How to Choose the Perfect Spring Wedding Dress

Your wedding is one of the most special moments you’ll have in your life. For some, that means, planning the perfect wedding and feeling like a princess on your big day. If you’re planning on getting married in Spring, here are some tips to help you design or even choose the perfect spring wedding dress.

Stay Warm as The Sun Sets

Within Cape Town’s springtime, although the daytime is a lot warmer, the evenings can still be cooler than what you’ve anticipated. As you can’t plan the weather around your big day, if you plan on getting married in spring, be sure to keep this in mind when designing your dress. You could check with your dressmaker if they can design a light throw to go over your shoulders for the evening time.

Incorporate Spring into Your Wedding Dress

It sounds obvious, but this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate the season within your wedding dress. Whether it’s throughout the dress or even just on the top of the dress, you can make use of a floral lace over your dress. This adds a substantial amount of elegance to the dress which you might not have had if you went with a plain dress.

Choose A Design You’ll Be Comfortable In

When choosing your dress, you’ll need to make sure you’ll be comfortable as you’re going to be in the dress for a substantial amount of time. When designing or even trying on dresses keep the following in mind:

  • Can you move easily and freely in your dress?
  • Can you sit in your dress?
  • Will you require assistance when going to the bathroom?
  • Will you need a clip on your dress for the train when you on the dance floor?

Contact Ever After Bridal Today

These are just some of the factors to take into consideration when choosing your dress for your spring wedding. If you require assistance with choosing the perfect dress, visit the tea at Ever After Bridal. With over half a decade of experience, they’ll be able to assist you with planning your big day.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Rebecca Ingram Wedding Dress

Choosing Your Wedding Dress has got to be one of the more exciting and special parts of planning your wedding. For many women, they’ve dreamt of this day for a long time and the type of dress they’ll wear. When choosing your dress, you want something which you’re going to feel comfortable in. If you’re uncertain as to what your dream dress should look like herewith are three reasons why you should consider Rebecca Ingram Wedding Dresses.

The Overall Fit of The Dress

These dresses have been designed to fit just about any figure. Most of the dresses within the Juniper Collection are designed to just fall onto the body and sit a bit loosely. Based on the design of the dress, it creates the illusion it’s a two-piece dress when it’s actually not. The bodice on most of the dresses in the collection are fitted whereas the skirts are loose fitting.

The Designs are Elegant and Timeless

A substantial amount of detail has been put into every dress within the collection. These small details such as the hand-embroidered bodices with lace, flowers sewed onto the skirt or even the diamante belts make the dresses look timeless and unique.

The Potential to Have A Custom-Made Dress

For some brides, their hearts are set on something they’ve seen in a boutique. The beauty of these dresses is, alterations can be made to the dresses should it not fit you perfectly. Should you want to customise your dress and combine different dresses, you can check if the seamstress is able to make the change.

Get Your Rebecca Ingram Wedding Dress Today

When choosing a wedding dress, every bride wants something which is unique, elegant and fits their body type. Therefore, you should consider a dress from the Rebecca Ingram collection at Ever After Bridal. With dresses in the range meeting a variety of body shapes and styles and tastes, you’re bound to find something you like. Contact the team at Ever After Bridal today to book your appointment.

Important extra’s to remember when you go shopping for a wedding dress.

We all know that buying the wedding dress of your dreams is a serious challenge for even the most organised bride.  Even though you’ve taken the time to comb through and bookmark dresses you love, in the right style for the shape of your body, you’ll still be trying on a lot more than just one dress!

Make sure you find a bridal shop in Cape Town such as Ever After Bridal Wear to start with.  This experienced, passionate team will make the experience a lot less stressful for you, offering fantastic support throughout the journey.

With a team like this at your side, you’ll be surrounded by people who love what they do, give you the undivided attention you deserve and be honest with you when you may need it most.

It’s not just the dress you’re shopping for, there is a lot more to put together to look like a princess on your wedding day than the beautiful dress you will wear only once, on the most important day of your life.

