Invest in your dream designer wedding dress with the team at Ever After Bridal!

Your wedding dress is unequivocally the most important investment you could possibly make towards looking like the bride you always dreamed you would!

The flowers can wilt, the menu can go a little awry or the ice sculpture melt, but none of these semi-disasters can hold a candle to knowing that you’re walking down the aisle in the designer wedding dress of your dreams.

When you get to the point where you’re ready to make that investment, do it with bridal consultants who take the meaning of what they do in dressing brides as a privilege, one that they’ve enjoyed for a long time.

One such team is the one that makes Ever After Bridal a fabulous success for any bride that dreams of a designer wedding dress straight off international runways, from France to London or Italy, crafted by some of the finest wedding gown designers.

These ladies do everything right to make each bride feel as extra special as she should, heading out on the rollercoaster ride to her final decision on the dress she falls in love with!

You are special to those at Ever After Bridal from the moment you cross the threshold of their door and into their world of fantasy, right up to the day your wedding dress is collected.

This is the type of experience you deserve on this once in a lifetime journey, so don’t sell yourself short by settling too quickly on where you choose to hire or buy your designer wedding dress in Cape Town!

The experience this team brings to bear for every bride in the making is one of the magic ingredients they use to help their clients find the right dress, honestly.

They will never say the dress is right if it isn’t either, based on their knowledge. You certainly deserve better than yes-men on your side when it comes to your wedding dress shopping experience!

By the time you get to the first fitting you’re probably already tearing your hair out over a million and one things you still need to get below the belt for the décor, menu, venue, music, oh and let’s not forget – finding the right shoes to match your Cinderella dream, but there’s hope yet.

If you’ve had an overload of looking at silhouettes, styles, colours and shapes of wedding dresses, dump the overload into the laps of the team at Ever After Bridal and let them help you to make some sense of it, so that your hair stays intact for at least this experience on the way to the altar!

There are colours, silhouettes and styles that have redefined the conventional idea of what a wedding dress should be, but, the only one that should matter to you is the one that makes you feel like a goddess.

So, if getting married in pearl grey, turquoise or ruby red wedding dress catches your fancy and expresses your individuality, give it all you’ve got! This team that’s passionate about turning you into a princess on your wedding day will be standing by in full support of your vision, all the way.

You want to look a vision as you float down the aisle to take prince charming’s breath away, and the family at Ever After Bridal want it every bit as much as you do, which is why they’d love to greet you at the start of this important adventure!



Don’t let others hijack your wedding dress shopping experience

So, your engagement was made official today, and before you can even absorb the enormity of it people will start asking about the date, a dread question for newly engaged couples.

But happen it will, with friends and family already plotting and planning things like décor, venue and menu long before you are ready for it.

And then there’s the question of the dress!

Oh the pitfalls here are legion! This one says you look stunning in this and another says not so, and this is when you really need to take charge, firmly, once fittings begin!

This is the once-in-a-lifetime dress for you and your opinion is tantamount to any other opinions, well-meant or not!

It’s not a bad idea to speak to a few ladies who’ve travelled down the same road your heading out on, just to get a good balance of what to do and what not to do.

Don’t let those with horror stories about their wedding dress shopping experience touch you in the least because that was their experience, this is yours, which will be infinitely different, armed with the good, bad and daunting opinions you’ll field to arm yourself for the journey.

Here are a few suggestions for retaining your right to choose your own wedding dress, your way!

Keep the entourage small and well-balanced

If you’re going to bring a few well-balanced friends along to fittings, make sure you select them well. You’ll need honesty from them, and definitely not the nasty kind!

In any event you’ll have experience on your side in the form of the team at Ever After Bridal to help steer you in the right direction, without helping you into a dress that’s just so wrong for you!

Ignore your budget at your own peril

This is a biggie that’s caught many a bride out in the enthusiasm and excitement of trying on wedding dresses.  Know your budget and discuss it with Ever After Bridal, so that they will care enough about you not to steer you to dresses that are way above what you intend to spend.

A little leeway for unexpected costs such as a few nips and tucks here and there, or other accessories you may need to add to the fitting experience. Once again, you can rely on the passionate team at Ever After Bridal not to push anything on you to up the bill to your detriment.

