Hire or buy a stunning designer wedding dress in Cape Town.

The uncertainty many brides feel about whether to buy or hire a wedding dress goes way back in tradition, however, renting a wedding dress has become more commonplace than ever before as brides are more determined to put their own unique stamp on the dress they wear down the aisle on the way to their Prince Charming!

It’s not just about whether or not you have the budget to buy a wedding dress, it’s also about whether you want to pack it away lovingly in the hope that your own daughter might wear it when her wedding comes around.

If you have sons, it’s going to be a moot point, to say the least!

With constant changes to the styles of wedding dresses available today and the unveiling of new ranges every season, if you do buy a wedding dress, whether to keep for sentimental reasons, or to pass on to a daughter or future daughter-in-law, you have every right to stick to the vision you have for the future of your wedding dress.

In fact, if you do one day have a daughter who wants to wear your wedding dress, she is going to have a lot of fun adding the finishing touches and alterations that express part you and part her own unique style – but that’s for the future of course!

Hiring a stunning designer wedding dress in Cape Town from Ever After Bridal not only leaves space in the budget for the perfect wedding you’ve always dreamed of, or an extra special honeymoon to create memories that last long after the wedding dress has been returned!

The economic downturn in South Africa has made hiring designer wedding dresses de rigueur – the money saved by hiring a wedding dress can contribute much to things all newlyweds need as they start out on their journey together.

Despite the fact that the dress is hired, the passionate team at Ever After Bridal offer full support when it comes to alterations, adding a special touch here and there, as well as being able to source a designer wedding dress in a unique colour or size – what you want is what you get from this team!

Yes, you will have to take a little extra care of a hired wedding gown, however, it would be no less care than you would take with a dress you buy!

This is what you’re in for, whether you hire or buy a designer wedding dress from Ever After Bridal:

Designers and their wedding gown ranges:

World renowned Maggie Sottero designs, including designs by Rebecca Ingram, the latest addition to Maggie’s Studio.

Designs by Rebecca Ingram offer timeless elegance and superior, featuring flattering silhouettes, understated embellishments and more.

Ever After Bridal carries two ranges by Enzoani.

Beautiful by Enzoani offers a clean elegance at a modest price, with gowns that display delicate feminine styling.

Blue by Enzoani focuses a more youthful, moderately priced range of wedding dresses, making them accessible for every budget.

There is much to consider as you set out on the journey to your dream wedding dress, but, with the help of the undivided attention and experience shared by the team at Ever After Bridal, whether you buy or rent, the whole experience will be one that adds joy to the journey.