Finding a designer wedding dress in Cape Town can be great fun when you start right here

Despite the fact that you’ve probably done a lot of homework and have an overstuffed portfolio of ideas about the dream wedding dress you’re looking for, you’re still going to be facing one of the most daunting shopping experiences ever, but, if you start with the team at Ever After Bridal Wear, you’ll find that this team goes all out to make it as fun as possible.

Once you start fitting dresses it can be a lot more overwhelming than putting all your ideas together was, however, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear pulls out all the stops to make sure that confusing moments become moments that can be laughed away.

There’ll be the expected highs and lows during the process of fitting and discarding dresses, falling in love with some and thoroughly disappointed with others, but this is a natural thing to happen on a journey of such important. These ladies know that it won’t be an easy decision, but after ten years of dressing brides, they know how to ease some of the pressure on you.

You can look forward to loads of support and encouragement from these wise professionals who are passionate about seeing bridal dreams come true, and because of this attitude towards what they do, they’ll make it a little easier on you through their expertise when you’re faced with such an overwhelming range of stunning designer wedding dresses on display!

The ranges of designer wedding dresses you’ll be choosing from come from the studios of international designers Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram, and, with the help of this awesome team, you’ll come out at the end with your dream wedding dress.

You can buy designer wedding dresses or rent a designer wedding dress at Ever After Bridal Store in Durbanville, Cape Town, which is great for brides who don’t plan to pack their wedding dress away, or who may be saving for the new life they’re starting with their future hubby!

You’ll also find stunning, as-new second hand designer wedding dress on sale at Ever After Bridal, ensuring that they cater for every budget and every bride.

With what the COVID-19 pandemic has done to the economy, which was already bad to start with, many brides no longer have the option of buying a wedding dress, and are now following the trend by hiring their wedding dress.

The memories will still be stored and on display in your wedding photos and videos, so you’ll always be able to go back to see just how beautiful a bride you were! If you are hiring a designer wedding dress, make sure you chat to the team at Ever After Bridal Wear about the professional cleaning costs you’ll need to tag onto your budget.

No doubt you want to look like a princess as you float down the aisle, in which case, contact Ever After Bridal to book a fitting that’ll lead to seeing your dreams come true, with a caring team that really loves what they do!

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