Here are a few extra’s you’ll need to complete a picture-perfect wedding outfit from head to toe:

  • Underwear:

Before for you even go to your first fitting, make sure you wear a bra that will suit the style of dress you have in mind.  In fact, if you aren’t sure whether you’ll be going for a completely strapless dress, or one with embellished straps, invest in both.

Nothing is worse than trying on your dream wedding dress with the wrong bra and have to pull, pin or tuck on your wedding day!

  • Shoes:

Shoe shopping before the fitting sessions start is essential.  Whether you’re going to wear flat shoes or high heels, even if you don’t find the perfect pair before fittings start, try to bring along a pair of shoes that will represent the height you’ve decided on.

Shoes make a big difference to the way that your wedding dress will look on you, and you’d no doubt like to get any alterations out of the way long before the big day!

  • Veil:

Yet another important factor to completing the image of yourself as a fairy-tale princess! Choosing your veil way ahead of your wedding day will make it a whole lot easier on you as you look for the perfect dress.

There are many more types of veils than you may imagine, and deciding on the right one to go with your dress is going to mean more trying on.

Take pictures of yourself in the dream dress you have found while trying different styles of veils, to make sure you’ve chosen one that adds a magical touch to the way you look when you walk down the aisle!

Remember to try and show up for bridal dress fittings with your hair in the style you’ve decided on, this will make finding a dream veil so much easier.

You’ll need to look at things like length, materials, embellishments and trims as you go through your options.

You’ll more than likely be adding hair accessories to complete the picture, so if you can get as close as possible to the type of accessory you’d like to wear, you’re in the pound seats!

  • Jewellery:

This is another biggie to plan long before the wedding day! Different wedding dress styles call for different jewellery, so, along with the veil, make sure you’ve got this lined up during fittings.

  • Bridal Garter:

Not to be forgotten!  A point to keep in mind is to buy a pair – one to keep and one to throw.  It’s a very sentimental thing that will mean a lot to you one day in the future.

On a final note:

Remember that if you’re undecided or wavering on any of these essential extra’s over and above your wedding dress, the team at Ever After Bridal shop in Durbanville, Cape Town, will be honoured to give you the benefit of many years’ worth of experience to make your choices far easier!

You will definitely not feel alone when you know you can count on this very special team to chip in with great ideas and suggestions!

If a white wedding dress doesn’t suit your complexion, change it up completely with a colour you love!

Well, we’ve hit the 21st century and wearing a white wedding dress is no longer demanded or expected. Thankfully, for brides who look a little paler than they need to in white, there are other options today!

So, what are the colour choices we have today for outrageously beautiful designer wedding dresses?

A whole lot more than ever before, that’s for sure!

Let’s look at a few of the colour choices in this line-up:

  • Muted Shades of Blue:

Very fair-skinned blondes who are planning on a wedding at the edge of the ocean look bright, fresh and utterly natural in the softest of muted blues.

White doesn’t always play well on very fair skin, especially when the wedding is planned for the afternoon, but add a bit of blue and you’ll truly be a blushing bride!

  • Shades of Oyster Grey:

Imagine it. Beautiful mocha or darker skin swathed in Oyster Grey! The contrast couldn’t be more stunning! Adding a touch of bright sparkly accessories and shiny, rich colours in your veil to be a dream bride that shines on your wedding day!

Metallics are no longer just for tasteful interior décor. The designer wedding dress scene has been completely revolutionised and dramatized by inviting metallic silver and gold into the picture for unforgettable wedding dresses!

  • Shine in Silver:

A silver wedding dress is an iridescent, glamorous look for any bride looking for an indescribably chic look!  Imagine what can be done with beading, edging and other embellishments in an even shinier silver!

No one sitting on either side of the aisle will be able to stop their jaws from dropping!

Note to all brides-to-be: whether it’s a silver, white, or blue wedding dress, every bride is the epitome of beauty as she sashays down the aisle to her dashing Prince Charming!

  • Glitter in Gold:

If you absolutely love gold, then a golden designer wedding dress will bring the gold from within you out into sheer radiance!

