Invest in your dream designer wedding dress with the team at Ever After Bridal!

Your wedding dress is unequivocally the most important investment you could possibly make towards looking like the bride you always dreamed you would!

The flowers can wilt, the menu can go a little awry or the ice sculpture melt, but none of these semi-disasters can hold a candle to knowing that you’re walking down the aisle in the designer wedding dress of your dreams.

When you get to the point where you’re ready to make that investment, do it with bridal consultants who take the meaning of what they do in dressing brides as a privilege, one that they’ve enjoyed for a long time.

One such team is the one that makes Ever After Bridal a fabulous success for any bride that dreams of a designer wedding dress straight off international runways, from France to London or Italy, crafted by some of the finest wedding gown designers.

These ladies do everything right to make each bride feel as extra special as she should, heading out on the rollercoaster ride to her final decision on the dress she falls in love with!

You are special to those at Ever After Bridal from the moment you cross the threshold of their door and into their world of fantasy, right up to the day your wedding dress is collected.

This is the type of experience you deserve on this once in a lifetime journey, so don’t sell yourself short by settling too quickly on where you choose to hire or buy your designer wedding dress in Cape Town!

The experience this team brings to bear for every bride in the making is one of the magic ingredients they use to help their clients find the right dress, honestly.

They will never say the dress is right if it isn’t either, based on their knowledge. You certainly deserve better than yes-men on your side when it comes to your wedding dress shopping experience!

By the time you get to the first fitting you’re probably already tearing your hair out over a million and one things you still need to get below the belt for the décor, menu, venue, music, oh and let’s not forget – finding the right shoes to match your Cinderella dream, but there’s hope yet.

If you’ve had an overload of looking at silhouettes, styles, colours and shapes of wedding dresses, dump the overload into the laps of the team at Ever After Bridal and let them help you to make some sense of it, so that your hair stays intact for at least this experience on the way to the altar!

There are colours, silhouettes and styles that have redefined the conventional idea of what a wedding dress should be, but, the only one that should matter to you is the one that makes you feel like a goddess.

So, if getting married in pearl grey, turquoise or ruby red wedding dress catches your fancy and expresses your individuality, give it all you’ve got! This team that’s passionate about turning you into a princess on your wedding day will be standing by in full support of your vision, all the way.

You want to look a vision as you float down the aisle to take prince charming’s breath away, and the family at Ever After Bridal want it every bit as much as you do, which is why they’d love to greet you at the start of this important adventure!



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