Signs you’re dealing with the wrong bridal store

Shopping for a wedding dress is daunting enough without having bridal consultants muddy the waters with their own agenda’s. This is a one-time decision, made for the day you say your vows, and once the decision is made, there’s no turning back.

This is not a dress rehearsal, well it is while you’re trying on the dresses, but, once you collect the dress that’s it, which is why you need a bridal store that knows your budget and also understands what your dreams are made of.

Being particular about choosing the bridal team to see you through this experience is your prerogative, and if you’re not happy with what’s happening in one store then it’s time to move on.

You deserve the best experience without having bridal consultants trying to shove their own ideas down your throat. It’s your wedding day and your budget, so don’t let anyone play with either!

Ask these basic questions before the relationship goes too deep and you’ll be armed and ready to deal with anyone pushing and shoving at you.

Is the bridal store…

Open and honest about costs?

Aside from the fact that you need to feel comfortable in your wedding dress because it ups your confidence level, you also need to be comfortable about being upfront about your budget for a wedding dress.

If the bridal store or bridal consultant you’re dealing with brushes it off and keeps pointing you in the direction of dresses way over your budget, move along quickly.

If anyone knows that a bride trying on wedding dresses is vulnerable to persuasion, it’s a bridal consultant. This is a mean way of getting you to spend more than you can, and you definitely deserve better!

Answer all your questions?

This is one experience in which you’ll have a lot of questions, and more than anything else you need to feel that you can trust your bridal consultant to answer them all.

If your questions are brushed off or fluffed out of the way, you’re better off finding a bridal store that will answer them all, honestly.

Honest about alterations

Some alterations are more expensive than others, so make sure you understand the necessity of any alteration that needs to be done, and, make sure the bridal consultant is more than willing to explain what the costs of each alteration will be.

If not, once again, find a bridal team that’ll be more than happy to pinpoint these costs.

Willing to point out the fine print?

As with any contract, the one for your wedding dress has to have fine print, but, what bridal consultants know for sure is that you’ll find it difficult to focus on something like the small print, yet it’s important to know exactly what the fine print is all about.

Any bridal store that glosses over the fine print and distracts you from it isn’t worth your time.

Hopefully you get the general idea of the traps that brides can fall into on the way to a dream wedding dress, but, if you’re in doubt about the shop you end up in, you’ll be giving yourself a great gift by contacting the team at Ever After Bridal.

This is a team passionate about what they do, a team that won’t allow any of the above to affect the awesome reputation they’ve earned over the 9 years they’ve been dressing brides beautifully.

They love what they do, love being part of something so very special and would love to welcome you into their world and the very special care they have to offer each bride on the way to their dream designer wedding dress!


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