This rich, warm colour also deserves the very best in embellishments to turn you into a glittering Princess on your wedding day.  There is so much that can be done to turn either a metallic silver or gold wedding dress into a breath-taking vision on your wedding day that the possibilities are endless.

  • Mocha Brown:

This is a dark, bold and sultry look for any bride unafraid to ooze sensuality on her special, once-in-a-lifetime day!  The embellishments that can happen on this rich, warm colour are endless.  Keep it simple or go wild and add touches of gold or blue or…or…or dusky pink, it all depends on how you feel!

  • Wildflowers:

Whether you want to add embellishments and colourful wildflower embroidery to bring spring into your wedding dress, or add realistic flower appliques to any other colour you choose to wear on your wedding day, you will be a pure reflection of nature in all its glory floating down the aisle!

Speak to Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town, South Africa, to find out more about the magic they can help to create with beautiful designer dresses that fill their rails.

With this passionate team, anything and everything is possible.  Just bring your dream to them and they’ll make it a reality that will echo down through generations in your wedding album!

Here’s what you can expect when you’re looking for designer dresses in Cape Town from Ever After Bridal.

  • A team that’s been dressing brides for over seven years.
  • A passionate love for what they do to make every bride feel like the princess they always dreamed they’d be.
  • A delightful journey to the wedding dress of your dreams, through all the ups and downs, until the day you find the dress you fall in love with.
  • Wedding dresses that speak volumes in terms of quality and beauty.
  • A total commitment to personal attention every bride deserves on this very special journey.
  • 2 wedding stores filled with designer wedding dresses in South Africa – one in Durbanville, Cape Town, and the other in Nelspruit.
  • Designer wedding dresses from three of the top wedding gown designers worldwide, such as:


Ever After Bridal Wear stocks two ranges from this talented designer.  The ‘Beautiful’ Range is the epitome of understated, romantic elegance, making its name pretty self-explanatory!

Even with tasteful yet subdued embellishments to suit modern-day brides, this range comes with an affordable price tag for youthful brides.

Despite the affordability of these stunning wedding dresses, the detail, silhouettes and romance evoked by this range will turn any bride into a vision of beauty on their once-in-a-lifetime day!

The ‘Blue’ Range hanging on the racks of Ever After Bridal are also almost beyond description!  These dresses are pure luxury, crafted so beautifully that the fit and finishes are jaw-dropping!

‘Blue’ is all about intricate detail, Chantilly Lace, captivating beading and so much more, and there is nothing wanting in this range of wedding dresses for any modern bride who still wants to be a vision of old world romance.

Sophia Tolli:

The beauty of Sophia Tolli designs don’t need eloquence, they simply say, ‘Belle of the Ball’ for every bride!

From classic to couture, there is a silhouette to make the most of any body shape, from strapless ball gowns to A-line dresses, this is a range that spectrum from dramatic traditional drama to the soft femininity of sheer romanticism.

Maggie Sottero:

Simply put, wow!  This is an exquisite range of designer wedding dresses that will fulfil the dreams of every bride, from smaller sizes to those that make any beautiful woman with a fuller figure look like a dream, with no effort!

It’s actually impossible to describe the way that this range of designer wedding dresses that cross over from sheer simplicity to stunning detail. You simply have to see it for yourself!

Maggie Sottero keeps it all in the family by setting Rebecca Ingram free to go wild with her range of high quality wedding dresses that speak a thousand words about style at affordable prices.

This range echoes everything any bride could ever want to flatter her figure and create a soft illusion, embellished with flirty details to perfectly echo the dreams of every little girl wanting to look like a princess on her wedding day!

Ever After Bridal goes all the way to make your wedding dress dreams come true!

Without a doubt, you’ll find the wedding dress of your dreams among these stunning designer dresses at Ever After Bridal, and, this team takes it all the way in their willingness to make sure that if you find your dream dress. If you’d like it in a unique size or colour, it’ll be ordered directly from the designer without any quibble!

