Avoid these pitfalls by choosing your bridal store with care

Unfortunately, as in any industry, you get the good guys and the not-so good guys in terms of bridal stores in Cape Town, the distinction being that one will give you the best while respecting our budget, and the other will happily fleece you wherever possible.

Considering how costly a wedding dress is, especially in an economy that’s dead, you’ll be doing yourself a favour by knowing what to be on the lookout for in terms of possible pitfalls and unscrupulous tactics that some bridal stores will use to increase their turnover.

Shopping for a wedding dress is not your average everyday experience, so do a bit of homework before you start trying on dresses and make the deal with yourself to make sure you choose an honest bridal consultant to stand by you on this journey.

If you’re not strict about your budget, you can be pushed over your budget by bridal consultants who will steer you towards wedding dresses that are exquisite but completely out of your budget.

This is not the way to start the experience of shopping for a wedding dress, because the expensive dress you have to put away could well be the dress you compare all others with from then on in, which makes it more difficult for you than you deserve!

Keep a beady eye out for a few of these pitfalls:

Not getting honest answers about costs

If a bridal consultant is on the up and up, she’ll ask you about your budget, so that she won’t lead you to dresses that are out of your reach financially.

She will probably advise you to add a little extra to the budget for incidentals such as accessories or a few realistic alterations, just in case, but, not with the intention to take you so far out of your budget range that your magical honeymoon gets stolen from you, little by little.

Its honesty, integrity and transparency about costs, among other things, that’s made Ever After Bridal Wear one of the most sought after bridal stores in Cape Town, which is exactly what you need from the team taking this journey with you.

The small print on the contract

You need to understand exactly what the contract you sign for your wedding dress means, and, the small print can be very confusing when you least need it.

Don’t fret about it though because the team at Ever After Bridal will be take the time to go through the fine print with you, so that you won’t be facing any nasty surprises that may have been hidden in the contract.

Don’t deal with a bridal store that doesn’t give you any assistance in any of these areas. This is where you deserve to know that you’re dealing with a team that believes in complete transparency throughout this exciting journey.

Don’t let anyone force unnecessary alterations on you

Because on average we’re pretty much in the dark where it comes to alterations and what they cost, we are at the mercy of those who do know, and who know exactly how to overcharge on items like this.

Taking the journey to your dream wedding dress with the team at Ever After Bridal will be an experience to enjoy with people you can trust, knowing that the last thing this team has no desire, or reputation, for taking advantage of the dreams of any bride.

The best in designer wedding dresses awaits you here

The team at Ever After Bridal in Cape Town won’t let anything get in the way of their unwavering commitment to see every bride in the designer wedding dress of her dreams.

They most certainly won’t push you around, say yes when it should be no, or gloss over the hundred and one questions you’ll probably have during the experience of finding your one-in-a-million wedding dress.

Enjoy shopping for your wedding dress at Ever After Bridal, without the added stress of having to dodge bridal consultants who don’t have your best interests at heart, and see you only as their meal ticket!

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