Choosing a wedding dress that suits your personality

Your unique personality is what has to make its mark on everything you choose to wear on your wedding day, from the dress to the accessories and theme.

It’s your very special day, and it’s who you are that needs to shine through, which is what is going to create a beautiful thread that runs through the mood and theme you’ve chosen to set the tone on your wedding day.

Whether or not you choose to incorporate more than just one style into your wedding dress, there are a few basic styles that can be categorised as follows:

The Dramatic factor

This is all about being adventurous enough to wear the latest style in order to make a wow statement as you glide down the aisle. You can be as dramatic as you like, taking ideas from the latest fashion being shown on international runways. Choosing a floating creation in red or blue for instance, is definitely going to make for a dramatic entrance.

The Contemporary factor

The contemporary bride is adventurous enough to mix the dramatic with the classic look, adding all the finishing touches that will celebrate the combination of the latest fashion with a completely modern look.

The Classic factor

The classic wedding dress is an expression of the feminine look, sheer, sophisticated and timeless, which is perfect for the more formal wedding setting.  Understated elegance speaks volumes for any bride choosing this style.

The Creative factor

Put together something old and something new, using different combinations of textures, accessories and colour, in fact, this is for the bride that loves the bohemian look to compliment her unique personality.

Anything really goes, the only limitations to wearing a truly creative look is the imagination!

The Natural factor

This is a style that expresses simplicity for brides getting married in less formal settings. The dress will be a picture of simple lines with the focus placed more on things like the neckline, accessories and hairstyles.

If the beach or mountain top is the setting for the wedding, then the natural bride will go for stylish minimalism.

The Romance factor

The romantic style is perfect for the woman who’s been dreaming about looking like a princess on her wedding day since she was a little girl! The dress will reflect everything that is soft and dreamy, covered in beautiful embellishments added to the luxurious fabrics that’ll make up the dress.  Romance is also best expressed with the addition of beautiful sparkly details – watch out Swarovski here she comes!

The Vintage factor

What a beautiful way to celebrate fashion that goes back to the Victorian era. Beads, pearls, crystals and lace are the finishing touches to a Victorian style wedding dress.  The dress has to have retro accessories that perfectly match the style of dress, and since this is a style that is now being played out on fashion runways, ideas are easy to source to complete the vintage look.

Let Ever After Bridal be your helping hand

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