There is no bridge too far for this team to cross in order to make every bride’s dream come true!  Book a fitting and meet this exceptional team. Then you’ll understand why so many brides have entrusted their dreams to Ever After Bridal Wear!


A basic guide to budgeting for wedding dress costs.

Buying a wedding dress is a completely different experience to buying everyday clothing.  This is one dress you’ll be wearing only once on the day you meet your Prince Charming at the altar, which means that, either way, you will be spending a pretty penny!

Because wedding dress prices vary so much, you may find that the one you fall in love with costs a little more, or a little less than you budgeted for, and it’s going to take a lot of control not to be really sad if you can’t have it.

You really can look like a princess on your wedding day for less than you think, but you’ll need a bridal wear shop that caters to all budgets, and a committed team of experts to help you find your happy spot in terms of costs.

What are the things that contribute most to the cost of a wedding dress?

If you’re going for a lot of detail with things like beading and high-end fabrics like silk, the labour and material will definitely cost more than something a little simpler, but no less beautiful!

As an example, if you’ve set your heart on wearing a ball gown, it’s going to cost a lot more than a simpler sheath or mermaid wedding dress.

Other costs to plan for:

  • Alterations: Even if you are buying or hiring a designer wedding dress in Cape Town at Ever After Bridal, any alterations that need to be done will add to the price of the dress.
  • Accessories:

Shoes, veils, jewellery, hair accessories and lingerie need to be factored into the overall cost of looking like a dream on your wedding day.

  • Cleaning:

If you’ve decided to buy your wedding dress to pass down to future generations, cleaning it to preserve it beautifully for the future can be a rather large expense.  Find out about what cleaning will cost before the fact, so that you know what you need to plan for budget-wise.

Where can you shave off costs and still look like a princess?

Yes, you deserve a dress you absolutely fall in love with.  One that fits you to perfection and enhances your body type, but there are a few ways in which you can save and still find the dress of your dreams!

  • Try on dresses within your budget:

This already takes a load off your shoulders!  Stay away from wedding dresses that are above your budget, it’ll just break your heart to have to say no anyway.  It’s so tempting, we know, but be gentle with yourself and stick to your price range.

The passionate team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town, will do all they can to help you stay within your budget.

Having dressed brides for many year’s already, this attentive, experienced team will never push you over budget just to sell you a wedding dress well out of reach for you!

  • Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise:

Instead of heading towards expensive fabrics, beading and finishes, you can take the simplest of dresses and turn it into sheer magic simply by choosing the right accessories to bring it to life beautifully. Adding a sparkle here and there in the form of a beautiful broach, necklace or earrings can turn the simplest wedding dress into a stunning vision of perfection!

  • Find a dress that doesn’t need much in the way of alterations:

With the beautiful range of designer dresses at Ever After Bridal, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find your dream dress that comes straight from one of the collections on display.  The less you have to alter, the less it’ll cost.

Trust the professionals:

When people who love what they do, the way the team at Ever After Bridal does, you’ll be in the best hands possible when it comes to sticking to your budget, and still looking like a princess on your wedding day.

Call Ever After Bridal to arrange you first fitting and enter a world of wedding dresses designed by artists like Maggie Sottero, Enzoani, Sophia Tolli and Rebecca Ingram!

Ever After Bridal goes the full distance to make sure you get what you’re looking for in a wedding dress, and still outdo themselves!

Tips To Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress If You’re Pregnant

There are many couples who are doing things the unconventional way. Life as we know it isn’t the same as what is was many years ago where you first got married then had children. In some instances, there are couples who have fallen pregnant while doing their wedding planning. At the end of the day, you still need to make your wedding day as special as possible.

One aspect which will need special attention now that three of you will be walking down the aisle is your wedding dress. With many women feeling self-conscious about the way they look, you’ll want to ensure your wedding dress fits you at the stage of your pregnancy in relation to your wedding day. Herewith are some factors to take into consideration if you need to plan your wedding dress design while being pregnant.

