7 Awesome Benefits of Wearing a Short Wedding Dress

There are plenty of decisions you need to make when it comes to planning your wedding and one of the most important will be THE DRESS! If you’re not the traditional bride type, you might want to opt for a short dress to make a statement. Just make sure you wear a dress you love and stay true to yourself. Remember your dress may be short lengthwise but we’re sure it won’t be short on style!

Here’s why short wedding dresses are fabulous:

  1. Comfortable

Short dresses are easy to wear – no excess material to try and navigate during personal breaks. This dress style is perfect for the no-fuss bride that just wants to enjoy the day and dance the night away.

  1. Easy to Travel With

Destination wedding? A short wedding dress can easily fit into normal luggage to be transported to your venue.

  1. More Affordable

Less material equals less money, it makes sense. Plus, choosing a short wedding dress will help you save money or add more detail to your dress.

  1. Show off Your Shoes

When you wear a long dress, your shoes are hidden from plain sight no matter how pretty they are. But if your dress is short, your shoes can really make a statement.

  1. Short Dresses Are Versatile

Short wedding dresses are perfect for any type of venue, be it a beautiful garden, the beach or a fancy hall.

  1. You Can Wear It Again

The sad thing about wedding dresses is that you pay a lot for them and never wear them again. Unless you choose a short dress that can be dressed up or down easily for special occasions.

  1. They Are Timeless

We are programmed to believe that wearing a long dress is traditional but many of our style icons wore short wedding dresses and never regretted it.

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