Don’t be afraid to try something different to what you had in mind

It’s here that many a bride has discovered that by keeping an open mind she has found that what she’d been looking for is completely different to the dress she falls in love with!

Be prepared to be surprised in the best possible way as you see the best possible reflection of yourself in the mirror, in a dress you’d never even considered!

Don’t forget the weather

Summer or winter, the season that will play host to your wedding will have a great impact on your comfort level. Instead of shivering through your vows on a chilly day or evening, plan on adding a little warmth to your shoulders by investing in a stunning stole, bolero jacket or perfectly styled cape for added dramatic effect.

Balmy afternoon or evening weddings in a warmer season may also call for a little lacy or embroidered cloud of comfort to protect you from the sun and dry air, especially if the wedding is taking place outdoors.

Take a stand on the dress you fall in love with, because no one sees the vision you have of what you’d dream of looking like on your wedding day, no compromises!

Contact Ever After Bridal to book your fitting for an awesome wedding dress shopping experience that won’t give anyone room to hijack your dream designer wedding dress journey!


Top designer wedding dresses for sale at Ever After Bridal in Cape Town

Whether you’re looking for a wedding dress to buy or to hire, you’ll find stunning designer wedding dresses gracing the racks at Ever After Bridal wear in Durbanville, Cape Town.

In their world of silk, satin and chiffon, every bride will feel as if they’ve stepped into a completely new world, one in which they can see their dreams of looking like a princess on their wedding day come true.

With names like Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram and Enzoani making this their home, there’s a designer wedding dress straight off the ramps of Europe to suit every bride, in every shape and every size.

These designers were chosen carefully by the team at Ever After Bridal, so that every style and silhouette is represented in the ranges of these designers, ready to walk down the aisle on a glowing bride.

After over nine years in the industry, the team at Ever After Bridal understand the pressure that’s created while a bride tries on dress after dress, in the hunt for her dream wedding dress, and they know just where to ease the pressure along the way, to make decisions a little easier for every bride.

As one of the top bridal wear stores in Cape Town, Ever After Bridal brings a wealth of experience into the journey each bride undertakes on the way to the dress of her dreams, and with this experience on offer, they’re able to relieve some of the stress that accompanies buying or hiring a wedding dress that’s made for you.

Honesty, integrity and transparency is evident in this team, which ensures that no bride will leave their shop with a dress that doesn’t do her justice, or bring out the unique style and beauty of every bride that steps into the Ever After Bridal store.

Having the undivided attention of this passionate team also means that you can trust them not to dangle dresses in front of you that are way over your budget.

As far as Ever After Bridal is concerned, the most important thing to them is that the silhouette and style of wedding dress you choose will be the perfect match for your shape and for your personality.

In a daunting experience such as shopping for your wedding dress, it’ll make a big difference to you if you’ve got a team on your side who’ll support you through all the ups and downs that come with finding a dress that takes your breath away.

After all, what you want is to take your Prince Charming’s breath away as he sees you gliding towards him on your wedding day, which makes it worth all the tears and laughter that’ll accompany your search for the dress!

Most of all, this is a journey that needs to be taken with a bridal team that you feel at ease with, especially since you’re going to be shedding your clothes as you move from fitting to fitting.  Being comfortable during your fittings is going to count a lot along the way to the ultimate dress.

Let the team at Ever After Bridal make shopping for your designer wedding dress an experience that’s adventurous and exciting, from the day you try on the first dress, until the day you collect the one you’ve always dreamed of!

This team of bridal consultants love what they do, and that love comes through clearly in the delight they feel at sharing this special journey with you, ending in your own happily ever after!

Laying the foundation well in preparation for the wedding dress you say ‘yes’ to

By the time you’re ready to start shopping for a wedding dress you’d have fallen hook, line and sinker for your Prince Charming, which means you’ll be looking for a wedding dress that’ll be equal to the moment you glide down the aisle looking like a princess, ready to say ‘I do’.

This experience of finding the perfect wedding dress will be the culmination of all your dreams of looking like a princess on your wedding day, wearing a fairy tale wedding dress that’ll make you look ethereal.

