5 Tips that’ll make your wedding dress shopping experience hassle-free.

As you launch into wedding dress shopping, you’re probably going to feel all tingly about looking like the princess you always dreamed of as a little girl, and that’s what the whole experience should feel like.

So much goes into planning the actual wedding that shopping for your dress should be as exciting and stress-free as possible, the real cherry on top of planning other minute details.

To make your wedding dress shopping experience more fun than stressful, there’re a few things you need to be on the lookout for, before you make your first booking for fittings.

Try these tips; you’ll be surprised at how the small things influence the experience:


Get an idea of the style and mood you’d like to reflect when you find the ‘yes’ dress.  There are online bridal magazines galore, so dive right in and save as many of the ones you love as reference for when start shopping.

Once you have a silhouette and style in mind, Ever After Bridal will help you to find the right wedding dress to match your ideas.

Browse through the Ever After Bridal portfolio that include the names of designers like Maggie Sottero, Enzoani, Rebecca Ingram and Sophia Tolli.

Without a doubt you’ll find the wedding dress of your dreams waiting for you in these collections.

While research is going to make the shopping experience a lot more focussed, try not to close your mind to all other options.  You may just miss out on that special dress you never even considered.


Yep, budget! Though every bride would love to have free licence with the credit card, most brides need to think about what to budget for when shopping for a wedding dress.

Don’t make the mistake of trying on and falling in love with a wedding dress that’s way out of budget, all it’ll cause is heartache and tears when what you really should be doing is having fun.

The team at Ever After Bridal will make sure that you don’t go down that road. More than anything, they want your time spent with them to remain as one of the best memories of your life!


Give yourself the time to try on, buy and fit your wedding dress at a stress-free pace.  Starting the journey around six months before the big day will give you a sense of peace, knowing that when you arrive to collect it, all the nipping and tucking will have been done.

Many stories, many brides:

Every bride that’s gone before you will have a story to tell you. Some will have had an awesome experience, then there’ll be those who’ll terrify you with horror stories about their experience.

Choose your experience with an open mind and it’ll be exactly what you dreamed it would be.


Even if friends and family are going to feel snubbed, try to limit your entourage to no more than three honest, true friends or family members.  Too many opinions are definitely going to confuse you and cloud your judgement.

It’s your wedding dress, no one else is wearing it but you so make your stand!

Ever After Bridal will make that stand with you, through all your choices and fittings, until finally they can celebrate the day you fall in love with the vision looking back at you in the mirror.