Tips to make shopping for a wedding dress a cinch!

As you begin planning your wedding along with the million and one things you’ll need to juggle on the way to the big day, your wedding dress is definitely going to start taking precedence over what’s been planned for menus, music, décor or invites as the day get’s closer!

Anyone who says it isn’t a daunting experience is fibbing, but the whole experience of shopping for a designer wedding dress can be made easier if you have a good strategy in place before you head out for your first fittings.

Make shopping for your wedding dress a cinch by taking a gander at a few of these tips:

Make your budget a priority

No one wants to thing a word as nasty as budget when shopping for a wedding dress, but, it will honestly make it easier on you to share your budget with the bridal shop you choose.

It’ll save you the heartache of trying on dresses you can’t afford and then having to set them aside, even after you’ve fallen in love with it, and it’ll most definitely spoil a lot of the fun that could be had!

The ladies at Ever After Bridal Wear know exactly how to work with and around your budget and still make sure you get to waltz down the aisle in a dream designer wedding dress, and they’ll make sure to steer you away from any heartache in the process!

Research up to 9 months in advance

However you do it, whether you take clippings from bridal magazines or save the dresses you love and take it with to your first fitting to give the team at Ever After Bridal a good idea of what would make you feel like a real princess on your wedding day.

By starting out with your research between six to nine months ahead of fittings, you’ll give yourself valuable breathing space between fittings, alterations and the day you finally collect your dress.

Make sure to do research about which silhouette and style wedding dress will make the most of your natural assets, so that you will feel like a dream on your wedding day!

With a beautiful range of designer wedding dresses from international designers Maggie Sottero and Rebecca Ingram, the team at Ever After Bridal Wear will be able to point you in the right direction every time based on your research!

…but be willing to be surprised!

The team at Ever After Bridal might suggest you fit a dress you hadn’t even thought of, and, you may well find yourself falling in love with a dress completely different to those you worked so hard at finding in your research!

Don’t pay attention to the bad experiences other brides may share with you!

It’s okay to listen if other brides have had a bad experience, simply to disseminate the information as a way to make sure that your journey to a stunning designer wedding dress will be an experience that is unforgettable, in the best possible way!

Just don’t let them scare you so much that the choices you face become terrifying to you!

Are you planning to hire your wedding dress or buy it?

Unfortunately, it’s back to the budget here, and, if you want to save money for a dream honeymoon, or to set aside a good nest egg to start your new life with your Prince Charming, you may want to consider hiring your designer wedding dress from Ever After Bridal Wear in Cape Town!

You’ll still look like a dream and get married in a designer dress you may always have dreamed of, you simply won’t have to find place to pack it away for posterity, no matter how special it is. It will live on in your wedding album and video in any event!

When you’re ready to head off to your first fitting, speak to the awesome team at Ever After Bridal Wear to make sure that not only will you walk down the aisle in a designer wedding dress, but that you’ll have an awesome journey on the way to the culmination of all your dreams!

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