Since buying a wedding dress will be a first time experience for you, stepping into uncharted waters at the same time as you’re trying to keep your head during wedding planning, shopping for a wedding dress could catch you on the wrong foot without an experienced bridal consultant at your side.

Before you even step into the door of the bridal shop you’ve chosen, make a list of any questions that pop into your head, so that once you meet the bridal consultant who’ll see you through this experience, you’ll be able to ask, and have answered, every one of your questions and concerns.

You’re going to feel pretty overwhelmed when you step into the world of billowing white fabric, dazzling beads and eye-catching sequins, so the more prepared you are, the better the search will be.

Don’t surround yourself with yes people on this important journey

While you’re trying on dress after dress and feeling overwhelmed along the way, you’d be better off with a bridal consultant who won’t say yes to every dress you try on.

An open and honest bridal consultant won’t want you to go down the aisle looking anything less than a princess, which means there’ll probably be a few no’s along the way to your dream dress.

The same honesty is also required from your entourage. Just make sure it’s loving honesty you’ll get, minus any cynicism or underlying cattishness.

Don’t be afraid to try something a little different

It’s going to be of benefit to you if you can keep an open mind while trying on wedding dresses, just in case you say yes to something completely different to what you may have visualised.

Provided that the dress matches your budget, the team at Ever After Bridal may inspire you to try a wedding dress you may not have considered, but that you’ve fallen in love with!

This is a great way of making sure you don’t miss out on a magical dress you haven’t included in your research.

Some of the questions you need to answer for yourself on the way to the dress you say ‘yes’ to

  • Is the dress within your budget?
  • Is the colour and silhouette perfect for your skin tone and body shape?
  • Do you think you’ll lose the weight you hope to in order to fit into the wedding dress on the day? This is an important question to answer because this may be one of the worst times to try and lose weight.
  • Are you able to sit, walk and dance in the dress, taking into account the many hours you’ll spend in it on your wedding day?
  • Is the dress comfortable enough to give you the confidence you’ll need to shine on your special day?

Make a list of other questions you may have, to take with you to your fittings to give you a good guide towards laying a foundation that’ll make finding your dream wedding dress as stress-free as possible.

In a lot of cases, all it’s taken for that yes moment to happen is to simply fall in love with the dress! Your choice of wedding dress is not about looking for perfection, it’s about finding the most beautiful version of yourself looking back at you in the mirror of the dressing room!

If there’s one bridal team that would look forward to sharing this important journey with you, it’s Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town!

If this team thinks you may have left out a question or two, they’ll make sure it’s answered, with a wonderful sense of transparency that’ll make you feel safe in their expert hands on the way to your dream wedding dress.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when you’re ready to shop for your wedding dress

There’s no shopping experience that can be compared to the experience of shopping for your wedding dress, which makes it well worthwhile to keep your eye on any tips that’ll help to make the journey as easy as possible for you.

Yep, we all know that the hunt for the perfect wedding dress is daunting and requires great courage, but planning ahead as much as you can is going to take some of the pressure off.

It’s important to keep in mind that no matter how beautiful a wedding dress is, if you aren’t completely comfortable in it you’re not going to be sailing down the aisle as confidently as you should.

Comfort inspires confidence, which is a recipe that’ll make you glow as you get ready to commit your life to the partnership you’ve always wanted by marrying the man of your dreams.

Making your dream of the perfect wedding dress come true will be a lot easier if you’ve taken the time to get yourself organised before you head out for fittings, which is exactly what you deserve on this exciting journey.

Here are a few of the most basic things to keep in mind as you find your way to the wedding dress of your dreams:

Give yourself plenty of time

One of the first things you’ll do for your wedding is to find a venue, especially if you’re getting married in Cape Town, which is the wedding capital locally and internationally.

Waiting too long to book the venue may leave you out in the cold, considering that some of these venues are fully booked well into the future.

A bonus to locking down the venue is that you’ll be able to visualise the type of wedding dress that’ll suit you, the style of the venue and the mood you’re planning to set. This is one of the things that are well worth keeping in mind, along with making sure that the dress you wear is right for the season.

