Simple tips that’ll make shopping for a wedding dress a cinch

The heady days of your engagement are now getting even headier as you start planning for the wedding, and with the million and one things you’ll be juggling ahead of the big day, your wedding dress is the one thing you deserve to get excited about, way over and above menus, music, décor or invites!

Yes it’s daunting, and anyone who says it isn’t is stretching the truth beyond belief, but, you can make the experience easier on yourself than it might be if you don’t put a good strategy in place to prepare for the first fittings.

Shopping for your dress is going to be an experience never to be repeated, and you can make it the real cherry on top of all the planning if you:

Do your research well in advance

Pin, paste and clip the dresses you think will make you feel like a real princess on your wedding day.  There are scores of sources online and in bridal magazines you can tap into.

Visit bridal fairs if there are any that will still give you the six to nine months you’ll need to give yourself breathing space between fittings, alterations and the day you finally collect your dress.

Take the time to do research into your own body shape, which silhouette and style of wedding dress will enhance your natural beauty and leave you feeling like the princess you really are as you glide down the aisle.

The team of bridal consultants at Ever After Bridal will go through all your research with you and, based on that, point you in the right direction to make the journey a lot more fun than frightening!

Ever After Bridal has a beautiful range of designer dresses available from top international designers such as Maggie Sottero, Rebecca Ingram and Enzoani who is represented by two ranges, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Blue’, so make sure you add these to your list of ideas to bring along with you to the first fitting.

Keep an open mind

Very important point this! You may just fall in love with a wedding dress you’d never even looked at, and you’ll know it the moment you see yourself transformed in the mirror! Don’t miss out on something really special because it doesn’t conform to your research.

Bring your budget along

Nasty word that, budget, but it is what it is and it’s far better for you to go to your fitting with it, to know your limits and not get led down the road to heartache by trying on dresses way above your budget.

Falling in love with a wedding dress you can’t afford is definitely going to put a spoke in the wheels of everything along this journey. Ever After Bridal understands what it means to work with and around a budget and still bring on the magic for every bride wanting to get married in a designer wedding dress in Cape Town!

Hire or buy?

Sticking along the lines of your budget, you have more than just one option when it comes to making sure you get married in a designer wedding dress from Ever After Bridal.

This team has made it possible for brides to hire a designer wedding dress, choose it from the fabulous designer wedding dresses on sale or buy it outright.

If you’d rather have a honeymoon that fires up every feel-good fibre in you than spend the whole shebang on a wedding dress, then hiring is perfect for you.

Ignore the horror stories

Okay, well not ignore, but disseminate enough information to make sure you miss any of the bad experiences these brides may tell you about to put you into a state of abject terror ahead of time!

Take the good and the bad experiences to get the balance just right to make yours an unforgettably great experience!

Book your first fitting

When you’re ready for the first fitting, book your appointment with the awesome team at Ever After Bridal Wear and enjoy the ride to the most stunning designer wedding dress you’ll ever find!

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