3 Signs You Haven’t Found The Right Wedding Dress In Cape Town Yet

Finding the perfect dress is tougher than one might imagine. The dress you have in mind might not suit your body type or the colour you like might not complement your skin tone. Nevertheless, when you start your hunt for the perfect wedding dress in Cape Town, beware of these signs that the one you select isn’t really the one you should wear.

Everyone loves it but you

Just because your best friend and mom thinks it’s the right dress, doesn’t mean it’s the one you have to pick. Make sure you feel comfortable in it or else put it back on the rack. If you like it but aren’t 100% sure, take some time to think about it before making your final decision. Wedding dresses are an investment and a decision to not take lightly.

It’s not the right size

Buying a dress that’s too small because you intend to lose the weight or buying one that’s too big because it’s on sale is never a good idea. If you have to do major altercations, it will change the shape and design of the dress. If you would like to lose some weight before the wedding, maybe consider a dress with a corset back that can be easily adjusted.

It’s on sale

Yes, you love a good bargain but when it comes to your wedding dress you might want to be an extra bit cautious about trying to save a few bucks. Make sure you really love the dress and it fits you well before you buy it. Other things to look out for are stains and flaws – wedding dresses don’t go on sale for no reason.

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