Tips for finding the perfect wedding dress

If you’ve already seen the stunning wedding dress collections from Enzoani, Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram and Sophia Tolli at Ever After Bridal, then you’re already off to a great start for finding a beautiful designer wedding dress in Cape Town.

This is a team that really knows all there is to know about dressing brides. They have seen many brides down the aisle in the last six years, and are passionate about what they do to make buying a wedding dress as stress-free as possible.

If anyone can give you tips about finding the perfect wedding dress it’ll be Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town.

Tips from Ever After Bridal for finding the perfect wedding dress:


You need to set a realistic budget when it comes to shopping for a wedding dress, or you’ll end up falling in love with a dress that goes way beyond the price range you had planned, and then facing the let-down.

The first thing you need to do when you make your appointment with Ever After Bridal is to be completely open and honest about your budget. This will help the team to keep you real and focussed on dresses that will easily suit the price range you have shared with them.

Wedding location

What you wear to a beautiful church will be completely different to what you’d wear for a wedding on the beach. The vision for your dress needs to suit the location and the mood you want to set on the day.

Start early

If you’re short on time, it’ll be easier for you to choose one of the beautiful gowns off the rack at Ever After Bridal to hire.  With a nip and tuck here and there, you’ll be wearing a wedding dress that looks like as if it’s taken months to create.

If time is on your side, start at least six to nine months ahead of the time.  With all the alterations that need to be done to a dress that’s made to order, you’ll definitely need time. There’ll be enough for you to do leading up to the wedding, without adding the stress of not having your wedding dress ready on time on top of it all.

Be open minded

You’ll be surprised at how many brides have gone in for fittings only to decide on a dress that’s completely different to her original idea.  The team at Ever After Bridal will assist you in finding silhouettes perfect for your body shape, as well as to introduce you to a wide range of fabrics that might just have you walking out with a completely different idea of what you’d like to look like on your wedding day.

Know your body type

This is essential! You need to know exactly which silhouette will emphasise your shape to highlight your natural assets.  Wearing the wrong style of dress to suit your body type is definitely not going to make you feel like a princess.

Feeling confident in your wedding dress starts with how comfortable you’ll be, so when trying on dresses, be sure to sit and walk around in them so that you know you’ll be able to get through the many hours you’ll be in it, with absolute grace.

Bring your dreams of the perfect wedding dress to the passionate team at Ever After Bridal and watch those dreams come true! The personal, undivided attention you’ll have from these consultants will make the journey a lot less stressful you may have expected.

Know your body shape before shopping for a wedding dress

You really do need to know your body shape before shopping for a wedding dress or the experience will be demoralising.  As much as you may love the A-line silhouette, if your body type doesn’t lend itself to this style, it’ll be difficult to shift your focus to one that does.

Getting the silhouette right from the start will make shopping for a wedding dress a far more enjoyable experience for you, having started on the right foot.

Your wedding dress is only going to be worn once, which makes doing your homework well worthwhile.

The skirt of your wedding dress is what determines the mood for the wedding dress, choose the wrong dress for your body shape and you’ll be looking at it with regret in your wedding album for the rest of your life!

The silhouettes range from sheath dresses, A-line, traditional ball gowns, mermaid silhouette, fishtail, empire and fishtail wedding dresses, and within these styles there is a wedding dress fit for any princess, provided the right one is chosen.

Let’s look at wedding dress styles to suit different body types:

Traditional Ball Gown wedding dresses

If your dream as a little girl was to look like Cinderella on your wedding day, then this is the dress style for you.  The style of the skirt can either be one that’s pretty structured or incredibly soft. This would depend on the fabric that is chosen for the gown.  This is the ultimate in a romantic wedding dress.

A-Line wedding dresses

The A-line dress is one that is narrow at the top and wider in the skirt, moving from the shoulders down to a flared skirt, which can be varied in a number of ways according to your taste, if this is what suits your body shape.

Fishtail wedding dresses

Although similar to the mermaid wedding dress, there are no pleats in the flare at the back, and it’s the perfect style for adding a contrasting colour in order to achieve the look of a fishtail, and to create a truly feminine silhouette.

Mermaid wedding dresses

This figure-hugging style of wedding dress moves down from a fitted top and cinches into the waist before flaring at the bottom of the dress.  You’d need curves in all the right places and perfect proportions to wear this style; there’s no place to hide anything you don’t like about your body shape in this style!

Empire wedding dresses

This is a beautiful style of wedding dress that starts flaring from below the bust to the bottom of the dress.  The Empire wedding dress is a wedding dress that’s perfectly suited to the fuller figure as well.

