Important extra’s to remember when you go shopping for a wedding dress.

We all know that buying the wedding dress of your dreams is a serious challenge for even the most organised bride.  Even though you’ve taken the time to comb through and bookmark dresses you love, in the right style for the shape of your body, you’ll still be trying on a lot more than just one dress!

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It’s not just the dress you’re shopping for, there is a lot more to put together to look like a princess on your wedding day than the beautiful dress you will wear only once, on the most important day of your life.

Here are a few extra’s you’ll need to complete a picture-perfect wedding outfit from head to toe:

  • Underwear:

Before for you even go to your first fitting, make sure you wear a bra that will suit the style of dress you have in mind.  In fact, if you aren’t sure whether you’ll be going for a completely strapless dress, or one with embellished straps, invest in both.

Nothing is worse than trying on your dream wedding dress with the wrong bra and have to pull, pin or tuck on your wedding day!

  • Shoes:

Shoe shopping before the fitting sessions start is essential.  Whether you’re going to wear flat shoes or high heels, even if you don’t find the perfect pair before fittings start, try to bring along a pair of shoes that will represent the height you’ve decided on.

Shoes make a big difference to the way that your wedding dress will look on you, and you’d no doubt like to get any alterations out of the way long before the big day!

  • Veil:

Yet another important factor to completing the image of yourself as a fairy-tale princess! Choosing your veil way ahead of your wedding day will make it a whole lot easier on you as you look for the perfect dress.

There are many more types of veils than you may imagine, and deciding on the right one to go with your dress is going to mean more trying on.

Take pictures of yourself in the dream dress you have found while trying different styles of veils, to make sure you’ve chosen one that adds a magical touch to the way you look when you walk down the aisle!

Remember to try and show up for bridal dress fittings with your hair in the style you’ve decided on, this will make finding a dream veil so much easier.

You’ll need to look at things like length, materials, embellishments and trims as you go through your options.

You’ll more than likely be adding hair accessories to complete the picture, so if you can get as close as possible to the type of accessory you’d like to wear, you’re in the pound seats!

  • Jewellery:

This is another biggie to plan long before the wedding day! Different wedding dress styles call for different jewellery, so, along with the veil, make sure you’ve got this lined up during fittings.

  • Bridal Garter:

Not to be forgotten!  A point to keep in mind is to buy a pair – one to keep and one to throw.  It’s a very sentimental thing that will mean a lot to you one day in the future.

On a final note:

Remember that if you’re undecided or wavering on any of these essential extra’s over and above your wedding dress, the team at Ever After Bridal shop in Durbanville, Cape Town, will be honoured to give you the benefit of many years’ worth of experience to make your choices far easier!

You will definitely not feel alone when you know you can count on this very special team to chip in with great ideas and suggestions!