How to tell that you’ve found your dream wedding dress.

Buying a wedding dress isn’t something you have experience about, which means that you’re going to have a million and one questions that’ll be vying for space in your head by the time you get to your first fitting.

You deserve to have all your questions answered by the bridal team of consultants you choose, but to make it easier on yourself, jot down the most important questions so that you know you won’t miss any along the way.

It’s also important that you have bridal consultants who’ll be honest in their opinions as you try on dresses, and who’ll also encourage you to try something a little different to what you had in mind, so that you don’t spend too much time wondering whether there’s a dress out there that you’ve missed.

Here are a few tips that’ll help you know you’ve found your dream wedding dress:

Be open to surprises

No doubt you’ve pinned and clipped countless wedding dresses onto your vision board, but don’t be so set on a style that you miss your dream dress in the process.

You may have decided that you’d look like a princess in a mermaid style dress only to find that it doesn’t really work for you, but that the A-line gown your bridal consultant encourages (not forces) you to try, makes you look like a dream!

It’s great to have a few solid ideas about the style wedding dress you’d like to wear, but be open to surprises, you may be ecstatically surprised!

Is there always a “say ‘yes’ to the dress” moment

Nope, not always.  Finding the perfect wedding dress is a daunting prospect, and if you expect that ‘yes’ moment, you may be disappointed. Be prepared to consider that you may not know immediately, but that the more you think about a particular wedding dress, the more you’ll be able to picture yourself beautifully in it.

The most important yeses

You may not experience the emotional ‘yes’ moment with your dress, but here are a few questions you need to answer in the positive:

  • Does the dress align perfectly with your budget? You’d be surprised at how many nights you’ll be kept up if you don’t answer this question honestly at the outset!
  • Does it work for you now, without you having to lose weight? This can be very stressful if you have weight on you that you’d like to get rid of before the big day. The run-up to the wedding is stressful enough, without adding this to it.
  • Can you sit, walk or dance in the dress, considering that you’ll be in it the whole night? These are issues that can be addressed at your fittings by doing all these things right there and then in the bridal shop, so boogie on down so that you know you’ll be comfortable.
  • Does the dress make you feel utterly confident? Of course without comfort you won’t feel terribly confident, but taken together, a yes to these two questions is vital.

Don’t look for perfection, simply fall in love

You must have kissed a few frogs on the way to finding your Prince Charming, and you’re definitely not going down the aisle wondering about whether you missed any other Princes among the frogs, you’ll be there because of love, not perfection.

The same applies to finding your dream wedding dress.  It’s so much more than putting a mountain of pressure on yourself to find the perfect dress, it’s about finding the wedding dress you utterly fall in love with.


It’s your day and your dress, let no one take that away from you. You’re not buying it for your mom or your best friend but for you and your Prince Charming.

Think about the points and questions raised here, add the ones that are relevant to your journey and forget about finding the perfect wedding dress, when what you really want is the dress that’s perfectly right for you.

The team at Ever After Bridal not only have a stunning range of designer wedding dresses for sale in Cape Town, they also have the experience and passion for what they do to add another zillion tips that’ll get you into your dream wedding dress with time to spare!