for a wedding dress, you could avoid it being a demoralising experience. Though you may love an A-line style of dress, you may need to face the fact that your body type may not lend itself to this style.

You’ll have a lot more fun if you get the silhouette right from the start, which will make the whole experience more enjoyable because you’ve started on the right foot.

Doing your homework is so well worth your while, especially since your wedding dress is only going to be worn once, it will simply make it easier for you to focus on what really suits you and to avoid that which doesn’t.

Remember that if you do end up with the wrong dress for your body shape, you’re going to be looking at it with regret in your wedding album for the rest of your life!

Being familiar with the styles will also be a great help to you, since silhouettes range from sheath dresses, A-line, traditional ball gowns, mermaid silhouette, fishtail, empire and fishtail wedding dresses, which is quite a lot to take in if you aren’t prepared for your first fitting.

Here are a few styles designed suit different body types:

Ball gown silhouette

The ball gown is the dress for you’ve always dreamed of looking like Cinderella on your wedding day!  The style of the skirt can be structured or incredibly soft, depending on your choice and the fabric chosen for the dress. This is the ultimate in a romantic wedding dress.

A-Line silhouette

Narrow at the top but wider in the skirt, the A-line dress flows from the shoulders and ends in a flared skirt, which can be varied in a number of ways according to your taste, if this is what suits your body shape. The A-line silhouette is one of the most popular styles.

Fishtail silhouette

Though the mermaid wedding dress is similar in style to the fishtail, there are no pleats in the flare at the back. It’s also just the right style for adding a contrasting colour in the skirt to achieve the look of a fishtail, which creates a truly feminine silhouette.

Mermaid silhouette

This is figure-hugging at its best! This wedding dress flows from a fitted top to cinch into the waist, before flaring at the bottom of the dress.  You’d need curves in all the right places and perfect proportions to wear this style. A mermaid style wedding dress doesn’t give you any space to hide anything you don’t like about your body shape!

Empire silhouette

Flaring from below the bust to the bottom of the skirt, this is a style perfectly suited to the fuller figure as well. This is a beautiful style is reminiscent of the old empirical era and is definitely fit for a princess.

Sheath silhouette

The sheath dress is simplicity at its best. It’s a simple style that goes straight from the shoulders down to the waist, remaining straight along the body without any flaring out.

If you’re not entirely sure about the right style of wedding dress to suit your body shape, book a consultation or fitting with Ever After Bridal. This team will assist you in finding the perfect silhouette that’ll make the most of your body shape, making your journey with them to the perfect dress far less stressful than it need be!

Ever After Bridal offers stunning ranges of designer wedding dresses for sale in Durbanville, Cape Town, and for those of you who may be on a tight budget or short on time, you can still look like a princess by hiring your wedding dress from this awesome team.


Find your dream designer wedding dress at Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville

From the outset, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear put heads together to pick over the very best international wedding dress designers to represent in their beautiful bridal store in Durbanville, Cape Town.

What they decided on leaves no doubt that with the designers chosen, there is a wedding dress to suit the style, size and personality of every bride, which is exactly why they chose these designers with such care.

The stunning designer wedding dresses Ever After Bridal are available to purchase or to hire, making it easy for every bride to walk down the aisle in a designer dress.

If you are buying a designer wedding dress but decide you’d like it in a completely unique colour, or even in a specific size to fit, the dress will be ordered directly from the designer.

To make the journey to your wedding dress a little easier, start trying on the styles that suit your body type at least six months before your wedding day, since this will give you time to relax a little before the big day, knowing your dress is sorted. It will also give you the peace of mind you’ll need, to know that your wedding dress will be ready for collection before the big day.

Here are two of the top designers chosen by the team at Ever After Bridal.

Maggie Sottero

In this range you’ll find stunning dresses fit for brides who have a fuller figure, those who are more on the petite side of the size scale and every size in-between. Maggie Sottero wedding dresses have definitely been designed to allow every bride look and feel like a dream on her wedding day.

If simplicity is the order of the day, this range is also where you’ll find it, while dramatic flair is also represented, taking you from one style to another effortlessly.

There are wedding dresses in this range that lead from romantic ball gowns to sleek A-line silhouettes, falling beautifully into a frothy hemline.  There can be no doubt that in this collection you’ll find classic couture at its best, evoking every mood from the dramatic to the soft feminine look to create the image of a princess at the ball.

Rebecca Ingram

Rebecca Ingram designs are a nod to the fact that affordable yet stunning designer wedding dresses are in demand for the modern bride today, especially with economies taking a nose dive.

Modern-day brides are represented here, especially if they’re looking for romantic, understated elegance, in a price range made to suit the budget-conscious princess!

This is a range that’s available in colours that go beyond simple pure white, making use of understated fabrics, if that’s what you love, which are then brought to life with the addition of lace and trims.

The perfect designer wedding dress awaits you at Ever After Bridal Wear!

With so much love and care that has gone into the choice of designers on show at Ever After Bridal, this team has made sure that no bride will ever be disappointed in their quest to find the wedding dress of her dreams.

Let these passionate experts, who have been dressing brides for ten years already, introduce you to the right way to shop for the perfect designer wedding dress in Cape Town!

Choose from a rainbow of colours for the perfect designer wedding dress

The colour you choose for your wedding dress makes a huge impact on the overall look and effect it has on your natural colouring. Contrary to popular belief, white wasn’t always the traditional colour for a wedding dress.

In fact, it didn’t become popular until the late 19th century when Queen Victoria started the ball rolling towards the eternally traditional white wedding dress.

Before white became tradition, brides wore dresses in many different colours on their wedding days, and, during the first and second world war, there was seldom even the opportunity to brighten up even the simplest of outfits.

However, wedding dresses in a rainbow of colours are breaking the mould today, with international and local designers including more colours into their ranges for modern brides.

While diamond white, eggshell white and ivory might all look the same to the naked eye, each has a distinct impact on the natural colouring of the bride, besides which, the colour or shade of white you choose for your wedding dress will also be an expression of your personal style.

It’s easy today to make a designer wedding dress distinctly yours, because in most instances, designers offer their dresses in a variety of colours.

If you aren’t that into wearing a distinctive colour, you can choose to add  a pop of colour to the dress with finishing’s and accessories. Many contemporary brides are want to go for an avant-garde look on their special day, especially if what they’re wearing is in keeping with the theme of the wedding and the venue.

Truthfully, brides today can wear anything and still look classic and timeless, depending entirely on what they draw the focus to.

Why Ivory is popular

Most bridal shops are stocked with ivory wedding gowns because it has become the dominant colour for brides everywhere, the primary reason being that ivory is a soft shade that enhances nearly every skin tone.

No matter which colour you choose, if it brings out your natural beauty there’s no doubt that you’ll look stunning on your wedding day! You can rest assured that should you try a dress and fall in love with it, but want it in a unique colour, Ever After Bridal will order it direct from the designer!

The team at Ever After Bridal has been dressing brides for the best part of a decade, with a selection of designer wedding dresses that may seem endless when you first visit their bridal store in Cape Town.

You’ll more than fall in love with stunning dresses from international designers such as Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram.

If you’re looking for the best in designer wedding dresses for sale or hire in Cape Town, book an appointment with Ever After Bridal in Durbanville today.