Looking to buy or hire designer wedding dresses in Cape Town the easy way?

It doesn’t matter where or when you will be walking down the aisle on your wedding day, but what remains true for every bride is finding the wedding dress that will bring to life the vision of looking like your own dream come true on that precious day!

The team at Ever After Bridal, who have laboured lovingly over the years to select the best of the best designer dresses from the top bridal gown designers in the world, have only one goal in mind from the moment you step into their magical world, and that is to do all they can to see that your dreams come true!

Ever After Bridal have been dressing brides for a long time now, and with that experience, added to the passion they share for what they do, fully understand just how daunting it can be for any bride to pick the wedding dress that fits her vision out of all the beautiful gowns at Ever After Bridal stores in Durbanville, Cape Town, and in Nelspruit!

With this understanding and much experience, the ladies at Ever After Bridal know how to make the journey a little easier for you, spending enough time with you to understand what your ideas are, what the mood will be for your wedding, the season and the setting, and with all of this, work with you to narrow down your choices to take a little of the stress off your shoulders!

It’s an up and down journey to the perfect wedding dress, one in which you may feel a bit overwhelmed at times and bubbly at others, however, with a team this warm and attentive at your side, you will not be left to negotiate the journey all on your own, their shoulders are broad and their ideas are boundless.

Even if you only have the outline of an idea about what you are looking for in your wedding dress, Ever After Bridal will take that outline, fluff it out and turn it into the dress that finally takes your breath away when you look in the mirror, and it will all be done with your vision first and foremost in the mind of this passionate team!

After all, it’s your wedding day, which means that no matter how many fittings or alterations need to be done, the end result will be one that completely matches your dream of looking like a fairy tale princess on the day you commit yourself to your Prince Charming!

It is a magical, romantic and unforgettable day you will be looking forward to, but, all that will be left as you head off on your journey of life together will be your wedding album filled with images of the joy-filled day, and no matter how beautiful the venue or décor, your wedding dress is going to be at the centre of it all!

Let Ever After Bridal welcome you to their world of magical designer dresses and take you on a far easier journey than you may have imagined in search of your dream wedding dress!