Invest in a dream designer wedding dress at Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town

Finding and buying a designer wedding dress is unequivocally one of the most important investments you’ll ever make, especially if you want to like the glowing bride you always dreamed of being!

Little things like flowers wilting or a menu that doesn’t come off as perfectly as you’d wanted it to may seem disastrous to you at the time, however, nothing can hold a candle to knowing you’re walking down the aisle in the designer wedding dress of your dreams.

Once you’re ready to find this all-important investment, make sure you choose to go through with it with bridal consultants who view it as a privilege to dress you, just as they have for every bride they’ve dressed for many years.

One of the reasons that the team at Ever After Bridal Wear has earned a reputation for making it a pleasure for brides to fit designer wedding dresses is the quality of the dresses that come straight from international runways in France, London and Italy, crafted by some of the most talented designers in the world.

This team goes to great lengths to do all they can to make every bride feel as extra special as she should on this journey to the dress she falls in love with!

You deserve to feel like a star on this once in a lifetime journey, so take care about where you choose to hire or buy your designer wedding dress in Cape Town!

From the moment you cross the threshold at Ever After Bridal Wear and into their warm welcome, you’ll feel like the only bride in the world shopping for your dress, which is as it should be in the world of fantasy they’ve created in their bridal shop.

You can trust and rely on the honesty of this team because they’ll never lead you astray, whether it’s to a dress that doesn’t do you justice or one they know is above your budget!

You may have found that you’re in overload after looking at a huge variety of silhouettes, colours and styles of wedding dresses, however, this is where you get to dump the overload into the laps of the team at Ever After Bridal to allow them to help you make some sense of it, so that your journey to the altar will be a happy one.

Designers have redefined the conventional idea of white wedding dresses by incorporating a rainbow of colours, silhouettes and styles, and, at the end of the day, the only one that should matter to you is the one that makes you feel and look like a goddess.

If white doesn’t do you justice and you want to do something different, like choosing a dress in blue, yellow, pearl grey or one that expresses the glowers of spring, go to it with a will. After all, your wedding dress is meant to be an expression of your personal style and taste for this once-in-a-lifetime special day.

The team at Ever After Bridal Wear is passionate about making sure you look like a princess on your wedding day, and they’ll stand by you in full support of your vision, every step of the way.

Once you’ve met this team you’ll find that you’ve become part of a family that would love to meet you and join you on this all-important adventure that’ll take you to the designer wedding dress of your dreams!

Book your fitting today and get ready for an unforgettably fun experience at Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town.


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