Let the team at Ever After Bridal Wear share your joy at finding a dream wedding dress

Going above and beyond comes naturally to the passionate, talented, imaginative and experienced team at Ever After Bridal, especially after having dressed hundreds of brides in over ten years already!  To this team, playing such a vital role in making the journey to the wedding dress of your dreams an experience of pleasure rather than one of extreme stress, is considered an honor every step of the way.


Finding your dream wedding dress should be an exciting adventure with people who really love what they do, and to whom helping you to become the princess you always dreamed of is the greatest gift and reward for the care this team puts into what they do.


Nothing is too much for the combination of unique talents each member of the Ever After Bridal team brings to their role. From fittings and adjustments, to finding the perfect shade of dress in the style you would like to try on, you’ll have support from an awesome team to whom you always come first.


You will have the undivided attention of the Ever After Bridal team throughout your experience, and you’ll find that going the extra mile takes on a whole new meaning for this passionate team!


Ever After Bridal has a dress for every budget. This means that whether you buy your designer wedding dress or hire it, you’ll still be wearing the dress of your dreams on your special day, feeling and looking just like the princess you deserve to be.


The caring and joyful attitude at Ever After Bridal has brought many past clients back to their door to share beautiful wedding albums with the team, making every step of the journey an absolute honor for these ladies. There is nothing that brings them more pleasure than welcoming a new bride-to-be into their world of beauty.


Let your journey to your dream wedding dress begin and end with the passionate team at Ever After Bridal, you will only look back on it with pleasure!

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