Starting the wedding dress hunt at least 6 months before the wedding is going to take a tremendous strain off your shoulders. It would be a heavy load to add to all the wedding preparations you’re in for if you’re still not sure of your wedding dress.

Pin it, snip it and save it

Be prepared to be inundated with images of stunning wedding dresses that abound on the internet and in bridal magazines, which can cause a lot of confusion in terms of sorting through them all for a dress to suit you and the mood of the wedding.

Narrow these ideas down as much as you can and save them where they’re easy to find before you head out shopping for the dress. Knowing more or less where you’re heading will help you to stick to your basic ideas about the style you’re looking for.

What could happen of course is that you may end up trying on a dress that’s completely different to those you’ve been attracted to, so keep an open mind about what’ll look beautiful on you.

Save time if you don’t have it

Not every bride has the time to get a wedding dress under the belt before the wedding day, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find the perfect dress for you.

If you’re pressed for time, then look no further than the divine designer wedding dresses on sale in Cape Town at Ever After Bridal wear!  This team makes it easy for a bride pressed for time to hire a wedding dress and still look like a princess in a designer gown.

Ever After Bridal also has a range of 2nd hand wedding dresses on sale, all of which look as if they’ve never been touched.

These wedding dresses range between R2000.00 and R11000, testimony to the fact that this passionate team of bridal stylists want nothing more than to see every bride in a designer wedding dress, no matter what the budget may be!

Once you’ve gathered as much as you can on your own about the wedding dress you think will make your dreams come true, let Ever After Bridal support you and guide you to the dress that’ll make all your dreams come true!


Choose your bridal store with care to avoid these pitfalls

You get bridal shops and then bridal shops, with the distinction being that one wants the best for you without taking you over your budget, while the other will fleece you wherever they can, tempting you with what you can’t afford.

Shopping for a wedding dress is daunting to say the least. And it’s nothing at all like going to your local clothing store for casual or elegant outfits, so not only do you need to do a bit of homework before you start trying on dresses, you’re also going to need an honest bridal consultant on your side.

Considering what a wedding dress can cost, and the fact that it’s for the most precious day of your life, it’s good to know what to be on the lookout for regarding the pitfalls and unscrupulous tactics that some bridal stores will use to increase their turnover.

One of the better known ways in which you can be pushed over your budget is for a bridal consultant to steer you towards trying on a wedding dress that may look exquisite on you, but is totally out of your budget.

This is a heart rending way to start the experience of shopping for a wedding dress, because that will be the dress you compare all others with from then on!

Keep a lookout for these pitfalls

Dodging the cost question

One of the first things any bridal consultant that’s on the up and up will do is to ask you about your budget, so that you aren’t led to dresses that are out of your reach budget-wise.

They’ll advise you to give yourself a little leeway just in case, but, they’ll never take you so far out of your budget range so as to steal your budget for a magical honeymoon!

When you go for your first fitting with the bridal consultants at Ever After Bridal wear in Durbanville, you’ll meet a team that cares enough to make sure you aren’t taken by surprise by any additional costs you haven’t budgeted for.

They have been doing this for over 9 years already, and with that much experience you can rely on them to help you remain focussed on wedding dresses that will match your budget as closely as possible.

It’s transparency about costs, among other things, that’s made Ever After Bridal one of the most sought after bridal stores in Cape Town. Honesty and integrity is the hallmark of the Ever After Bridal touch, and they’ll never point you in the direction of dresses or alterations that are way over your budget.

Reading the contract with the team at Ever After Bridal

The contract you sign when you finally find the wedding dress you say yes to will be one of the most important documents you’ll ever sign, and you need to understand exactly what it means.

The small print can be very confusing, however, the team at Ever After Bridal will be more than happy to go through the fine print with you, so that you won’t be facing any nasty surprises that may have been hidden in the contract.

If the bridal store you choose is not too keen on helping you to understand the fine print, gather up your stuff and move on. These are areas in which you’d like to know that you’re dealing with a team that believe in complete transparency throughout this exciting journey.

Beware extra alterations added to the bill

On average, most of us don’t know what alterations involve, nor do we know what they should cost, which leaves many a bride out in the cold, at the mercy of those who do know the cost of alterations in general and still overcharge.

