It’s not always love at first sight that leads to a dream designer wedding dress!

Keeping an open mind is a positive step towards finding a wedding dress that suits your style, personality and budget perfectly. You may just find that you begin a slow, smouldering love affair with a dress that doesn’t set you on fire immediately, but that grows on you until you really fall in love with it.

It’s not always love at first sight!

If you’ve chosen the team at Ever After Bridal Wear to offer you their objective, experienced perspective, you may be very pleasantly surprised when they give you a gentle nudge to try on a dress you may not have looked at out of personal choice.

It may be one that looks completely different to what you’d planned, but it could be the one that makes you come alive as a bride when you actually try it on.

With this team of bridal consultants you can be absolutely sure of one thing and that is, that they’ll never steer you towards a dress that’s no good on you or that sends you way over budget!

Don’t bank on the ‘yes’ moment!

Don’t bank on having a yes moment as you fit dresses. In some cases, you may find a dress you want to allow to simmer in your imagination for a while, a while that may lead to the moment you say yes!

You’re only going to be wearing this dreamy dress once, so, be patient with yourself. Take your time about choosing this once-in-a-lifetime dress; after all, you’re only going to be wearing it once!

It may not be easy, but, try not to fit too many dresses, as this could lead to the type of confusion that completely overwhelms you, and that’s not what shopping for a wedding dress should be.  It’s a daunting enough challenge to take on, without complicating it even further!

Here are a few questions to think about as you fit dresses:

Can you lose that weight in time?

If you start fitting dresses that are too tight because you want to lose weight before you have to wear it, don’t! Planning the wedding and finding the perfect dress is more than enough stress to deal with, be kind to yourself and celebrate your natural assets by choosing the right dress to hide what you want to hide and show off what you want to show off!

Be realistic about your budget

At a time of global recession, budgets have shrunk for most, which means that you need to be as realistic as possible about your budget from the get-go. Share it with the team at Ever After Bridal and they’ll make sure that you won’t fit dresses that are beyond the reach of your budget. Putting a dress back on the rack after you’ve fallen in love with it is heart rending to say the least, so don’t go there!

Make sure you’re comfortable

Everyone is jittery on their wedding day, but the one guarantee you can have about exuding real confidence as you walk down the aisle, is to make sure you’re comfortable in your wedding dress! You’ll be wearing it for a while, which makes it worth sitting and walking around the bridal shop in each dress you fit that you love.

Let the team at Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town, share 10 years worth of experience with you as you take the journey to your dream designer dress with people passionate about dressing brides!


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