Why hiring a designer wedding dress makes sense in 2019

Everyone is feeling the pinch that comes with having to tighten belts in the face of a chaotic economy that keeps spiralling downwards, and this also has an impact on the budget for many brides who dream of wearing a designer wedding dress on their big day.

Wedding dresses are expensive, no doubt about it, but when you consider the cost of special fabrics that go into a wedding dress, the trade-off is fair. Add then the work that a designer puts into adding the finishes, lace, organza, beads or crystals and you have the foundation for what makes a wedding dress expensive.

Many brides don’t have the budget to cover the cost of buying a designer wedding dress, yet they still hanker after it, which is where hiring a wedding dress comes to the rescue.

There are also those who prefer to spend more on the wedding and on a honeymoon that’s a dream for both bride and groom.

This makes a lot of sense when you consider that a wedding dress you buy is going to have to be packed away and stored, never to be worn again, where the memories of the wedding day and the honeymoon will last a lifetime.

It should be possible for every bride to walk down the aisle in a designer wedding dress dreamed up by a top wedding gown designer, and the only way to level the playing field is to make it possible, as Ever After Bridal has done, to hire a stunning wedding dress.

Having gotten budgetary constraints out of the way, here are 3 reasons why hiring a wedding dress is gaining a huge fan base:

  1. You’ll have the option of choosing the style you love in a colour that suits your skin tone.
  2. Ever After Bridal will also assist you to find the right size dress if it’s not hanging on the racks in the store, by going direct to the designer.
  3. Basic alterations can also be done to make sure that the dress fits you perfectly, as it should.

What extra costs will be involved in hiring a wedding dress from Ever After Bridal?

That’s easy enough! Since the dress is on hire it will need to be cleaned once you’ve returned it, so that another lucky bride will have her own dream of wearing a designer wedding dress come true!

That’s it!  Now all you have to do is contact Ever After Bridal to book your fitting, and to meet the most caring team of bridal consultants in Cape Town!


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