Don’t be afraid to say yes to a wedding dress that doesn’t set you on fire immediately!

…And don’t worry about the fact that it may not resemble any of the dresses you’ve pinned and clipped on your search for the one you’ve dreamed of!

Keeping an open mind is absolutely necessary, if you can. If you’ve got Ever After Bridal on your side, they’ll be sure to steer you to a designer wedding dress that suits your budget and lines up with what you want.

However, since this team has been dressing brides for over 9 years, they can look at it from a more objective perspective and may surprise you with the odd wedding dress they nudge you to try on.

It may be one that looks completely different to what you’d seen yourself in, but that makes you come alive as a bride when you try it on.

The mermaid style you fell in love with may fall away when you stand in front of the mirror in a dramatic ball gown, or vice versa, so an open mind is a healthy attitude to take with to fittings.

You can be absolutely certain that this team will not steer you towards a dress that’s no good on you and that takes your budget way over its limit.

By the way, this doesn’t in any way mean that you must head out shopping for a wedding dress without having any idea at all about what you’re looking for!

And the ‘aha’ moment?

You may have that ‘aha’ moment by the time you try the third dress on, but don’t bank on it happening! Sometimes it’s the dress you need to allow to simmer in your imagination that gives rise to that absolute moment when you say yes to the dress.

Falling in love with a wedding dress that starts with a slow burn can easily, given a bit of time, become a full-blown, passionate love affair that fires up all your synapses.

Be patient with yourself and be willing to take your time about this incredibly important dress, after all, you’re only going to be wearing it once, so it’s worth it.

Try not to fit too many dresses either. This could lead to the type of confusion that completely overwhelms you, and that’s not what shopping for a wedding dress should be.  It’s a daunting enough challenge to take on, without complicating it even further!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself about the dresses you try on:

  • The question of the budget! Nasty little word, but if you are realistic and bring your budget to the team at Ever After Bridal, they’ll make sure that you won’t be trying on dresses that are completely out of reach, according to the budget. Putting a dress back on the rack after you’ve fallen in love with it is heart rending to say the least, so don’t go there!
  • What about comfort? Real confidence as you walk down the aisle or sit at the reception comes with being utterly comfortable in your wedding dress. Check your comfort level in every dress you really like.  Do a few twirls around the floor in the bridal store so that you know you can move in it comfortably, take a seat and even head for the ladies to make sure you that when nature calls, as it often does when we’re really nervous, you’ll be able to answer it!
  • If you have to lose weight to wear the dress, you’re going to be placing yourself under immense strain leading up to the day, and since planning the wedding is big enough, be kind to yourself by fitting dresses that fit you properly from the outset.

Tuck all of this under the belt as you head out to fittings at Ever After Bridal, so that this team, passionate about dressing brides, can take the journey to your dream wedding dress right at your side!



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