There’s a lot more to a wedding dress than sticking to traditional white

In a bridal shop filled with flowing, frothy and billowing white chiffon, lace and organza it can be difficult to picture yourself in anything but white, however, not every bride glows in tones of ice white, especially if you have an English rose complexion.

White wedding dresses are no longer the hard and fast rule for brides today, and it’s worth not giving way to tradition if you don’t glow in white when it does your skin tone no justice.

Keeping an open mind towards making this journey a little easier on you makes fittings a lot more fun; after all, that’s what fittings are for! There’s no reason you can’t hit the sweet spot where it comes to the right combination of style, fabric and colour that will complete the look that expresses your individuality, and compliments the mood you’d like to create on your wedding day.

Different colours to enhance and suit different skin tones:

If you have a tanned skin tone

If you have a tanned skin tone you’re going to look great in layers of creamy undertones such as ivory or champagne for instance. These will make you shine brightly on your wedding day.

If you have a rich dark skin tone

A rich dark and dreamy skin tone opens up a whole world of colours you could try; in fact, your dark skin tone will allow you to wear virtually any colour at all, including ice white.

You’ll have a choice taken from a full spectrum of colour, including anything from pristine whites to pearl grey, shades of ivory or pink, or, a rich burgundy and a deep shade of blue.

If you have an English rose skin tone

The brightest of white isn’t always a good idea for the bride with an English rose skin tone. In fact, rather than sparkling in your wedding dress, you may look a tad washed out, which is why, if you do want to wear white, you could fit dresses in ivory or those with a slightly yellow undertone to make the  most of your beautiful skin.

If you have a softly yellow skin undertone

This is where you’ll find a winner in a pure white wedding dress, or for that matter, shine beautifully in a rich champagne dress that will make the most of your skin tone.

How to make fittings a little less frantic than they could be:

Wear your hair the right way for fittings

If you have long lustrous curls that you’ll be wearing up with a few tendrils flowing down, then try to wear your hair as close to the style you’ll be wearing on your wedding day.  If you’re going for short but haven’t had the haircut yet, wear your hair as close to your head as possible to fittings. This really does make it easier to get a full effect of each dress.

Wear a smidgen of makeup to fittings

You don’t have to use a makeup artist to do your face for fittings, however, wearing a bit of makeup that makes you feel good will also go a long way to making the dresses you fit look good on you.  This is quite important as the lighting in the bridal wear shop is often quite stark, and, with so many white dresses, fabrics and veils filling the shop, it could make you look even paler if you arrive sans makeup.

Wear heels that are the right height to fittings

Though you may not have found the perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day by the time you head for fittings, it’ll be a good idea for you to wear shoes that are the same height as you plan to wear on your wedding day. Naturally if you’ve got height on your side and can look elegant in flat shoes, be sure to bring flats with to fittings.

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