What to Include in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

When it comes to planning a wedding, a small part of your budget should always be set aside for an emergency kit. As we don’t wish bad on any bride, it’s recommended you rather be prepared than unprepared. This is something the bridal team can assist you with putting together and keep it on hand in case someone needs it.

Sewing Scissors and Mini Sewing Kit

Of course, when you accept your wedding dress, you check it with a great amount of detail. There might be the odd loose thread here and there. Be sure to keep a mini sewing kit close by to stitch the odd thread back into place or even cut it off with sewing scissors.

A Tube of Multi-Purpose Glue

Many brides don’t wear their wedding shoes or jewellery until their big day. You never know when the heel of your shoe might come loose or your jewellery hooking onto your dress and the crystals becoming loose. The same can be said for your bridal party, this can serve as a fix for just about anyone.

Speak to Your Dressmaker About Detergent Wipes

When collecting your wedding dress from your dressmaker, be sure to speak to them regarding detergent wipes or any sort of product which can be used on your dress in case you have a spill. This will ensure your dress remains clean until the end of your special day.

Pack in Your Feminine Hygiene Products

As your wedding day is set in advance, you can’t tell your flow to arrive when you want it to. To ensure you are prepared, be sure to pack in your preferred feminine hygiene products as well as a spare set of underwear.

In closing, you can’t always be prepared for every situation. As prevention is always better, by putting together an emergency wedding kit, you can mitigate some of the potential situations you might run into on your big day. Some of the other items you can include tweezers, tissues, phone charger and plasters.  It’s better to be prepared for any situation than stressing on your big day.