Spend Time Doing Your Research

Call a few bridal boutiques to see if they can assist you with a dress while you are pregnant. You will need to bare your size in mind at the time of your wedding when giving them information. This will save both you and the bridal boutique some time. If they don’t have any dresses available what alternative can they assist you with through alterations.

Getting the Right Balance Between Hiding Your Baby Bump and Flaunting It

Some women don’t necessarily want their baby bumps to stand out on their big day. Therefore, it’s important to take your silhouette as well as the style of the dress into consideration when choosing a design.

For those who wish to conceal their belly a bit, a strapless waist dress with some lace might be a smarter dress option for you. For those women who want their baby bump to be a part of their special day, you can go with a more figure hugging dress with a band just below your bust to make it more defined.

Stop Stressing, Your Baby Bump Is Going to Get Bigger

Many women worry about if their dress will fit them by the time their wedding day arrives. Stop stressing! Of course, it will fit you, and if it doesn’t there is an easy solution. You can incorporate additional panels and layers of fabric into your dress to give you more room to move.

Comfort is everything when you are pregnant and it’s for this very reason we recommend you keep your dress design simple if you know you’re going to walk down the aisle pregnant. Remember to choose fabrics which are soft as you don’t want to make your dress too heavy and put strain on yourself.

These are just some points to bear in mind when choosing a wedding dress while you’re pregnant. If you need help with your selection, be sure to contact the team at Ever After Bridal. With their advanced knowledge in the industry, they’ll assist you in finding you the perfect wedding dress to ensure you and your bundle of joy are comfortable on your big day.

Tips To Take Into Consideration Before Hiring A Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping doesn’t have to be as stressful as people make it out to be. As long as you’re going in with a solid plan, this can be an exciting part of your wedding planning to tick off. Who doesn’t want to say yes to the dress? Most women are exploring the option of renting a dress as they don’t feel the need to keep their wedding dress. Here are some tips for you to take into consideration if you do decide to hire a dress for your big day.

Begin Your Wedding Dress Shopping Early

If you are uncertain as to the style of dress you want for your dress, it won’t harm visiting a few wedding dress boutique stores and trying on some dresses. This will give you an indication as to what fits the shape of your body. Once you have a clearer idea of what you want, you can start making your final choice on your dress. To ensure you have sufficient time to find the right dress, start shopping around for your dress at least 8 months before the time.

Get References From Friends and Family Who Have Gotten Married Recently

A good place to start with your wedding dress shopping is through your family and friends. Get in contact with people you know who have gotten married recently and see if they are willing to share the details of their wedding dress boutique. You can then visit one or two of these boutiques to see if there is anything there that catches your eyes.

Be Sure To Inspect The Dress and Read The Fine Print of Your Contract

Once you’ve found the dress of your dreams, be sure to inspect the dress with a fine eye. Every small detail on the dress should be checked for defaults or loose cottons. This ensures when you sign your contract for the dress hire, you know you are accepting a dress in perfect condition. Before accepting the dress, get a close friend or family member to take a look at the dress to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Contact Your Wedding Dress Boutique To Follow Up On Your Dress

For your own piece of mind, be sure to check in with the wedding dress boutique to ensure everything is still on track for your wedding dress hire. As mistakes do happen, if you follow up and discover something has gone wrong, it gives you the opportunity to get into motion with a plan B.

These are just four tips to take into consideration when hiring your wedding dress. If you getting married and looking for your dress, be sure to pop into Ever After Bridal and view their exclusive collection of wedding dresses.

Tips To Choosing The Right Dress For Your Winter Wedding

Many people will say getting married in winter is never a good idea and you should change your date. With the weather so unreliable, you basically setting yourself up for failure when it comes to planning your big day. This of course, isn’t true. Winter is the perfect time to plan a small, warm and intimate wedding for you and your husband to be.

With decor creating warmth, a winter wedding menu and the backdrop of a wine farm, your wedding can be as beautiful as you make it. There is of course a large amount of planning which goes into making the day special and an important part of this is how the bride and the groom look.

