No matter the season, there’s a stunning designer wedding dress waiting for you at Ever After Bridal

Summer bride, winter bride, spring bride or autumn bride, it makes absolutely no difference to the passionate team of ladies at Ever After Bridal which season’s bride you’ll be. All that matters to this team passionate about what they do, is that you will look like a vision of beauty on your wedding day!


There is a dress for every bride and for every season in the stunning collection Ever After Bridal has put together. Over ten years ago, this team put heads together and worked really hard to select two of the world’s foremost designers to represent everything beautiful that Ever After Bridal is all about.


The result of their painstaking search is what is now on view on the Ever After Bridal user friendly website, representing the dream creations from designers Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram.


Each dress designed by these individuals tells its own unique story, yet the one thing they all have in common is that the quality, the beautiful fit and dreamy finishes are of the highest standard in the world of wedding dresses.  Ever After Bridal  is a bride’s own little taste of heaven, where the welcome is warm and the attention as authentic and real as it could be. This is evident in the joy and excitement each bride experiences as she is fully supported by this caring team on a journey to the wedding dress of her dreams.


They’ll be a shoulder to cry on if frustration creeps up, encouragement to get back on the horse again and laughter to share in the lighter, fun moments.  For this team it’s all part of the journey unique to each bride, and when the moment arrives and she finds that one dress she knows instinctively is ‘the one’, they get to share in a very special kind of joy!


The ladies at Ever After Bridal work as a cohesive team through fittings, adjustments and everything else that goes with searching for that perfect wedding dress for the one magical day to come.


If you find a designer wedding dress at Ever After Bridal that you would like to try in a unique colour or size, the ladies will order it direct from the designer. These are the little things they do to make sure you look like the princess you dreamed you would be on your wedding day!


Visit the Ever After Bridal website to view the beautiful ranges of designer wedding dresses waiting for you, or contact the team to plan on how to bring your dream wedding dress to life, summer, winter or spring!


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