Questions to ask yourself on the way to finding a dream designer wedding dress

Your experience of finding the perfect wedding dress will be the culmination of all your dreams of looking like a princess on your wedding day, gliding down the aisle in a fairy tale dress that’ll make you glow as an ethereal vision.

Being a first time experience for you, trying to keep your head about you while planning your wedding and then stepping into uncharted waters of shopping for a wedding dress could catch you on the wrong foot, especially if you don’t have the right bridal consultants at your side.

Lists are going to be very important as you head towards your big day, and, one of them should be a list of questions you may want to keep handy when you meet the bridal consultants who’ll see you through this experience.

The more prepared you are, the easier your search for the dream dress will be, especially when you step into the world of billowing white fabric, dazzling beads and eye-catching sequins for the first time at the bridal shop!

Questions you need to ask yourself at fittings

  • Are the dresses you’re fitting within your budget?
  • Are you hoping to lose the weight in order to fit into the dress on your wedding day? It’s a hard question but it’s one to answer honestly because this may be one of the worst times to try and lose weight.
  • Does the silhouette do justice to your body shape?
  • Is the shade of white right for your skin tone? Remember that stark white isn’t the best for every bride, and, today you have a myriad of colours to choose from to make the most of your natural colouring.
  • Considering that you’re going to be spending many hours in the dress, you need to make sure you are able to sit, walk and dance in the dress.
  • Aside from looking stunning in the dress, are you going to be comfortable enough to exude confidence on your wedding day? If you’re uncomfortable in your dress it’ll show!

Don’t rely too much on people who say yes to every dress you fit!

You are going to be far better off with a bridal consultant who won’t simper and say yes to every dress you fit. Your trust would be better placed in an open and honest bridal consultant who is invested in making sure you won’t go down the aisle looking anything less than exquisite, which means there’ll probably be a few no’s along the way to your dream dress.

As far as your entourage goes, make sure that you’ve got at least one friend or family member who also won’t just say yes to every dress, as long as it’s loving and not catty honesty!

Be open to trying something a little different

It’s always worth trying a dress or two that may not have had a place on your list of styles, you may just find magic in a different dress to what you’d visualised. Of course, the team at Ever After Bridal may inspire you to try a wedding dress you may not have considered, provided of course it remains within your budget, and, with their many years worth of experience in dressing brides, you may be pleasantly surprised at what they come up with!

If there’s one bridal team that you can trust and rely on for honesty and undivided attention, it’s the team at Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town!

You can safely and confidently bring your dreams to this team and they’d be honoured to take this very special journey to the perfect designer wedding dress with you!

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