Cost pitfalls to avoid when looking for the right bridal wear store in Cape Town

By the time you head out for the first fitting of wedding dresses, you’ll probably be a pro about what to take with, who to take with and what you may need to plan for, however, you may need a little help to avoid a few of the pitfalls that could lay in wait for you as you look for the right bridal wear store to trust with your dreams.

A few of these pitfalls to look out for include:

Lack of interest in your budget

If you get to the first fitting and find that your bridal consultant has little or no interest in the limitations of your budget, you’ll find it difficult to negotiate your way to the dresses that meet that budget.

A bridal consultant who takes you through your budget carefully right from the start is one who puts your welfare above all else. She will know exactly what it means if you start heading for dresses out of your price range, and will help to steer you back to the right place to find your dream dress.

The cost dodge

There are many little things you may not have considered and taken into account at the time the budget for your dress was settled on, and, if the consultant doesn’t bring up some of these, you’ll again be looking at spending far more than was planned.

The ideal bridal consultant will fill you in on all these bits and pieces that could add up quite a bit at the end of the day, especially in the area of bridal accessories.

Honesty and integrity is an essential element in the team that will be dressing you for your wedding day, and this kind of bridal consultant will make absolutely sure that you aren’t steered towards dresses that are way above your budget.

Cost of alterations

In general, if you’re buying or hiring a designer wedding dress off the rack, you’re probably going to need an alteration here and there to create the perfect fit, and this is where unscrupulous bridal stores can also drive up costs.

A true artist who loves dressing brides will make sure to point out what kind of alterations you may be looking at when you find the dress you fall in love with, and, won’t hold out when it comes to what costs may be involved.

If it’s just a matter of raising a hem, it’s not a major issue, but, since most of us aren’t seamstresses, you need to feel that you can trust your bridal consultant to be open and honest with you here.

Avoid the bullies!

You’ll know really quickly whether you’re dealing with a consultant who wants only the best for you, or one that’s more interested in the cheque you’ll have to sign before you start out.

If you keep being pushed towards dresses that aren’t in line with your budget at all, move along swiftly.  Don’t let anyone bully you into trying on dresses that‘ll only break your heart when you discover that they’re completely out of your price range!

Let Ever After Bridal Wear show you the way, with integrity

With over ten years’ worth of experience, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town, will guide you with honesty and integrity to your dream wedding dress, with absolute respect for your budget.

The passion of this team when it comes to making sure that their brides walk down the aisle in a designer dress they’ve always dreamed of, is legendary among their previous clients.

This is a team you can trust with your dreams from the moment you walk into their beautiful world of choice designer wedding dresses, without a doubt.

Book your fitting today to meet an awesome team that’ll make sure you don’t fall into any traps on your way to the altar, in the dress of your dreams!

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