Being comfy in your wedding dress will make you supremely confident on your wedding day

You’ve dreamed of your fairy-tale wedding since you were a little girl, imagining your prince charming transfixed by the vision you’ll be as you approach him down the aisle, taking his breath away, but none of us thought about the practicalities that would come about when we finally found our prince charming and have to start shopping for the dress!

You may find yourself bombarded with questions like; are you going with a fish tale, ball gown, dramatic or super sexy dress? Or; ‘what colour will suit your complexion best’. There’ll also be questions about the shoes and underwear you’ll be wearing – none of this featured in any of those little-girl fantasies, that’s for sure!

The reality is a lot different to the daydreaming, and, without the support of a bridal shop that offers everything from stunning designer dresses to a team able to deal with all the alterations, nips, tucks, frills and laces to be added, it can be more difficult than need be.

This is what the team at Ever After Bridal is dedicated to; making the journey to the perfect wedding dress one where every bride has the full support and undivided attention of people who do what they love most, turning brides into princesses!

If anyone can make finding your dream wedding dress a lot more fun and a lot less stress, then this team can! Having dressed many brides in the ten years since they opened their doors, this team has maintained a single minded determination to bring the greatest joy to each bride they journey with.

Before we go into why it’s essential for you to be absolutely comfortable in your wedding dress, it needs to be pointed out that Ever After Bridal has the most exquisite range of designer wedding dresses to hire or buy, giving every bride, with every budget in mind, the opportunity to wear the best on her wedding day.

Designers Maggie Sottero and her latest discovery, Rebecca Ingram are names that fill the top rungs of wedding gown designers worldwide, and not for nothing, as you’ll find if you take the time to explore the online portfolio of their creations at Ever After Bridal!

There’s nothing worse than wearing any outfit, for any occasion, that’s so uncomfortable you can’t wait to get home and rip it off, and to do this with your wedding dress is going to be even worse!

The practicalities of being able to sit, dance or even go to the bathroom all need to be checked as you try on and discard dresses – if you can barely move or breathe in your wedding dress, you’re going to be more focused on the discomfort than on the priceless beauty of this once-in-a-lifetime day. You may even feel like wincing every time you look at the dress in your wedding album!

You deserve far better than that, so, choose a style that enhances everything that is unique about you, from your shape to your colouring, but do it so that you’re comfortable enough to radiate a confidence that will make you shine brighter than a diamond on your wedding day!

Contact the team at Ever After Bridal to be a warm shoulder of support and wise voice of experience, driven by passion as you work towards making your dreams a reality!