Plus Size Wedding Dresses: How to Find the Right One

Wedding dress shopping can be a daunting task for any bride but for the plus-size bride, it can be utterly traumatic. There are some horror stories to be heard about judgemental consultants and an embarrassingly limited collection of plus-sized dresses. Luckily, we’re in the age where body positivity has become a trend, thus the assortment of plus-size dresses have grown exponentially. Below are some tips on how you can find the right plus-size dress for your special occasion.

Flaunt It If You’ve Got It
Instead of focussing on what you’d like to hide, focus on what you’d like to accentuate. If you have a fabulous bust, show it off with a V-neckline or embrace your sexy curves with a fit and flare silhouette.

Thick Fabric Is More Forgiving
Thick fabrics like satin are always a good choice for the plus size bride since they’re especially effective at smoothing the frame and hiding imperfections.

Comfort Is Important
Keep in mind that you’ll be up, down and moving around all day and night so make sure your dress fits comfortably. Having to tug and pull on your dress to keep it in position can quickly become tiresome.

A Good Tailor Is Vital
Chances are that your dress will need to be adjusted. But if you choose a seamstress with experience and the necessary skill, adding boning, bra cups or even straps for more support can make the world of difference.

Book an Appointment
Most bridal shops stock sample dresses for the average bride so it’s advised to call ahead to find out if they stock plus-size dresses for you to try on.

Find a Specialist
When booking your appointment, find out if there’s someone with experience in plus-size dressing that will be able to assist you. Remember that you’re not only paying for the dress but for the entire experience so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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