Do you absolutely have to wear white on your wedding day?

Trends are definitely changing when it comes to the notion that brides absolutely have to wear white on their wedding day.

Although white wedding dresses will still dominate on international catwalks, brides are now given the freedom to let their hair down and experiment with the perfect colour for their particular skin tone.

Your wedding dress is meant to be a unique expression of your personality and style, which is exactly as it should be on the day you look like the princess you always dreamed of.

Doing things differently on that special day is what makes it even more spectacular in your memory and in your wedding album, which will forever be captured in full colour to be shared with future generations.

Queen Victoria may have been forced to do it the old fashioned way, which isn’t to say that brides shouldn’t wear white, but white is making way for brides who want to do it on another scale.

There’s a rainbow of colours waiting to be picked out for every bride of every colouring and every skin tone, so that if your skin takes on an even paler shade of white you can bring it to life in the perfect colour for your wedding day.

Shades of champagne (very fitting!) and blue, blush and dusty rose, silver, lavender, dove grey or lilac bring to life the fantasy world every bride enters when she starts shopping for her wedding dress.

You’ll probably have to be pretty firm with family and friends who may think differently about a wedding dress that’s anything but white; just remind them that it’s your day and you intend to feel like a vision floating down the aisle!

Embellishments are also a great way of adding splashes of colour if you do decide to shine in white, cream or pale shades of gold. You might consider using accessories and jewellery to offset these pure colours perfectly and to enhance your natural colouring.

If you do wear white beautifully and it’s always been your dream to look dazzling in billowing layers of lace and chiffon, you may find that even the choice between pristine white, ivory, cream, light gold or alabaster is just as daunting as settling on a pink or violet wedding dress!

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