Sheath wedding dresses

This is a simple style that goes from the shoulders straight down to the waist, remaining straight along the body, without any flaring out.

If you aren’t sure about the style of wedding dress that’ll suit your body shape, book a consultation or fitting with Ever After Bridal. This team will assist you in finding the perfect silhouette that’ll make the most of your body shape, which will create a wedding dress shopping experience far less stressful than it already is.

Ever After Bridal offers stunning ranges of designer wedding dresses for sale in Durbanville, Cape Town, and, if you’re on a tight budget you can still look like a princess by hiring your wedding dress.

Choosing a wedding dress that suits your personality

Your unique personality is what has to make its mark on everything you choose to wear on your wedding day, from the dress to the accessories and theme.

It’s your very special day, and it’s who you are that needs to shine through, which is what is going to create a beautiful thread that runs through the mood and theme you’ve chosen to set the tone on your wedding day.

Whether or not you choose to incorporate more than just one style into your wedding dress, there are a few basic styles that can be categorised as follows:

The Dramatic factor

This is all about being adventurous enough to wear the latest style in order to make a wow statement as you glide down the aisle. You can be as dramatic as you like, taking ideas from the latest fashion being shown on international runways. Choosing a floating creation in red or blue for instance, is definitely going to make for a dramatic entrance.

The Contemporary factor

The contemporary bride is adventurous enough to mix the dramatic with the classic look, adding all the finishing touches that will celebrate the combination of the latest fashion with a completely modern look.

The Classic factor

The classic wedding dress is an expression of the feminine look, sheer, sophisticated and timeless, which is perfect for the more formal wedding setting.  Understated elegance speaks volumes for any bride choosing this style.

The Creative factor

Put together something old and something new, using different combinations of textures, accessories and colour, in fact, this is for the bride that loves the bohemian look to compliment her unique personality.

Anything really goes, the only limitations to wearing a truly creative look is the imagination!

The Natural factor

This is a style that expresses simplicity for brides getting married in less formal settings. The dress will be a picture of simple lines with the focus placed more on things like the neckline, accessories and hairstyles.

If the beach or mountain top is the setting for the wedding, then the natural bride will go for stylish minimalism.

The Romance factor

The romantic style is perfect for the woman who’s been dreaming about looking like a princess on her wedding day since she was a little girl! The dress will reflect everything that is soft and dreamy, covered in beautiful embellishments added to the luxurious fabrics that’ll make up the dress.  Romance is also best expressed with the addition of beautiful sparkly details – watch out Swarovski here she comes!

The Vintage factor

What a beautiful way to celebrate fashion that goes back to the Victorian era. Beads, pearls, crystals and lace are the finishing touches to a Victorian style wedding dress.  The dress has to have retro accessories that perfectly match the style of dress, and since this is a style that is now being played out on fashion runways, ideas are easy to source to complete the vintage look.

Let Ever After Bridal be your helping hand

The bridal consultants at Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town, have over six years’ worth of experience to share with you as you put your wedding look together, and they’d love to be part of this exciting journey with you.

Contact the team today to book your fitting and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere as you discuss your ideas of what it’ll take to make you feel like a princess on your wedding day.

Choose your dream dress from the beautiful range of designer dresses for sale in Durbanville

Ever After Bridal got together to pick over the best international wedding gown designers to represent in their beautiful bridal shop in Durbanville, Cape Town.

There is no doubt about the fact that with the designers chosen, there is a wedding dress to suit the style, size and personality of every bride, which is exactly why they chose these designers with great care.

The wedding dresses at Ever After Bridal are available to purchase or to hire.  If you are buying a designer wedding dress and you need it in a completely unique colour or specific size to fit, the dress will be ordered directly from the designer, a policy that extends to brides who are hiring their dress.

To make the journey to your wedding dress a little easier, try to start trying on the right dresses to suit your body type at least six months before your wedding day.

This will give you time to breathe, as well as give you peace of mind that your wedding dress will be ready for collection before the big day.

Here is a list of designers chosen by Ever After Bridal to make the dreams of any bride come true:

Sophia Tolli

The Sophia Tolli range of wedding gowns runs the gamut from romantic ball gowns to sleek A-line silhouettes falling beautifully into a frothy hemline.  This is classic couture at its best, evoking every mood from the dramatic to the soft feminine look to create the image of a princess at the ball.

Enzoani – Beautiful

The Beautiful range from Enzoani is the perfect range for modern-day brides looking for romantic, understated elegance.  It is also a range well suited to youthful brides who need to be budget conscious and still look like a princess.

