Being sure you’re comfy in your wedding dress goes a long way to making you shine on your wedding day!

One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to make sure that you’ll be comfortable in your wedding dress for the many hours you’ll be spending in it on your wedding day!

Spending the day pulling the dress down or hiking it up is going to make your confidence take a dive, and this level of discomfort is the last thing you deserve on your special day!

Here are a few practicalities to pay attention to during fittings if you want to be a glowing bride as you glide down the aisle in absolute confidence:

Can you sit comfortably in the dress?

You’re going to be sitting for quite a while during all the speeches, well wishing and feasting, which means your dress should be comfortable to sit in. We know it’ll be hard to eat on the heels of such excitement, however, you can be sure the team at Ever After Bridal Wear won’t want you to feel like all you want to do is rip the dress off as quickly as you can before the feasting and dancing is over!

Is it easy to move in the dress?

When you take to the floor for the first dance after saying your vows, you’ll definitely want to look and feel like a fairy-tale princess, and the only way to know you can do with in absolute confidence is to make sure at fittings that it’ll be easy to move in the dress you’ve fallen in love with.

Will you be able to breathe easily in the dress?

No doubt about it, your nerves will be playing a symphony in you on your wedding day, which means you’ll probably be looking for extra oxygen just to calm those nerves a wee bit. If you can’t breathe with ease in your dress it’s really not going to be much fun for you as the night wears on! By the way, happy tears also mean you’ll need space to catch your breath!

Will you feel good with the camera and all eyes on you?

Every photo and video that captures you as the centre of attention on your wedding day is going to show every time your wedding album is taken out to share with future generations, so make sure that you’ve combined exquisite style in your wedding dress with absolute confidence, because it will show!

Will you struggle to answer the call of nature?

Wedding jitters and a few glasses of bubbly will mean that at some point you’ll have to answer the call of nature. It may seem like a strange thing to keep in mind when choosing your wedding dress, but, the last thing you want is to have to spend ages going to the loo and missing out on the party!

Have you chosen the perfect silhouette to celebrate your body shape?

The perfect silhouette of your wedding dress is as essential to comfort as anything else is when choosing your dress. You may dream of wearing a romantic ball gown but find that you look a dream in a beautifully designed mermaid style wedding dress. Make sure you choose a dress that truly celebrates and places the emphasis on your natural assets, because this is a confidence booster if ever there was one!

Let the passionate team at Ever After Bridal guide you to confidence through comfort in your wedding dress

If you’ve had a bit of a battle in deciding on the best silhouettes and styles for your wedding dress, you can safely leave it up to the team at Ever After Bridal Wear to add their touch of magic to help you find a dress designed to dazzle all on your wedding day!

Stocking only the most stunning designer wedding dresses, the team at Ever After Bridal extends a warm invitation to you to book a fitting at their beautiful bridal shop in Cape Town and to get ready for the best in support on this daunting journey to your dream wedding dress.


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