Here’s what you need to know before you start trying on wedding dresses.

Being prepared in advance is going to make shopping for your wedding dress a lot easier than it would be otherwise.

If you’ve already scoured bridal magazines and bookmarked wedding dresses online, you’re on the right track for stress-free success.

How to prepare for the journey to your dream wedding dress:


The last thing you want is to get to your wedding day only to find that the bra you’re wearing spoils the fit of the beautiful wedding dress you’ll be wearing!

The right bra can make all the difference.  A strapless bra, or one with clear straps is one of the best investments you’ll make towards finding the perfect wedding dress.

To look like a princess you need to feel like one, inside out, and feeling like a princess starts with comfort in what you’re wearing, which leads to the confidence any glowing bride deserves to feel on her special day.


If you’re planning on wearing heels, make sure the heel you wear to the fitting will be the same height as what you’ll wear on your wedding day. If you try to do the fitting with flat shoes it’ll spoil the visual effect of every dress, even the one you fall in love with!

It’s pointless going to fittings with flat shoes if you’re going to be wearing high heels, and vice versa.


Makeup is a must, no matter how little you wear.  Fluorescent lights shining down on a sea of white satin and lace will make you see any minor flaws and shadows under your eyes that aren’t normally visible to you.

You don’t have to plaster the makeup on, just enough to make you feel good and give you colour in the brilliant white of a bridal shop.


When you start going to fittings, try to wear your hair as close to what you’re planning to wear on your wedding day.  The makeup and hair combined will make a big difference to the way you see yourself in all the dresses you’ll try on.  It’s worth the effort, especially when you get to the day when you fall totally in love with the dress you know is a resounding yes!

The fitting:

Once you start trying on wedding dresses, make sure you try them out for comfort.  The last thing you want is to be completely uncomfortable on the day should shine like a princess!

Sit, twirl and take a ‘pretend’ walk down the aisle before you say yes to a dress that’ll make any of this nigh on impossible.

Choose the team you’ll share this momentous journey with care:

Finding your dream wedding dress should one day be a wonderful memory, which is why it’s important that you find a bridal shop that’ll make you feel right at home from the first fitting.

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