The affordable price tag of this range in no way detracts from the details and understated elegance of this beautiful range.

Enzoani – Blue

Enzoani has gone the route of Chantilly lace, scintillating beading and intricate detail to produce this range of wedding dresses designed to reflect old world romance for the modern bride. The luxury of the fit and finishes are exquisite reminders of times gone by, with a modern twist of pure luxury.

Rebecca Ingram

As one of three collections that find a home at Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram designs are a nod to the fact that a collection of wedding gowns at reasonable prices is absolutely necessary for the modern bride.

Available in colours that transcend pure white, Rebecca Ingram wedding dresses are designed using understated fabrics that are brought to life with lace and understated trims, to produce wedding dresses that offer the perfect fit.

Maggie Sottero

Whether brides have a fuller figure or are more on the petite side of the size scale, Maggie Sottero wedding dresses are designed to make every bride look and feel like a dream on her wedding day.

If simplicity is the order of the day, this range is where you’ll find it, and if it’s the dramatic flair you’re looking for, the Maggie Sottero range will take you from one to the other in absolute style!

There’s a dress for every bride at Ever After Bridal!

Because so much care has gone into the choice of designers on show at Ever After Bridal, they’ve made sure that no bride will ever be disappointed in their quest for the dream wedding dress.

Let these passionate experts introduce you to the right way to shop for the perfect wedding dress in Cape Town!

What’s the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body Type?

If you are anxious about your wedding dress appointment because you always have a hard time finding clothes you love that fit well, it’s time to relax. Wedding dresses come in all styles, sizes and colours these days and it can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

Also, various types of dresses can transform your look completely. So to help you find a wedding dress that will compliment your figure and your style we’ve compiled a list of common dress styles to try on.

Hourglass Figure

For women with an hourglass figure, a mermaid gown follows the natural contour of your bust, waist and hips before flaring out. Consider it a celebration of your curves. Don’t think that because you are curvy you need to settle for something more loose fitting. At Ever After Bridal we always suggest to our brides-to-be to fit mermaid dress, even if your curves aren’t defined. This dress can give you the illusion of an hourglass figure by accentuating your waist.

Pear Shape

A pear-shaped body usually suggests wider hips and thighs with smaller chest and shoulders. Drawing attention to your shoulders will balance out this type of figure. A high neckline will do the trick. A halter top can be trendy while an illusion neckline with soft fabric looks elegant. Another option you can’t go wrong with is an off-the-shoulder dress.

Petite Bride

For shorter brides, an A-line dress tends to be extremely flattering since it compliments their small frames by adding definition to the bust and waist. Curvy or not, you can opt for a V-neck to add height by creating the illusion of a longer upper body.

Tall Bride

As a tall bride, why not embrace the fairytale of a ballgown? Ballgowns may not be right for shorter brides but they are perfect for tall brides. Paired with a pair of heels or flats, you can look like the princess you’ve always dreamed of.

Remember, the best wedding dress for you is the one you love. But you can follow these tips if you’re having trouble deciding.

Ever After Bridal has an extensive range of dresses for every body type created by well-known designers like Maggie Sottero, Sophia Tolli, Rebecca Ingram and Enzoani. Give us a call today to book your appointment.

How to Pick the Perfect Colour for Your Wedding Gown

The colour you choose for your wedding dress makes a huge impact on the overall look. Contrary to popular belief, white isn’t the most traditional colour to wear on your wedding day. In fact, it didn’t become popular until the late 19th century when Queen Victoria started the trend.

Brides before Queen Victoria wore coloured dresses on their wedding days, regardless of what their social status was. But, coloured dresses are making a comeback and designers are including more colours into the wedding dresses of modern brides.

While diamond white, eggshell white and ivory might all look the same to the naked eye, each of them brings out a distinct feature in the bride. Your dress colour should also depend on your personal style.

Many designers offer their dresses in various colours making it easy to make the dress uniquely yours. If you aren’t the adventurous type, you can choose to add just a pop of colour. More contemporary brides are after an avant-garde look for their special day. But, honestly, brides today can wear anything and still look classic and timeless.

Ivory Is a Popular Dress Colour Choice Right Now: Here’s Why

Most bridal shops are stocked with ivory wedding gowns because it has become the dominant colour for brides everywhere. The primary reason for this is because ivory is a shade that looks better on nearly every skin tone. Additionally, details and textures of a dress are more evident when the ivory contrasts.

Whatever colour dress you choose, we know you will look stunning on your wedding day!

