Why hiring a designer wedding dress makes financial sense in 2021

As things stand today, with a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic causing further havoc, so much has changed in our world, and that includes not being able to have lavish, big weddings.

Intimate weddings are all most couples can get away with under current lockdown levels, along with the economic devastation this pandemic has wrought on millions, buying an expensive wedding dress is out of the reach of many brides.

We can all understand what it is that makes wedding dresses so expensive, what with all the finishes, lace, beads and crystals used, in addition to beautiful fabrics available today, which has always made the trade off worth it to brides who could afford to buy a new wedding dress.

Most brides dream of getting married in a designer wedding dress, however, without a big budget, this dream would be scuttled were it not for the fact that more and more brides are choosing to hire these stunning designer wedding dresses.

More and more couples are choosing to save on wedding costs in an effort to make starting a new life together much easier, and, if a honeymoon is even possible, many choose to spend less on the dress and take any opportunity they can to have a honeymoon.

Ultimately, hiring a wedding dress will make no difference to the photos and videos that will emerge after the wedding and, you won’t have to go to great lengths to pack and store a wedding dress safely for posterity.

The fact that the team at Ever After Bridal Wear has made it possible for every bride to wear a designer wedding dress as she walks down the aisle puts a real feather in the cap of this bridal shop, with their stunning designer dresses that are available to hire.

Here are a few more reasons to encourage you to join the growing trend of hiring a wedding dress in Cape Town, from Ever After Bridal Wear:


Although major alterations can’t be done if you’re hiring a designer wedding dress, there are enough small alterations that can be made to suit your body type.

The choice of a unique colour

Depending on the dress you’ve fallen in love with, if you’d like it in a colour that enhances your natural skin tone, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear will do all they can to get it from the designer.

The choice of sizes

Ever After Bridal will also assist you to find the perfect fit if the dress you love isn’t hanging on their racks when you start fittings, once again by sourcing it directly from the designer.

Aside from the cost of any small alterations, the only other cost you need to figure in when hiring a wedding dress, is to have it cleaned professionally before you return it!

Make your dream of wearing a designer wedding dress come true by contacting the team at Ever After Bridal Wear today, to find out more about how to hire your dream dress from the most caring team of bridal consultants in Cape Town!

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