What not to do in the week leading up to your wedding

No matter how hard you try, there’ll always be last minute things to sort out on your wedding checklist, which you’d know if you’ve already gotten through the list like a professional during the week leading up to the ceremony. However, there a few things you should try to avoid in the week leading up to your wedding.

Such as:

Trying out a new hair style

Not a good idea at all!! If you really want to try something new, do it far enough off from the wedding day to give yourself time to fix it if it doesn’t work! Even trying out new hair care products can affect what your hair looks like, and leave the dye alone unless you’re absolutely certain it’ll work on you with your wedding dress.

Catching a tan

We’d all love to glow with a tan on our wedding day, but that’s best kept for the honeymoon, rather than feeling and looking like a lobster as you say your vows.

And whatever you do, please don’t try instant tan methods on yourself, leave that up to professionals, and, make sure you’ve coated yourself with sunscreen if you do spend any time in the sun.

Ramping up a new workout

Don’t cause yourself a strain or sprain to add miserable discomfort on your wedding day!

No matter how well you can act, standing for hours chatting to guests with pain searing up your legs, or doing it with your wrist sprained is going to be very painful, and it’ll show!

Tossing & turning instead of sleeping!

Please get enough sleep! It’s the essential ingredient that contributes to looking and feeling good when the big day arrives.

Don’t overdo the booze

If you want to try and ease the stress with a few glasses of vino a day, don’t do it! Alcohol dehydrates yours skin and it can also cause mild depression after the fact. Hang in there for the celebration and then you can enjoy the bubbly!

Caffeine won’t help

You’re going to be feeling more than just a little jittery, it kind of comes with the territory, but, believe it or not, too many caffeine shots will make those nerves jitter a lot more and also dehydrate your skin – keep the caffeine for the honeymoon!

Don’t get hung up on the small stuff

Looking back after the fact, you’ll realise that all the small details you sweated over were in reality of little importance when you consider that you’ve married the love of your life! The hiccups won’t matter then, as you head off into the sunset for your new life!

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