Keep an eye out for these wedding planning pitfalls

Getting intricate details to come together smoothly for a precious event not to be forgotten, will take you into a completely new dimension in terms of planning your wedding. It’s not the kind of planning you’re used to or have experience in, and it’s easy to make expensive mistakes along the way.

In the excitement, it’s easy for couples to get caught out by more than a few pitfalls along the way, which is where a few tips here and there could help you not to fall into any of the usual wedding planning traps.

We hope these few tips will be of help to you!

Plan the wedding around your personalities

Many couples get trapped into planning a wedding that has all the bells, whistles and frills may a wedding would have, but that reflects nothing about the personalities of either the bride and groom, or the life they’re setting out on together.

There are touches of creativity you can add that will make the wedding unique to the combination of your personalities and tastes, and, while themed weddings can be great, let your hand show in your choice of everything, from the menu to the décor and music.

Not making contingency plans for the day

Planning a wedding well also means planning for any things that could go wrong.  If you’ve planned an outdoor wedding what’ll happen if it rains?

Let someone in the bridal party have all the contact numbers for various vendors involved in the wedding so that nothing gets left out or lost along the way to the big day.

A contingency plan also means keeping safety pins and all the other bits and pieces together in case anything goes wrong with your wedding dress. Don’t think too hard about that, just be prepared!

The money trap

Wedding vendors scramble when they hear that you’re planning a wedding, since these special events are their bread and butter. Make sure, by asking for references before you hire a vendor because unfortunately there are more than just a few unscrupulous vendors out there ready and willing to make money off of you, without delivering as promised.

Be firm about your budget in terms of setting in place everything that’s really important to you both. Don’t let anyone talk you into spending more money than you can or want to. Believe it or not, this can often begin with a bridal consultant that tries to convince you to go over budget on your wedding dress.

Remember to keep guests in mind

Though this is your big day, it’ll also be one that’s important for family and friends joining you to celebrate your nuptials, so make sure you take their comfort into consideration.

Think about what you’d like from someone hosting you at their wedding and you’ll hit the sweet spot for your guests.  If it’s going to particularly hot, lay on the fans and cool spring water, and, if it’s a chilly day, make sure that you can keep everyone comfortably warm with heaters.

You’re not alone in this

Sharing the load of wedding planning between bride and groom has become de rigueur today. The bride is no longer the only one that has to carry the weight of all the planning.

If you are both involved in planning the wedding, setting goals and sharing ideas, you’ll already have started out working as a team by organising the most precious day of your lives together! It can only get better from there!

Lock down the venue before buying your wedding dress

You may be surprised at how many brides have discovered that finding the perfect wedding dress is made easier when you can visualise yourself in the venue you’ve chosen and the mood to go along with it.

Once you’ve got details like the venue, mood and theme of your wedding locked down, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear would love to welcome you into their world of stunning designer dresses, created to make the dreams of every bride come true, in any setting!