Ever After Bridal has been dressing brides for the best part of a decade. Our dress selection is endless and any bride will be more than satisfied with our offerings from designers like Maggie Sottero and Sophia Tolli, to name a few. If you’re looking for the best wedding dresses for sale or hire in Cape Town, book an appointment with Ever After Bridal in Durbanville today.

Wedding Dress Shopping: Ever After Bridal Can Make Finding THE DRESS Quick and Easy

Not every little girl daydreams about her wedding day from a young age. But that doesn’t mean that when the time comes, she doesn’t want to look and feel her best. However, chances are that wedding dress shopping will cause them more anxiety than excitement. And since wedding planning is stressful as it is, it’s vital to find a bridal boutique that will make the process a little bit easier and perhaps even fun.

Wedding Dress Shopping 101: Things to Do to Make the Process Easier

  1. Decide on a Budget

Plan to spend about 10 per cent of your overall budget on your dress and stick to it as far as possible.

  1. Don’t Be

It takes a few months for placing the order to picking up your dress. Make sure you start dress shopping at least 6 – 12 months before the wedding to avoid stressful situations.

  1. Do Some Research

Browse a few websites or look through a few magazines to see what you like. Save these images to your phone or take the pictures with for the consultant to eliminate the ones that won’t suit your body type.

  1. Think Twice About Who You Take Along to Your Appointment

Everyone has an opinion but when it comes to choosing your wedding dress, yours is the most important. Limit your entourage to avoid awkward situations.

Ever After Bridal is one of the most celebrated bridal boutiques in Cape Town and provides their brides-to-be with a comfortable environment and expert advice when it comes to choosing the dress. With designer gowns from Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram, Enzoani and Sophia Tolli, you are sure to find the perfect wedding dress without any hassle.

For more information or to book your appointment in Cape Town or Nelspruit, speak to the team at Ever After Bridal today.

7 Awesome Benefits of Wearing a Short Wedding Dress

There are plenty of decisions you need to make when it comes to planning your wedding and one of the most important will be THE DRESS! If you’re not the traditional bride type, you might want to opt for a short dress to make a statement. Just make sure you wear a dress you love and stay true to yourself. Remember your dress may be short lengthwise but we’re sure it won’t be short on style!

Here’s why short wedding dresses are fabulous:

  1. Comfortable

Short dresses are easy to wear – no excess material to try and navigate during personal breaks. This dress style is perfect for the no-fuss bride that just wants to enjoy the day and dance the night away.

  1. Easy to Travel With

Destination wedding? A short wedding dress can easily fit into normal luggage to be transported to your venue.

  1. More Affordable

Less material equals less money, it makes sense. Plus, choosing a short wedding dress will help you save money or add more detail to your dress.

  1. Show off Your Shoes

When you wear a long dress, your shoes are hidden from plain sight no matter how pretty they are. But if your dress is short, your shoes can really make a statement.

  1. Short Dresses Are Versatile

Short wedding dresses are perfect for any type of venue, be it a beautiful garden, the beach or a fancy hall.

  1. You Can Wear It Again

The sad thing about wedding dresses is that you pay a lot for them and never wear them again. Unless you choose a short dress that can be dressed up or down easily for special occasions.

  1. They Are Timeless

We are programmed to believe that wearing a long dress is traditional but many of our style icons wore short wedding dresses and never regretted it.

If you’re looking for a wide range of fantastic wedding gowns in Cape Town, look no further. Ever After Bridal has the dress you’ve been dreaming of. Speak to the friendly team to make your appointment today.

Tips for being organised on the journey to finding your dream wedding dress.

It’s only one day you’ll be wearing this very special dress, but the memory will last a lifetime, so you want to pull out all the stops to make sure your wedding dress lives up to this tall order.

You want to feel confident enough to sail down the aisle with supreme confidence, and you definitely want to look like a princess. Each of these desires need to be approached in an organised way, so that by the time the day arrives, you’ll have fulfilled all your dreams in your choice of wedding dress.

Here are a few simple steps to take that’ll make the journey easier:

Start planning early:

Granted, not every bride has 6 to 9 months in which to find her dream wedding dress.  After all, more than a few have been swept off their feet quickly and decisively on the way to their happily ever after!

If you do have the time, use it well.  There are thousands of styles to consider, but if you start the right way, then narrowing down your choices will become less pressurised, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Pin and paste the dresses that make your heart flutter and bring the dream closer, so that by the time you go for your first fitting, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re looking for.

