When shopping for a dream designer wedding dress think comfort too

There’s little more uncomfortable than wearing an outfit for a big night out or a special event than to spend the entire night miserably uncomfortable.

You have no doubt experienced this discomfort at least once because that great looking number is still hanging in your closet, untouched since the first and last time you were willing to wear it.

The reason that buying or hiring a wedding dress is such a daunting prospect is because this is by far the only dress that deserves never to be worn again, but not because it’s uncomfortable.

Whether you shine in it or keep the lid on your discomfort for many hours on your wedding day, the memory will remain with you, and will stare back at you in your wedding album forever, none of which can be taken back and where you don’t get a do-over.

You’ve probably imagined yourself as the fairy princess falling in love and marrying her prince charming since you were a little girl, so take your time about saying yes on your way to looking stunning and being comfortable on the biggest day of your life.

Here are a few practicalities attached to finding the perfect dress that were never considered in your fairy tale dreams:

Your inimitable style

One of the first questions the bridal team at Ever After Bridal will ask you will be about the style of dress you’ve been planning to wear.  Is it going to be a ball gown, fitted and flaring, mermaid or sheath, to name a few of the most popular styles that capture the heart and imagination of brides around the world.

A ball gown is a perfect match if the romance of looking like Cinderella is all you’ve ever dreamed of. If a wedding dress that’s perfect for a bride wanting a dress that’s effortless to wear, then the sheath is for you.

These are just a few basic examples of the most loved styles in the world of brides, however, you’d do well to try more than just one style. You never know about the gem you may find!

Your beautiful, natural shape

Every woman is beautiful, no matter what kind of shape your body reflects, and it’s very important that you go with what nature has blessed you with on the hunt for this special dress.

Whether you want to look like a forest sprite, a sexy siren or an evocatively romantic or stylish bride, this is where your say is paramount, even more so because you know what type of venue and wedding you’re planning.

Think about your natural skin colour

Not every bride has the skin tone to carry a brilliant white wedding gown, however, the good news is that there are beautiful shades of ivory, light gold, champagne, silvery blue, floral and more for a bride wanting to do things differently for her skin colour.

If you really want to step out of tradition, which is absolutely possible today, bright red, emerald green, pink and purple are an example of the rainbow of colours available to brides today.

Unapologetic comfort

This is where comfort trumps looks in terms of practicalities.  As you go through fitting after fitting, remember to sit, walk, dance around and take into account you’ll need to visit the ladies at some stage on the big day, before you say yes to the dress!

If the dress you absolutely love meets all criteri, there’s no doubt you’ll be the glowing, confident and stunningly beautiful bride you always dreamed you’d be.

Ever After Bridal leads the way

Whether you hire or buy your wedding dress in Cape Town, make sure you meet the team at Ever After Bridal, because from that first meeting you’ll already know that you’ll have the undivided attention you deserve all the way to the finishing line; the collection of the dress of your dreams.

Ever After Bridal has been dressing brides for nine years now, but, even more than such experience is the passion and love this talented team has for what they do, which is exactly what you’ll need as you start the journey to your dream wedding dress.

If what you want is a stunning designer dress at your fingertips, call Ever After Bridal to book your first fitting…and a glass of bubbly.