Designing Your Wedding Dress

At the top of any brides list is to find the perfect wedding dress. Something unique that will not only take your grooms breath away but also your guests. With winter being a unique time to host your wedding, here are some tips to assist you in choosing the right dress.

One way of incorporating the winter themed wedding into your dress is by making use of white lace. A trend which is fast becoming popular again for modern brides. There’s also the option of incorporating sleeves onto your dress.

The Inclusion of Faux Fur

If you’re looking for a way to add some warmth to your dress is through the addition of faux fur accents into your dress. As the weather might be unpredictable, you’ll want to make sure your dress is warm enough for you to still enjoy your special day.

Adding Long Sleeves onto Your Dress

This simple addition to your dress can make your wedding dress look completely different. Another sneaky technique to bring some warmth into your dress. This is also a trend which seems to be coming back into fashion for wedding dresses. Don’t be worried about this making your dress looks old fashioned, you can give your dress a lower neckline or make minor adjustments to the back of your dress.

Bring in An Element of Glamour into Your Wedding Dress

When deciding on the finishes for your dress, consider adding silver embroidery and beadwork into your dress. If you want to do more than this, you can make use of crystal beading on the bodice of the dress. This will make your look like a princess.

These are just some of the ways in which you can bring the winter theme into your wedding dress and set the tone for your special day. If you’re in the market for a wedding dress, be sure to contact Ever After Bridal. With their combined years of experience, they’ll help you create your dream wedding dress.

Preparing Your Wedding Dress For Your Destination Wedding

Having a destination wedding is stressful but exciting all at the same time. With so many things to coordinate and ensure are complete by the time you board your flight or make the drive to your destination. From the venue decor, guests arriving at different times, caterers and making sure everything is set with your bridal party, there’s a large amount of ground to cover.

Speaking of your bridal party, there’s always that slight chance someone might forget something, or outfits get damaged while in transit. One outfit which we can’t afford having this happen to, is the brides wedding dress. Regardless of the amount of money spent on the dress, transportation of the dress is a very important job.

The Timing of Getting Your Dress Cleaned

Most people will get their dress cleaned before the wedding. If you must travel with your dress, be sure to liaise with your dressmaker as to cleaning instructions for your dress. Book a dry-cleaning facility as well as a precautionary measure. That way if there are any outfits within the bridal party which got some dirt on it while in transit, they can be cleaned in time for your big day.

Get the Dress Packed for You

Once you’ve completed your final fitting, get your dressmaker or bridal boutique to pack the wedding dress for you. This should ensure its packed correctly and the chances of it getting damaged are minimal.

Packaging Your Wedding Dress, Yourself

If you’ve forgotten to arrange for your dress to be packaged in preparation for your trip, we’ve put together a list of steps for you to follow to ensure your dress is packed correctly.

  • Get yourself a travel box for your wedding dress
  • Pick up some acid free tissue paper to line the inside of the box
  • If your dress has a train, place this into the box first with some tissue paper over the train and tuck it in.
  • Place the rest of your dress into the box ensuring the bodice is facing the top
  • Place more acid free tissue paper over the top of the wedding dress
  • Place your veil on top of the tissue paper
  • Secure the box for transportation

Besides for committing yourself to the love of your life, your wedding dress is an important aspect of it. When packing everything for your wedding, you can place the hoops of your dress (if you have any) into separate packaging. You’ll need to remember to check with the airline you are flying with to see what their hand luggage limitations are for you to take the dress on as hand luggage.

The biggest regret some brides have had was putting their wedding dresses into their suitcase and this is with good reason. There’s always the chance of your bag not arriving and if you haven’t sealed your liquids tightly, it might have leaked onto your dress. If you do need to make use of a suitcase for your wedding dress, be sure to line the inside of your suitcase with waterproof material and have your bag covered when you get to the airport.

Take Care with Handling Your Wedding Dress

If you are planning a destination wedding and are on the hunt for the most appropriate dress for the occasion, be sure to visit Ever After Bridal Wedding Boutique. With many years of experience in the industry, not only will they assist you in finding your dress, but they’ll help you make sure it arrives at your wedding destination ready for your big day.