The unscrupulous bridal store can easily mislead brides by claiming costs for alterations that haven’t even been done, or aren’t even necessary, and you deserve to know this before you sign on the dotted line.

Taking the journey to your dream wedding dress with the team at Ever After Bridal will be an experience you can trust, knowing that the last thing this team will ever allow would be to take advantage of the dreams of any bride.

Passion, knowledge and experience is at hand

Ever After Bridal is the essence of what it means to do something they’re passionate about, and they will not let anything get in the way of their unwavering commitment to see every bride in the designer wedding dress of her dreams.

This is a team that won’t push you around, say yes when it should be no, or gloss over the hundred and one questions you’ll probably have during the experience of finding your one-in-a-million wedding dress.

Enjoy shopping for your wedding dress at Ever After Bridal, without the added stress of having to dodge bridal stores that don’t have your best interests at heart, and see you only as their meal ticket!

What not to do during the week of your wedding

There will always be last minute things to tick on your wedding checklist, as you probably know if you’ve gotten through the list like a professional in the week before the ceremony. There are, however, a few things you really shouldn’t attempt in the week leading up to your wedding.

Here are a few ideas of what not to do during the week of your wedding that’ll lower your stress levels

Changing your hair style

If you’ve decided you want to do something different with your hair for the wedding, make sure you do it with enough time to spare to fix anything that could go wrong.  This includes trying out new hair care products and definitely applies to dying your hair.

Trying out new skin care products

The very last thing you want is to walk down the aisle with a rash or other side effects from using new skin care products. Stick to what you know and what makes you feel great already.

Also, if you’ve decided to have a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, don’t do it in the week leading up to the wedding!  This is the one day when you deserve to look like a truly glowing, beautiful bride and not one that’s been through the ringer.

Trying a new workout

Trying something completely new in your workout routine could lead to things like strain, sprain or sheer discomfort on the one day that you could really do without any added stress.

Imagine standing for hours chatting to guests with pain searing up your legs, or doing it with your wrist sprained.  This will no doubt feel like a new form of physical punishment when you least need it.

Trying to get a tan

No matter how much you’d like to add a tan to your glow on your wedding day, don’t go there! Leave that tan for the honeymoon rather than feeling and looking like a lobster as you say your vows.

And whatever you do, make sure you’ve coated yourself with sunscreen if you do spend any time in the sun.

Drinking your stress away

As tempting as a few or more glasses of bubbly or your favourite wine may be to ease the stress, don’t do it! Alcohol won’t only dehydrate you, it’ll also have a negative impact on the glowing skin you’d like to sport on your wedding day.

Not getting enough sleep

No matter how many last minute things you may still be checking off your list, get enough sleep! Sleep is an essential ingredient to look and feel good when the big day arrives. No doubt you’d prefer not to walk down the aisle with dark circles under your eyes!

Don’t overdo caffeine shots

Caffeine can make your already jittery nerves a whole lot worse and it’ll dehydrate your skin like alcohol does.  Be kind to yourself and stick to a very light caffeine intake in the week leading up to the celebrations.

Sweating the small stuff

Once the wedding is over you’ll think back on the small stuff that caused you so much stress and realise that it’s the fact that you’ve married your Prince Charming that matters most, and not the random small things that may have hiccupped before and after the ceremony!

If you’re not quite there yet and still need to find your dream wedding dress, start your journey to the dream come true at Ever After Bridal! This is where you’ll find the home of the most stunning wedding dresses to buy or to hire in Durbanville, Cape Town.


Welcome to the world of Ever After Bridal in Durbanville

The one thing every bride has in common is her dream of walking down the aisle on her wedding day looking like a princess.  There’s just no getting away from it, and every bride deserves to feel beautiful and confident in her wedding dress on what will be the day of all days.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you are welcomed into the world of Ever After Bridal, taking your first steps towards the dress of your dreams:

A labour of love

The team at Ever After Bridal were painstaking about the designers they chose to represent all that makes this bridal wear boutique the go-to place to find designer wedding dresses for hire or to buy.

Making dreams come true is all that matters to this team, and to this end they chose stunning ranges from Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram and Enzoani, all of which are waiting to be claimed by you.

