7 Awesome reasons to wear a short wedding dress

There are plenty of decisions you need to make when it comes to planning your wedding, and pretty much at the top of that list will be your wedding dress! If you’re not the traditional bride type, you might want to opt for a short dress to express your individuality…and maybe show off a great pair of legs!

All that’s important is that you wear a dress you love and that you stay true to yourself, because while your dress may be short in terms of length, we’re sure it won’t be short on style!

Here’s what makes short wedding dresses fabulous for some:


You won’t need a handful of bridesmaids to help you navigate the ladies room, for one! A short, stylish wedding dress is just right for the no-fuss bride who wants be absolutely comfortable, free to enjoy the day and then to dance the night away.

Easy to transport

A short wedding dress can easily fit into normal luggage to be transported to your venue, making it the perfect dress to wear for a destination wedding, if short is your style!


Because your short wedding dress will be using less material, you can count on it costing less than one that takes reams and reams, with layer upon layer of material.

A short wedding dress will help you save money you can spend on adding extra sparkles and detail to your dress. Who doesn’t love Swarovski Crystals!

Show off your Cinderella shoes

You’re shoes, no matter how spectacular, will remain hidden from sight in a long dress, however, choosing to wear a short wedding dress is going to up the ante where it comes to allowing you to show off your once-in-a-lifetime pair of shoes…and if you love shoes, this is where you get to march to your own drum!


Short wedding dresses will, with the right flare and detail to suit the mood, are perfect for any type of venue, whether you host it in a beautiful garden, at the beach or in a stunning ballroom!

Wear it again

The one slightly sad thing about wedding dresses in general, is that you pay a lot for them and never wear them again, unless you renew vows or wear it for special anniversaries. When you decide to wear a short wedding dress, you can, for special occasions, dress it up or down easily to suit the moment!


We are programmed to believe that we have to wear a long dress to keep up with traditional points of view, however, many of our style icons have worn short wedding dresses and made them a sought after style of wedding dress for brides born to carry it off!

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