All the reasons to choose Ever After Bridal when your heart is set on a designer wedding dress!

Shopping for your wedding dress is a very personal, daunting experience, but it’s one that’ll be made easier on you if you choose the right bridal store, preferably one with an awesome team to see you through it all.

A bridal store is a bridal store is a bridal store, by the mere fact that they all have beautiful dresses adorning the racks, but what makes one stand out from another is the relationship forged between bride and bridal consultant.

Let’s look at just a few reasons Ever After Bridal in Durbanville, Cape Town, is one of the best choices you can make on this important journey:

9 years of dressing brides

Experience is essential in the team you’ll be working with, and this is something those at Ever After Bridal have in abundance. Nine years spent dressing beautiful brides has given this team a reputation for excellence, a reputation that has been unwavering throughout the years.


We’ve all come across people with a bad attitude, those who clearly dislike what they’re doing, and saying ‘dislike’ is putting it mildly!

This would be the worst way to find your dream wedding dress, and this is not the way that Ever After Bridal does it! This is a team that absolutely loves what they do, with a passion that has remained undiminished, no matter how many brides have crossed the threshold of their store.


Personal attention means that you can safely place all your hopes and dreams about your wedding and the dress you’d love to find into the hands and hearts of the team at Ever After Bridal, and they’ll be treated with the utmost care.

After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time dressing and undressing in front of them, which means that comfort and care is essential to the experience.

Stunning creations

When the team got together to select the cream of renowned international wedding gown designers, they put a lot into making sure that they’d be able to offer nothing less than the best of these designers.

Designers that were chosen carefully by Ever After Bridal to grace their stores include:

Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram and two ranges from Enzoani, all of which combined, offers a dress for every bride, in every style.


Finding your dream wedding dress is a journey with all the ups and downs that any journey brings, except that this is such an important one, for such a special reason, that it’s the emotions that do the ups and downs.

The team at Ever After Bridal know that it’s one that will include a few tears of frustration and perhaps a little disappointment along the way, in which case you’ll have a team you can lean on for support who really care.

On the days when laughter and fun is prevalent, they’ll be laughing and having fun right alongside you, making the ups and downs part of the process that bonds you to the team and makes you family by the time you collect your dress!

These are but a few of the reasons your heart will know it’s in the right place to find your dream designer wedding dress in Cape Town, but there is more that you’ll find out when you start your fittings with this team at your side!

One last word; Ever After Bridal also has an exciting range of designer wedding dresses on sale, and although these dresses have been worn, they are still as stunning as ever, at great prices!

Follow your heart and bring all your hopes of finding your dream wedding dress to Ever After Bridal, and they’ll go beyond the extra mile to make it all happen.