If you don’t have time:

Relax.  Ever After Bridal understands everything that can arise when a bride is looking for her fairy-tale dress!  Their range of ready-to-wear designer wedding dresses for sale in Durbanville will take your breath away!

If you’d rather save extra towards a honeymoon straight out of every dream you’ve ever had, rent your wedding dress from this awesome team.  They’ll make sure that it fits as beautifully as if it had been made for you!

Focus on the best silhouette for your shape:

Here’s the part about narrowing down your choices to take the pressure off!

Knowing from the outset what you should be looking for in terms of the right silhouette will make your journey so much easier as you keep or discard ideas for dresses.

There’s a world of information regarding the right silhouette for your body shape on the internet so go to it! Try to narrow it all down as much as possible to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Remember to take your colouring into account:

The right colour wedding dress will add more confidence than you can imagine. Pure white is not the only choice you have, especially if you have a very fair skin that may look a bit washed out in white.

If you want to go completely out of the box, go for a bright yellow, blue or pink! It’s your day and you have every right to express the beautiful individuality that’s yours alone!

The shades of blues, ivory, Champaign, pink, salmon, red, grey and more give you the opportunity to choose the colour perfect for your skin tone. Make sure you shine on the day in a colour that shimmers beautifully on you.

Let Ever After Bridal take you on an unforgettably easy journey:

The team at Ever After Bridal are passionate about helping every bride to shine like a star on her wedding day, and they do it with absolute joy.

Once you have the basics in place, book the fitting and relax into their experience of dressing brides for close on 7 years, which will make the world of difference as you try on and discard your way to the perfect wedding dress.


Red flags to watch out for as you choose your bridal store.

Shopping for a wedding dress is nowhere near as easy or straightforward as it is when we go shopping for every day clothing.

This is a dress you’ll only be wearing once, and since this is probably your first time out, there are a few red flags to watch out for when shopping for your wedding dress in a bridal shop.

Knowing about these will save you time, heartache and money if you come to your first fitting well-prepared, so let’s look at a few of the red flags to look out for:

Lack of transparency about costs:

The first thing any bridal team should want to know is what your budget is for the wedding dress.  If they are an honest and down to earth bridal shop, they’ll also make sure that you figure in the costs of bridal accessories.

After all, you definitely don’t want to walk down the aisle without a veil!

If when you ask for a price on any gown there’s too much humming and hawing, know that you’re at the wrong place to make your dream wedding dress a reality.

A bridal shop assistant that values honesty and integrity is going to make sure that you don’t experience the pain of falling in love with a dress you want to try on, only to find that it’s way beyond your budget!

Read the fine print:

If a contract is involved in your purchase of a wedding gown, be absolutely certain that you read the small print so that you don’t end up paying for anything you weren’t aware of at the outset.

The contract should include everything pertaining to sizing and all alterations, down to the last stitch, so that you don’t have any nasty surprises on the day you collect your dress.

If you’ve been lucky enough to find a bridal shop you trust, you’ll find that the team working with you will be more than happy to help you understand the fine print clearly before you commit to it.

By the way, be sure to include shipping costs if you aren’t collecting.

Unnecessary alterations that drive up the price:

If you’re buying or renting a wedding dress, you’ll probably need alterations.  Whether it’s a simple alteration such as raising a hem or a little more complex, such as changing a neckline, its essential to feel that you can trust your bridal shop team not to take advantage of the fact that you aren’t a seamstress and have little, if any knowledge about the cost of alterations.

Alterations alone can amount to a nasty sum not budgeted for in the hands of unscrupulous wedding shops!

Pushy bridal staff:

You’re bringing your budget and vision of a dream wedding dress to the bridal shop team you’ve entrusted with this exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience, and no doubt you’ll also have a hundred questions you need answered during the process.

Passion, knowledge and experience are vital qualities to look for in your bridal shop team. This is what will make your experience a pleasure instead of a nightmare.

Even if your bridal team can’t answer all your questions, they should be able to find the answers based on their experience and connections in the industry, and they should do it openly and willingly.

You’ll be spending quite a lot of time in the bridal shop of your choice so make sure you’re comfortable with the team you’ll be taking this journey with.

If the bridal team is pushy, disregarding everything that’s important to you, down to the smallest detail, then bow out and take your business and dream elsewhere!

Let Ever After Bridal take you on the journey the right way:

The team at Ever After Bridal are the epitome of everything that smacks of passion, integrity, knowledge and experience, which is exactly what you deserve when purchasing your wedding dress.

Dive into a world of designer wedding dresses in Durbanville at Ever After Bridal, and come up looking like a princess as you glide down the aisle to join the love of your life.