Finding the perfect wedding dress for a South African winter wedding

Most people consider a summer wedding because that’s kind of the way it’s always done, but a wedding in winter in South Africa is absolutely as spectacular.

We don’t have snow that keeps everyone indoors, sometimes because they really are snowbound and can’t even get out of their driveways, but with our mild climate, a winter wedding will be as perfect, if different, to a summer celebration.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress for a winter wedding, to make sure you not only look like a dream, but that you’ll be warm and comfortable.

Being comfortable in your wedding dress is key to having absolute confidence as you glide down the aisle on your big day, which in turn makes you look like a dream vision to your Prince Charming.

The team at Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town, will make sure that you sit in the dresses you try on, and take a couple of twirls in them, to get the feel of the comfort level.

The fact that you’re going to be spending more than just a few hours in your wedding dress means feeling comfortable and beautiful, at the same time!

Standing, walking and sitting while you’re shivering, with your lips turning blue, will definitely not be the way you want to remember the most important day of your life!

Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a winter wedding dress:


Most brides dream of wearing a beautiful strapless wedding dress, but with winter chills in the air, this may not be the most comfortable option, especially if you’re going to be spending any time outside, even if it is in a warmed up marquee.

Stunning sleeves

A wedding dress with sleeves is a great place to start when you shop for a dress to keep you warm and looking stunning. Sleeves make your arms look great and allow you to wear a bra instead of the less attractive strapless counterpart, which is something a lot of us really don’t mind!

Cloaks and shawls

If you’re determined to look beautiful and be extra warm, add extra warmth and another dimension of luxurious glamour by wearing a cloak that matches your dress perfectly.

There are so many ways in which a cloak can be finished off to add stunning effect that it’ll probably be one of the most fun aspects of planning the finishing touches to a winter wedding dress.

Adding a shawl, if you don’t want to wear a cloak, is as good an idea as a cloak is, and as beautiful, matching the fabric of your dress.

While your legs will be warm under the layers of the dress, it’s always the upper half of the body that may bear the brunt of a chill in the air.

You may want to be careful about the shoes you decide on too, pretty strapless shoes will leave your feet freezing.  Perhaps opting for closed, equally stunning shoes would be a better option.

Furs, gloves and sequins

A beautiful fur stole in a colour that adds warmth and depth to your wedding dress won’t cover you completely, but it’ll keep out the cold, without making you look bulky in the dress of your dreams.

Gloves are an elegant statement that’ll keep your hands warm after the romantic, precious moment that your Prince Charming slips the wedding ring onto your finger!

You can also consider going for glamorous sparkly effects by adding a beautifully sequined jacket to your already stunning wedding dress, it’ll really keep you warm and add dramatic flair to your look.

Once you’ve made the appointment for your first fitting at Ever After Bridal, you’ll meet a team with 9 years’ worth of experience waiting to make sure you land the wedding dress of your dreams for a winter wedding in South Africa.