6 Ideas to help make wedding dress fittings a little less complicated

Finding your dream designer wedding dress is a little daunting, to say the least, which means you need to be armed with the right things to bring along to fittings to make it a journey that’s a lot more fun!

There’s no other shopping experience you’ve ever had that can ever compare or prepare you for the daunting experience of shopping for a stunning wedding dress you’ll only wear once, on the most beautiful day of your life.

If you’re already heading out to search for a dream wedding dress, you’ll hopefully have a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for when it comes to the style of dress that most appeals to you, and which you believe will make the most of your beautiful body shape.

Here are the 6 ideas that may help make wedding dress fittings a little less complicated

Leave your granny panties at home!

Don’t bring your favourite granny panties to fittings, or that bra you love because it’s been worn long enough to make it the most comfy one you possess!  If you’re going to wear something skimpier on your wedding day, pack in nude underwear and a G-string!

Not sure about whether to opt for a strapless dress or one with thin straps? This will give you a good reason to invest in a good bra for both styles.

Bring along hair accessories & ideas for your veil

A veil isn’t just a veil! There are a myriad of styles waiting out there to confuse you, so, bring along the dress styles you love and make it easier on yourself and your bridal consultants to match veil to dress immaculately.

Naturally, there’s nothing wrong with not choosing to wear a veil and instead wearing a beautiful spray of flowers for the natural forest-sprite look.

Hair accessories that glint and shimmer in your hair are ideas you can bring along to fittings too, to check them out while you fit dresses.

Think tiaras and crystal hair grips. There are many other forms of hair accessories that’ll look stunning on you, so bring those ideas or the actual thing along to fittings as well, if possible.

Bring shoes that are the height you plan to wear

Bringing the right shoes to your fittings will really give you the true effect of the dress length, short or long.  While you may not yet have the actual pair you’ll wear on your wedding day, invest in a pair that are the closest in height to what you will wear.

Double up on your garter!

If you’re going to stick with the tradition of tossing your garter at the reception, buy two, and don’t be shy to make the one you intend to keep as a memento the fancier of the two!

Keep yourself warm!

Even spring and summer evenings can be a little chilly in the Cape, which makes it a good idea to consider investing in a saucy jacket to match your dress or a bridal wrap to keep you warm, before, during and after the nuptials!

Share your ideas with the team at Ever After Bridal to find the perfect wrap or bridal jacket to go with the dress you finally say yes to, as a stunning addition to complete the picture.

You may choose to wear a light wrap to protect you from the sun or any breeze that may come up if you’ve decided on an outdoor wedding!

If you’d like the most supportive, passionate and experienced bridal consultants at your side for this awesome journey, book your fitting at Ever After Bridal today! They’d love to see you to the altar in a stunning designer wedding dress that is so comfortable that you shine brighter than any star!