Passion meets experience

These are two qualities that are in abundance at Ever After Bridal! After nine years of dressing brides, the passion shared by this creative team is as unwavering as it was when they first started out.  This is where dreams come true under the guiding hand of people who love what they do.

Understanding the journey

There is nothing jaded about the bridal consultants at Ever After Bridal.  Their understanding of the stresses and pressures that crop up for brides shopping for the perfect wedding dress makes the journey a little less daunting and a little more exciting.

Undivided attention

This is where time will be taken to give you the undivided attention you deserve. They’ll want to know as much as possible about your budget, what type of mood you’ve planned for the day and what the setting will be. This is all in order to make sure you are steered in the right direction according to your own vision for your wedding day.

A shoulder to lean on

The team at Ever After Bridal understands fully just how up and down the journey to your dream wedding dress will be, and they’ll laugh along with you at the high spots, and be a comforting shoulder on the days that are a little more on the down side, as it should be.

Support for your vision

The role Ever After Bridal plays in seeing you to the dress you’ll say ‘yes’ to, is to take your vision and ideas, and to help you choose the best dresses that suit that fairy-tale vision.

The end result

Ultimately, no matter how many dresses you fit or how many alterations need to be done, Ever After Bridal will give their all to see you down the aisle looking like a fairy princess on her way to say ‘I do’ to her prince charming!

Book your fitting and look forward to a warm welcome from a team who can’t wait to invite you in to their world of magic!



10 Mistakes not to make when shopping for a wedding dress

Shopping for your wedding dress is daunting, to say the least of what will culminate in your wedding day.  The panic that can ensue when you realise that this is a once-off kind of dress is perfectly normal.

Before you step out of the door make sure you’re armed with some facts about what not to do, which will prepare you to avoid some of the pitfalls other brides have been caught up in.

The pressure of finding the dress you’ll say yes to causes every bride a lot of stress, no matter how calm, organised or prepared you may be.

Here are some of the mistakes not to make when shopping for a wedding dress:

  1. Not trusting the professionals

If you really want professionals on your side you can’t do any better than at Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town. This is a team that has been responsible for dressing beautiful brides for over 9 years and their passion for making sure that any bride collecting her dress is as happy about it as she was at final fitting.

Having this much experience means that you will be dealing with a team that know what they’re talking about, which means you’re not getting a ‘yes’ bridal consultant that’ll say yes to every dress you try on.

A love for what they do shows in how much they focus on getting to know you, your shape and your personality, giving you their the full attention you so rightly deserve on a journey of such importance.

  1. Expensive isn’t always best

If you find a dress that doesn’t have a designer label or a hefty price tag but looks stunning on you, the rest doesn’t matter.  If you feel that no other dress will meet with how you look and feel on your wedding day, make it yours!

  1. Trying on too many dresses

If you’ve done your homework and have a basic idea of the styles you love best, try to plan for the minimal amount of styles you’ll try, or it could become even more confusing than it already is.

  1. Shopping to soon

The optimal time to shop for your wedding dress is once you’ve secured the venue and the theme for the wedding, so that the dress you wear is going to fit the occasion like a glove. A ball gown is definitely going to be on your list if you’ve set your heart on a beach wedding!

  1. Shopping for your wedding dress online

If you’re going to be buying your wedding dress online, you still need to try on different styles to see what suits you before buying, or you’ll be out of pocket by more than a few pennies! And you’ll be in tears on your wedding day and they won’t be happy tears either.

  1. Shopping too late

Not every bride has the luxury of time, but if you do, start looking up to nine months before the wedding, which allows for the bridal team to order the dress in your size or to make any alterations necessary for the perfect fit.

7       Buying a dress that doesn’t echo your personal style

If you’re personal style is classic, quirky and funky, or anything else that speaks volumes for your unique personality, don’t try to be something you’re not on your wedding day.  It’s your day to shine so don’t wear a dress that detracts from your personal style.

  1. Buying a dress that may not fit on your wedding day

We’d all love to think that we can lose a couple of pounds before the wedding day, but it’s not realistic, especially under the pressure of planning the wedding.

