How to tell you’re dealing with the wrong bridal wear shop

As a one-time decision that allows for no turning back once it’s made, it’s obvious that even the most confident bride will experience shopping for her wedding dress daunting enough, without having bad bridal consultants adding even more strain into the mix!

Once you collect your dress it’s a done deal, which is why its essential for you to choose a bridal wear shop that offers you a team of consultants who care about your dreams and your budget, since most budgets have been decimated in our current economic climate!

It’s your prerogative to be choosy about the bridal wear shop you settle on, as much as it’s your prerogative to move along swiftly if you’ve ended up with the wrong team to take along on this special journey!

At no point do you deserve to have bridal consultants forcing their ideas on you, after all, it’s your wedding day, your budget and your dream wedding dress this is all about!

Here are a few basic but important questions you can ask a bridal wear shop before you decide to take the journey with them to your dream wedding dress:

Will they brush off your questions?

It’s a good idea to have a list of questions to take along to your fittings. There are questions you do need answered as you negotiate these uncharted waters, but without a list you’ll forget half of them in the excitement of coming face to face with beautiful designer wedding dresses.

If you feel that your questions are being brushed off, or that the bridal consultant isn’t being entirely open and up-front, find one that’ll take your questions and concerns seriously.

Will they help you understand the fine print in the contract?

There will definitely be a contract involved in buying or hiring a wedding dress, which means there’ll be fine print involved, and, because this is such a daunting experience, you deserve to have a bridal wear shop to point out what the fine print involves.

Any bridal store that glosses over the fine print and distracts you from it isn’t the right place for you and your dreams of looking like a princess on your wedding day.

Will they be open about costs?

Your budget is very important as you head out to find the right bridal wear shop to trust with your dreams. If you find that the bridal consultants you’re dealing with initially have no interest in your concerns regarding costs and your budget, leave.

A lack of transparency about your budget on the part of the consultant could see you being flooded with dresses you fall in love with but that are way above your budget, which can be quite heartbreaking. You deserve far better than this!

Will they discuss the cost of possible alterations with you?

Naturally, not all alterations can be set in stone from the first fitting; however, if you’ve ended up with true professionals who value integrity, you’ll find that they can advise you on how to add a little leeway to your budget for alterations.

Naturally some alterations are simpler than others, making some more expensive than others, but an honest bridal wear shop will keep you informed about possible costs for alterations as you fit dresses.

If there’s no transparency about possible costs for alterations, you’d be better served by looking elsewhere for a team you can trust.

Ever After Bridal Wear ticks all the right boxes!

If you start out by booking a fitting at Ever After Bridal Wear Shop in Durbanville, Cape Town, you’ll find that you’re in the best possible company on this wonderful journey!

They care about how you get to the designer wedding dress of your dreams. They will want to know about your budget and be happy to answer every question you may have, and they’ll do it all with the same passion that has brought this team a fantastic reputation for service excellence during the past ten years!

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