In this world of lace, satin & silk, you’ll find the perfect designer wedding dress in Cape Town

When you have the undivided personal attention of a team like Ever After Bridal to help you on your journey to the perfect wedding dress, the whole process gets a little easier, knowing that you can rely on the experience of a team who have been dressing brides for many happy years already.


The exquisite range of designer wedding dresses stocked by Ever After Bridal come from the talents of internationally recognised designers Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram, selected to make sure that every bride taking the journey to the dress of her dreams will, inevitably, walk down the aisle looking like a princess on her wedding day.


As far as these ladies are concerned, every bride who dreams of wearing a stunning designer wedding dress on her big day deserves to have that dream come true. To make this a reality for as many brides as possible, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear has made sure that you can hire a designer wedding dress, buy it new, or, buy it second hand, absolutely blemish-free!


In a world that is experiencing free-falling economies, the trend towards hiring designer wedding dresses is growing, and it’s not always about the budget either. Many couples are no opting to spend a little less on the dress and a whole lot more on the honeymoon, or on the new life they are embarking on, feathering the nest and not leaving a wedding dress to gather dust in a trunk somewhere!


In addition to making it as easy as possible for every bride to wear a designer wedding dress on her special day, this team will go directly to the designer should you want the dress you’ve fallen in love with in a unique colour or size.


The Ever After Bridal team has the experience to know just how daunting it is to find the perfect wedding dress, which is why they’re totally committed to making it as much of an adventure as is possible, so that your experience in their world of lace, satin and silk will be a happy memory on the way to the altar.


These are true professionals who really love the magical world they inhabit, and they work hand in hand to offer all the support and guidance you could need throughout your fittings.


Encouragement to find your unique expression of individuality is at the top of the list for the team at Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville, Cape Town, after all, they know exactly what it’s like to stand at your side the day you find the perfect wedding dress looking back at you in the mirror!


Ever After Bridal looks forward to welcoming you into the world they love!

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