Try on dresses that are your size or you’ll be putting extra stress on yourself if you can’t reach the ideal weight before the big day.

The option of taking in the dress is going to be a lot easier than having to let it out again.

  1. Buying a dress you aren’t sure you love

If you don’t absolutely love the dress, move along. If there’s one thing most brides will tell you it’s that finding the dress will be an ‘aha’ moment like no other!

  1. Shopping without sticking to your budget

Don’t even try on a dress for fun if it’s way out of your budget! If it looks like your dream come true it’ll break your heart to say goodbye to it, and it’ll also have an impact on every dress you try on after it.

Stick to your budget and enjoy that dreamy honeymoon instead!

10     Turning your nose up at hiring or buying a second hand wedding dress

The costs of wedding dresses are more than a little pricey, but, if you come across a designer dress you absolutely love but don’t have the budget for, here’s an answer to your dreams.

Ever After Bridal has a stunning range of second hand designer wedding dresses to buy, as well as exquisite designer wedding dresses for hire in Cape Town.

This means that today every bride can wear a designer wedding dress, no matter what the budget is!

Your dream wedding dress is just a call away! The team at Ever After Bridal would love to meet you, and to join you on this exciting journey, so that the wedding dress of your dreams will be waiting for you at journey’s end.


6 Things you need to think about & bring to your wedding dress fittings

Arming yourself with the right goodies to take with to your fittings is going to make the pressure you’re already under a little lighter on the way to your dream designer wedding dress.

No matter how professional you may be about shopping for clothes, nothing can ever prepare you for the daunting feeling of finding a stunning dress you’ll only wear once, for the most beautiful day of your life.

If you’ve already reached the point that sees you heading out to hunt for your wedding dress, you’ll no doubt already have a pretty good idea when it comes to the style of dress that most appeals to you, and which you believe will make the most of your beautiful body shape.

With all of that in hand, here are 6 things you need to bring with to fittings & to add along the way

  1. The right underwear

Don’t bring your favourite granny panties to fittings!  If you’re going to wear something skimpier like a G-string, wear it as you would on the wedding day.

If you’re not certain yet about whether you’ll be going for a strapless dress or one with thin straps, it’s worth investing in a good bra for both styles.

  1. Shoes to match

Shoes have a huge impact on how your dress will look on you, so, if you’re going to wear heels on the day, invest in a pair that are the same height for what you’re planning to wear.

If you’re going for flats, stick to them through the fittings. This is going to keep alterations to the length of the dress at a minimum, which also helps to keep stress at bay.

  1. Pretty as a Princess

While there’s no need to go the makeup artist, putting on your best face for the fittings is going to make a big difference to how you see yourself in each dress you try on.

The same applies for your hair.  Whether you’re wearing it up or down, wear it that way during fittings to get the right look.

  1. Think bridal wrap or jacket

If you’re going to have a winter wedding, you may need to think about adding a bridal wrap or jacket to keep your shoulders warm before, during and after the nuptials.

Speak to the team at Ever After Bridal about finding the perfect wrap or bridal jacket to go with the dress you finally say yes to, to complete the picture.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you may prefer to wear a light wrap to protect you from the sun or any breeze that may come up during the ceremony.

  1. Think veil or hair accessories

There are more styles of veil than you may imagine as you begin the journey to the perfect designer wedding dress.  This is an important accessory to keep an eye on if you decide that you want to wear a veil. Remember that you’ll look no less of a bride if you decide to give the veil as miss.

If you decide that you’d rather go with a beautiful spray of flowers for the natural look, or with hair accessories that shimmer and glint in the light, there’s a tiara, crystal hair grips and any manner of hair accessory that’ll look stunning on you…and will give you sleepless nights as you agonise over the choice!

  1. If you’re going to toss your garter, double up

If you’ve decided that you want to toss your bridal garter at the reception, buy two, one to keep and one to give away.  Tossing the garter is your choice, there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to do it, but if you do, you may want to get a plainer version of the one you want to keep as your memento.

If you’d like to have supportive, experienced and passionate bridal consultants at your side for this momentous journey, please call Ever After Bridal for your first fitting, they’d love to see you to the altar in a stunning designer wedding dress.