How to make shopping for your wedding dress a unique adventure

As the countdown begins and as wedding plans become more of a daily reality, dreaming about gliding down the aisle to join your life to the man of your dreams may become somewhat blurred in the details.

What with having to settle on the venue, decide on whether or not to have a theme, plan menus and entertainment is more than enough taken on its own, but, then there’s the even more important part you need to focus on; shopping for the perfect wedding dress.

You may well find that this can sometimes be part of the journey that can possibly bring out the worst and the best in friends and family. Besides which, you’ll probably be staring down a few challenges from others about the décor, DJ, theme or venue for your wedding, but your foray into the world of wedding dresses ramps all those opinions into an even higher gear.

It’s weird how friends and family sometimes forget that this is about your wedding day, and your wedding dress, becoming very free with their opinions and advices, while giving no thought to how much you’d rather have encouragement and support instead of feeling bullied!

This is when you just have to get tough on them all, stand your ground and be very discerning about who’ll be joining you at fittings. Sift the wheat from the chaff to bring along the kind of people who’ll be honest, without being nasty.

These have to be very special people that join you at fittings, because they’re going to have to love you through all the ups and downs that can arise emotionally as you try to fit the dress to the dream.

Be sure to leave the one that has nothing positive and everything negative to say about everything and anything out of the picture for fittings! It’ll be the worst way to stat what deserves to be a fabulously exciting experience filled with joy! She’ll terrify you before you ever get to your first fitting, and that’s the worst way to start what should be an exciting experience filled with joy.

Naturally there’ll be tears of joy and tears of frustration along the way, after all, this is about the biggest decision you’ve ever had to make, and it’s one that won’t be repeated and there’ll be no do over, so start it on the firm ground of making the experience your own.

Here’s what you could do to make shopping for your wedding dress a unique adventure:

Don’t overload on your entourage

Do stick to bringing a minimum of people along to fittings, and choose wisely enough to have a great balance of input from those you’ll share this special experience with.

Settle on the venue & theme

If you settle on the venue and theme for your wedding, shopping for  your wedding dress is going to be made a lot easier, believe it or not. The season, theme and venue can have more of an impact on your choice of dresses than you may think.  You wouldn’t want to shop for a slinky summer wedding dress for a winter wedding, now would you!

Think out of the box

Keeping an open mind about the dress of your dreams is a good idea, especially when you consider that many a bride has headed down the aisle in a wedding dress in a style and colour they never would have contemplated.

On a last note, do remember to bring a strapless bra and one with straps to fittings, as well as shoes that mimic the height you plan to wear on your wedding day.

Wear your hair the way you plan to on the day, up or down, and add a touch of makeup into the bargain when you go to fittings, it’ll help you to imagine what you’ll look like on that very special, magical day.

Share your dreams with Ever After Bridal Wear in Durbanville and you’ll have a team on your side that cares passionately about how stunning you’ll look in a designer wedding dress as you head towards your prince charming!